New Miner From Elite Dangerous

I have just started playing Eve yesterday and was tempted today by the prospector pack giving me a retriever straight away as I am a miner in Elite.

However a search has shown that I may have been a bit hasty and now I need to fit this ship properly as I may lose it quite quickly as it is fitted currently. I also need input to help me understand mining in Eve.

I have no idea what to do and have zero experience so any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Princess? Is that you?


You go into a belt and mine. Unless you share your goals and aspirations for your EVE career. There it’s hard to give any detailed advice.

For fitting I would suggest this video:

You might not like the pack or people buying. But trolling in New Citizen Q&A is just to much…

You know, you are right, I should be be more sombre and sensitive towards EVEs protected class.

It’s just I noticed the banner indicating that it has been three years since this character last posted, then the opening line claiming that they had just started yesterday and I felt compelled to ask the question.

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And you didn’t even bother to waste 5 seconds to see what he posted 3 years ago… So I felt compelled to say that you suck at trolling

I’m compelled to agree with you. Although I fail to see how your reee is helping OP in any way. Please feel free to waste everybody’s time with more surplus words.

Thanks for the prompt. I see a pattern that perhaps you may not.

I tried Eve first around December 2016 but didnt stick with it due to a family illness. I dont remember posting in 2019 but I didnt play a lot at all overall. I am very much a newbie to Eve.

No problem brother, there is no need for explanation.

My contention is with your white knight defender sucking the joy out of an amusing query.
They are quite correct. This is no place for troll-isms.

Number 1 tip for mining in eve for a new player is to avoid any systems that are busy. Find a quiet system with only 2or 3 people in local and mine there.

Preferable systems that are a good distance away from trade hubs (especially jita). And definitely nowhere near systems like Uedama where gankers congregate.

Honestly I would caution you about the retriever. Especially today and tomorrow and the next few days. This pack has that you purchased has upset a portion of the player base and as such retrievers have a bit of a target on them. At least more than normal. So be super vigilant. Watch local. Use dscan. And if something doesn’t feel right. Warp off quickly.

There are lots of good videos about how to avoid gankers. So look at those as well.

This video might be a bit more helpful than Hateless’s one. Not that the hateless one is bad or wrong in anyway. It’s maybe just a bit more advanced than necessary for what you are looking to do.

Yes, forum mom,

One question,

How exactly is that helpful for a new miner? I gave some detailed information in my post. And much of it was true. Like better ore can be found in low sec. Clone soldiers are dangerous. Asteroid hit boxes are wonkey.

Oh, I know why you flagged my post. It’s because player pirates do pvp in low sec. Something that CCP conveniently left out in the details of their packs.

At least I gave more helpful information than your “go into a belt and mine” trite.


Except maybe the bit about sitting still to maximise yield :P.

Flagging seems a bit much. Pointing out your advice bordered on setting the guy up to lose his ship would have been sufficient :).

True that.

I find it appalling that CCP would resort to selling ships for rl money and NOT give the buyer a “buyers beware” warning about the hazardous nature of mining. It’s setting the new player up for failure and frustration.

My point was to show the hazards, in provocative way so peeps would talk about it.

But all it did was get blocked by a poster who had the most helpful advice ever.

Which belts? Does security status matter? What should I look for? What should I be aware of.

But nope. I find it ironic that my tongue in cheek post contained info for the OP to be aware of got blocked as “trolling”

When the real troll (by virtue of being vague and unhelpful) is actually setting the mineling up for failure while sitting on a conceited podium of righteousness, hiding behind the “virtue” of “helping”.


I’m very, very skeptical that retriever with less than 17k EHP and probably zero to minimal drone skills have any chance with NPC battleship or even group of cruisers. Especially considering the fact that pack gives 0 combat drones.

You mean, by far worst ore in low sec? At least you didn’t mention pyroxeres.

Yeah, tell new player to waste time and isk on reprocessing with zero skills.

Fair point but not in low sec. Going back to first point. Sitting still your are easy target for npc’s. With 15km range and at lest some manual piloting it’s not hard to stay in move and away from asteroids. Also a suggesting sitting still reinforce on afk gameplay which is bad, straight dumb in low sec.

It’s also concerning that you didn’t mention PvP risks.

It isn’t. Quoting only part of a reply out of the context also isn’t helpful. I saw no point in rewriting half of uni wiki about mining so simply told OP to elaborate on which which exactly he has problem with so we can provide tips on problems at hand. Especially since OP post suggest that he is capable of finding information on his own.

Oh, now you provide helpful information but only after you’ve been prodded to.

My post worked as intended.

Ok so I now know a bit more about my ship fitting and mining generally but how do you actually mine? Is there a good video or web site to help me to get started. I want to avoid going where I think others have gone as there may be gankers waiting for us to show up in busy systems or those shown first in the resource harvesting section of the agency panel.

I want to experience all mining types and get a feel for the earning potential for them all.

you target rocks and activate your mining lasers or strip miners. your mining hold will then fill up over time.

to find the rocks you need to fly to asteroid belts. You can find asteroids on your overview if its set up to show them. Other whys you can use the resources tab in the agency whcih will allow you to warp to them.

How much you mine will depend on skills. So focus on mining, mining upgrades, astrogeology, ming frigate and mining barge.

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Go to EvE dotlan its a map of all the systems in eve.

In the landing page, find the region you are in, or looking at. For example Molden Heath.

In the upper right look for a drop down. It will be defaulted to “sovereignty” select that.

Look for “security.” That will give you the security status of the systems. Being new, you will probably want to avoid any system that is 0.4 and lower.

Now select belts. That will give you the number of asteroid belts in each system.

And to your point, select “jumps” that will give you the number of people that have been in and out of that system.

Ideally, you probably want a high sec system, with few belts (people love high belt systems) with little jump activity.

When mining, pay close attention to your local chat box. That will tell you who is in the system with you. If you see a sudden increase in local population, be on the ready to warp out. It may be a gank fleet.

Use your d-scanner set up to scan ships and combat probes frequently. This is like your ships sonar and can give you good information in and what kinds player ships are in your scan range. If you see 2+ catalyst show up on your d-scanner it’s a good bet its a gank fleet. Warp out.

How to use your directional scanner.

Since you paid real life money for that ship, I would highly recommend you take time to learn on how to gather information on your surroundings and identify threats.