Noobie requests benevolent players for help

Old account, only really mined now and then due to time constraints never been really able to get into EVE fully but I digress.

I’m asking here because I’d like some insight from the more experienced people that are benevolent enough to share their vast knowledge with the rest of us. I have a couple things I’d like to ask, all of them are sorta related to Mining or Industry overall to be fair.

• Fitting ships, how and whats
I’m not familiar how this works or even what it is (YES, I am that much off a noob, pardon my lack of knowledge and time). I’ve sorta just googled in the last two days with this “Ship Name + Fittings” and generally rolled with whatever was there but I obviously have no knowledge of what it even is. Anyway I can get an explanation or just direction where to look at to learn how to fit a ship properly for a purpose?

TL;DR - How can I learn to fit ships properly

• Mining, the right way
Aight, so how would I go about mining the “right way” so to say, because currently all I’ve done is; Go to belt, mine resource, refine, sell. No real thought behind it or anything like that. I have saved resources as well to build ships like the Mammoth and Rifter because I got BPO (Blueprint Originals?) of those two.

Also not really ventured lower than 0.7 for mining since I didn’t have a lot of time to invest back then and losing something as “cheap” as a Venture felt bad. Though, coming back 2 days ago, getting my hands on a Retriever and losing it literally 10mins later to some Anthylsos Lancers (Think that’s what they were called) sucked massively xD I did end up just going away for a few hours doing something else since I felt like an idiot for losing the ship instantly.

Am I being “smart” by using this Ore Chart and going for whatever has the highest isk/m3 that I feel comfortable mining? Like, Massive Scordite as an example has 80.12/m3 or is that dumb?

TL;DR - How do I do this efficiently? (Solo)

• Corporations, how and whats
I’m in a corp but its honestly one that a IRL friend of mine made ages ago and invited me to but I digress.
The thing I want to know here a bit is like, should I make a corp or join a corp? I’m playing with 2 other IRL buddies and we’ve talked a bit that we’d perhaps like to just make our own Corp.

Now, I’ve understood that by reading EVEUNI Wiki about forming a corp that there are 3 major things I should consider

  1. Who is joining
  2. Purpose of the Corp
  3. Location of the Corp

Also read that I shouldn’t have “Mining” or the like in the name due to Wardec (War Declarations?) correct me if I’m wrong or not.

Now, 1 and 2 are super simple to understand and decide on (for me at least) but I got really confused when reading point 3 about Location, how would I even go about deciding where to put one? It’s telling me to look at a map of Eden but I got no idea how to even use this webpage it’s linking to. Help?

TL;DR - Join a Corp or Make one, if make one. How do I decide on location of corp HQ? Does it even matter?

• Common Lingo
Literally what it says, some common lingo that’s used in EVE would be great to know. Like I have no idea what “Wardec” means, I’m guessing War Declaration because it makes sense in the context its been used so I’d like to learn some EVE “Speak”.

TL;DR - Teach me how to EVE Speak

• PVP, how to not suck and how to protect yourself
So, sorta like I made the “title” of this. Anywhere I can read or whatever on how to PvP (example; gank someone) or how to see warning signs on about to get ganked when out mining or whatever.

A preemptive thank you to all of you that decide to chip in with some knowledge!

The forum isn’t really the right place - simply too much information. All the questions you’ve asked - and more are answered at

I recommend starting here

By the time you’ve followed a few of the links you’ll be buried in information - don’t try to be an expert overnight.

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I stumbled upon that site quite a bit, but when looking at the fittings for some things they were outdated by like several patches so I got skeptical of the whole site and how useful it is.

Fitting requires an understanding of how the weapons, tank , propulsion and engineering modules and skills interact. Articles from several years ago are still relevant - CCP has adjustes some stats to improve balance but the fundamentals remain the same.

Many of the articles recommend a 3rd party tool called EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) which is no longer supported by it’s developer. The currently supported 3rd party fitting tool is

If you join a combat oriented corporation, they will generally have a selection of doctrine fits designed by their fleet commanders - typically these are posted on however you can generally see what people are flying by looking at the kill reports on This page discusses this

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It’s up to you if you join a corp, it can be based on several things on what all the corp can do.

as far as location goes, its really where you want to go, you can be around amarr, gallente null etc.

and it depends on who you want to run missions for if you run missions… lower sec status .5 and below, you can mine moon ore if you have a structure, or befriend a corp to mine the moon.

HQ, if you have several members, its good to kinda structure out assets and such to several corp members. Like some of my corp hangars have ships, or have missiles etc. One of my corp members since he’s an alpha, he drops all his stuff in a corp hangar, and I take it refine it and sell it, and give him the isk, for what i sold.

Short answer to all of your questions is join a corporation that does the sort of things you want to do, and learn from them.

You can follow these steps:

  1. First you need to choose you activity, be it; Mining, Missions, Trading, PvP, Exploration etc.
  2. Choose the (appropriate) ship you want to fly.
  3. Choose how to fit the chosen ship (there is no right or wrong way to fit a ship, per say):
    1. Choose how to tank; Shield, Armor or Hull. Active or Passive.
    2. Choose your Utility for your warfare; EW or Boosting your dmg application.
    3. If any leftover slots fit to increase damage output.
  4. Pick your destination and off you go! :wink:

EVEUni’s wikipedia site is a good place to find some starter fits, which you can adjust as you see fit and to your needs.

Note: It can be difficult to find the balance between tank, dmg and utility.

Should you and your friends want to find an existing corporation to join, here you can find some info on how and what to look out for when deciding.

Does not matter, it can be changed as you see fit.

Common expressions in EVE:

  • Wardec (War Declaration); a mechanic in which 2 corporations/alliances may battle each other anywhere in New Eden (EVE), even in Highsec, the aggressor pays a weekly fee for as long as aggressor want to keep it going. A notification will be given 24 hours prior to the war beginning/ending. While there can only be one (1) aggressor, the defending Corp/Alliance have the option to hire help (or may even be offered help).

  • Suicide Gank; can only be done in Highsec systems. It is the act of destroying another players ship, without the rights to do so, knowing full well that it will result in the destruction of the pilot’s own ship by CONCORD. Commonly performed in pure damage fitted Destroyers and/or Attack Battlecruisers.

  • HotDrop; Lowsec and Null only. An act of cyno’ing in a Capital sized ship (usually a Carrier or Super Carrier) on a solo non-capital target to make quick work of them.

  • BLOP; Lowsec and Null only. An act of bridging a fleet of Covert class ships, usually Stealth Bombers and/or Black OP’s (hence the name “BLOP”) to a (Covert) Cyno at the vicinity of a (solo) target, often used against Rorquals.

  • There are quite a few more but this is all I can think of right now.


You’re the champ here dude… Holy hell

If you want to go further into EVE-speak:


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