Ratting vs. Mining - Highsec Beginner

Hey folks,

I’ve been playing EVE for maybe 10 days now. I’m just trying to build up some isk at this point. I have a steady, highsec ore mining fleet that gathers almost nightly and earns me appx. 10 million isk for two hours of mining. Question is, should I stick with this right now or run agent security missions to kill rats? Which will bring me more starter capital? I find mining very relaxing, and ratting more entertaining, so it’s a toss up between the two for me.

Thanks for any advice!


For HS, ice mining and DED running are reasonably good earners to build towards.

Bit early for you but good to plan ahead.

There is no need to build up resources or train basic skills really. All this does is wasting your time while you could have fun actually playing the game.

Go join one of the newbro friendly nullsec alliances. This has various benefits:

  • You often get free ships, advice, help and skillbooks
  • You get access to resources which are infinitely better than the stuff in highsec
  • You will actually have fun playing the game and not quit in a few weeks because of boredom

There is no point in waiting.

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Ima’s advice is actually pretty sound. The only thing I can add is to spend some time (2-3 weeks at best) at trying different things before you set yourself a definite goal. Learn what you enjoy doing and focus on that, occasionally deviating from it to cover at least basics of other areas. Don’t blindly focus on biggest Isk generation. It will only burn you down if it’s not something you enjoy.

Yes, you will have fun being a worthless line member as fodder for someone you will never meet or hear on comms. Also, whisper keys, guys… whisper keys… guys… whisper keys… guys… 24/7 on comms. Become an F1 monkey today and fight someone elses fight that you have nothing to do with until the day when the 3 or 4 people you have been F1’ing for decide to sell you out and you lose everything and your space belongs to someone else but hey, the guy at the top got A TON of ISK for it.

Yeah, join a ‘newbro friendly allaince’.


Show us on the toy space-ship where the bad FC touched you.

Ima’s advice is pretty solid. You will learn quite a bit from just jumping in and getting to it in null.

Many, many players burn out early from mining/missioning in high sec. Going to null opens up PvP (with a much better chance of surviving or escaping than vs hi-sec catalyst gank squads) with other newbros.

Also you wont be fighting someone elses war under an FC, even if you never hear their voice. You will be fighting YOUR war for YOUR alliance.

I woukd recommend small gang warfare like faction warfare but I dont know much about it.

Have fun and fly dangerously.


Man, tough crowd here today.

I’ve not been in high sec for a spell but when I was starting out I most did mining and mission running. I never really tried to rat much in HS so I don’t have a point of reference. I have ratted a bit in Null and I actually find it more boring than mining.

I will echo what others are saying in that you ought to try a little of everything before you make up your mind on a general direction. I enjoy Industrial “things” and don’t care for the PvP all that much so I am different than most but to each his own.

I would encourage you to look around for the “right” corp for you. Not necessarily a Null Corp, although there are advantages if you are really interested in PvE, but people who will actually take the time yo help you out in learning the game.

If you have any questions or if you are looking for a corp let me know and I will see what I can do to help you out.

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Run missions to get your standings up with the different corps of new Eden and you will be running lvl 3-4 in no time. A cruiser can knock out lvl 3’s easily if properly fit with minimal skills. Mining is better with barges or exhumers if solo.

Is it still 2013? Is ‘pubbie’ next on the list of regurgitated leet pvper speak?

OK, thanks guys! I don’t plan to stay in highsec, just want to learn the basics there. I have a nice, small corp for now that is friendly and good for some mining and ratting and stuff. What is an F1 Monkey??

CTA goes out… you respond or face reprisals. You lock the target the FC yells out 8 times in 3 seconds, press F1 (typically fires your ships primary guns/turrets). Rinse and repeat for your time in your ‘newbro friendly’ mega-alliance. If the cluster**** comms doesn’t turn you off after joining, the dozen chat channels, half of which are mandatory but DONT YOU EVER F…ING POST IN THEM and the other half are basically Jita local will.

after 8 yrs I can tell you the most rewarding experience you will have is with a medium sized corp in a medium sized alliance. ~50 corp members ~10-20 corps in alliance. Otherwise you are just that student in the class of 1,000 other students and nobody gives AF about you.


Ima, he must walk the path of the Newbro to achieve a better understanding of Eve.

Eve is an adventure that must be savoured, I remember I saved up and purchased my first Osprey it was good going through the motions. In this game I found that many of the american brothers didn’t want free stuff from me they wanted to work for it which I respected a lot.

Also, being thrown in at the deep end without help can also be good. It’s like starting in a jungle with nothing but a pen knife, the challenge will be seeing if you can survive.


I don’t agree with this F1 Monkey non-sense.

These so called F1 Monkies are actually an integral part of a defence or attacking fleet. I for one respect the fact that people develop an understanding of the game and put themselves in a position to carry out the fleet commanders instructions.

I know that it is the 1000 little guys within a corp/alliance that make it what it is.

Big respect to all the fleet members who follow the FC’s instruction to the letter.


Answering your question, mining will give you more money than ratting as you progress. Also mission running will give you more money than mining and might become your career if you like it.

If you just want to shoot players, then start as soon as possible. PvE in highsec will not teach you what you need to learn to do PvP.

Also if you want to have a long career, mind you that EVE is like football. They say that football it’s 11 vs 11 and then Germany wins. EVE is 1,000 vs 1,000 and then the Goons win. If you join someone who goes against the Goons, sooner or later you’ll find yourself going against CCP (the developers of the game), and then you will lose. So, either join them, or stay away from the Goons.

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Shortly (like in 25 days) mining is going to be a very sought after skill. My humble advice is to stick with it for now and grow your skill base while making contacts who can accelerate your return on investment.

Hi sec mining is obviously the right place to start but opportunities for solo or small scale miners will be opening up very soon across New Eden.

Every moon in the cluster will be altered in terms of value and empires that control vast wealth through passive moon income protected purely by military might will all be faced with a tsunami of change.

Not only will refineries need to be built and anchored around every moon deemed mine-worthy after hurried surveys - but every chunk of said satellites that is forcibly tractored within the refinery’s reach must be actively mined in order to garnish that previously low hanging fruit.

Miners will be in high demand. Come to Black Rise. We will employ you!

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I don’t know what a ‘pubbie’ is, nor do I want to.

I would ask if you are a bittervet, but according to zkill you don’t exist, nor matter.

This is false.

Any number of activities are gated by SP, and what you can afford to lose is gated by resources.


I agree here. I am generally in agreement with Ima Wreckyou on a lot of things, but pushing new players into Null bloc playstyle ASAP has never worked and will just as likely lead to churn and burn out as as pointlessly mining Veld for 2 hours.

Where Ima gets it right is the need to find some like-minded compadres. Finding a community even if just to chat with those folks, is really crucial to getting on in the game.

High sec DED sites aren’t a bad idea (start skilling toward a VNI then a Gila) and you can join either Club Deadspace or EVE Scout public chat channels to get some advice, make friends, etc. I have no idea who to tell you to reach out to if you dig mining.

Ratting in low sec, once you know how to avoid dying in the belts, is something that new players can try, even Alphas, and it could be profitable for you. Clone soldiers seem to spawn more than commander rats do and are a nice payoff if you’re willing to accept the risk and are adept at escaping.


Often times its best to go to outskirts of empire space to find more rocks/ice High sec pockets are another great place, as the RP group called Code. That is against miners don’t tend to operate in those.

Just becareful getting in and out. and mine in a Procurer or Skiff as they are far tankier, and less prone to being suicide ganked.

Erkinen is one of these pockets. Ice/ore belts. and very little traffic, little competition.