What am I building towards?

So, I’ve done a couple of mining runs in a frigate. Ratting seemed to be a waste of time, as I can’t really seem to find any outside of those that jam your sensors so you can’t fight anyway.

And…I’m just wondering what I should spend my sack of credits on. I mean, I can accept the “hands off,” almost clicker style of gameplay of Eve, but I don’t have a goal to work towards, as far as I know.

I’ve already got the tier 2 mining turrets, and don’t see anything better. The bigger ships seem to be locked off, so I’m not working towards that. Drones also are not available. I don’t see where I buy plex with credits, although I don’t imagine anyone mining in a frigate could get it in anything resembling a reasonable pace.

I also don’t know how to find a corporation that I can contribute towards.

PvP, or something engaging besides mining. maybe setup a production line? Something, or else you’ll burn out in a month.

There is an entire section of the forums devoted to recruitment. If you make a mistake, it takes one click to leave.

Eve is a social game and activities are intended to encourage interaction between players - either cooperative or competitive. Alpha characters can make useful contributions to a fleet - either PVE or PVP, and there is pretty good ISK to be made running low level Abyssal sites even with Alpha skills.

You can buy PLEX on the in-game market - 500 PLEX for a month subscription is roughly 2 billion ISK. This is not realistic for new players unless you turn the game into a job.

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Do Little is 100% right. Joining a corp will provide you friends, advices, fits, AND Aims/Objectives. You will build ships asked by the corp/alliance, or you will earn isks and skill up to be able to fly usual (“doctrine”) pvp ships , etc.

Sounds like you are in gurista space, that’s a type of rat that likes to jam. You should always be able to target the rat that is jamming you, and kill him. Aside from that you have several options:

  1. Train up skills that increase your sensor strength
  2. Train into drones, they will continue to hit things even when you’re jammed out.
  3. Move out of gurista space

We make our own goals in EvE.

Don’t be a complainer, 'k?

here ya go:

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