An Open Letter to CCP from Current and Former CSM Members on the "Prospector Pack"

…and as always, great wisdom. I put myself in that boat (for good or bad) for the simple reason there is nothing out there even close to EVE…

We don’t pay their salaries.
Rather, we do, but indirectly.
Funding comes from other sources and we pay for those investments.

Let’s review… you’ve used a red herring argument fallacy, you’ve used an anecdotal evidence argument fallacy, and you’ve used a strawman argument fallacy. I’m not the one who is actually having an issue with the topic. The person using argument fallacies is the person having problems in the topic.

Oh, and calling me a whiner… that adds ad hominem argument fallacy to the list too. You’re up to four. Seriously, you amuse me. You’re using argument fallacies and upset someone called you out on it.

…and here we go again…thanks for proving the point.

The point that you cannot argue in good faith? :yum:

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Can confirm, check out the newbro Q and A.

But we can rest assured that this safe and effective integrity breach will only occur once and that inserting unwanted elements into the body politic will not eventually lead to consent of organ theft meanwhile the genetic blueprint of the game has been irrevocably altered.

Likely so, although some who used to be happy about being able to pay the yearly fee might no longer be even considering it as an option, generally getting increasingly less invested. Where it ends, remains to be seen.

Who were you again?


When did talking about a single specific issue = every issue.

Isn’t it perfectly possible that CCP listens to the CSM yet decided not to consult the CSM on this issue?

Or are you really that far past reason?

Well that’s certainly up there with one of the stupidest things I’ve read. Congratulations

Please continue :popcorn:

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You can’t be this dumb.



1239 post’s later, still no response from CCP, though they are all over the forums elsewhere unless I am mistaken? @ISD’s

Crosses finger’s for a “EvE Classic” re-release, fresh start for everyone without Skill Injector’s, Ship Pack’s, etc.

Anticipates availability to purchase “kill packs” involving either or:

1: Module with golden rounds. Press F1 to teleport round to enemy pilot’s location, kill instantly regardless of ship type.
2: Key’s triggering wave’s of AI which generate kill mail’s with a high ship value, and no loot.
3: Pay to remove enemy pilot’s skill’s or item’s, with the option to biomass them for a large fee.

Can you please specify where the confirmation about the Ret Pack being one-time-only purchase offer is?


Shows it on Steam…prob same in the store. At the bottom near “System Requirements”


Does it really matter that the package is a one-time-purchase?

We have learned from the ‘one-time-purchase’ SP package that CCP is willing to continually introduce new ‘one-time-purchase’ packages that include more SP.

Even if we can only buy one Retriever now (per account), if it follows the SP sales we will see ‘one-time-purchase’ packages for one cruiser, one battlecruiser, battleship, a set of three barges (different package, so you can get an additional Retriever if you also bought the first one), etc.

The only good amount of times players should be able to buy packages which include ships is 0.

Not 1, 0.


I think the idea of selling ships is a bad idea and I’m a bit worried about a precedent, but I think I’ll tolerate it just this once since it’s a ship I think shouldn’t be as expensive as it is right now. If it was a coveter, I’d probably complain along with the rest of the people.

[quote=“Brisc_Rubal, post:1221, topic:352742, full:true”]

  1. They think they know better.
  2. They think what they are doing is right.
  3. What they are doing is achieving the goals they set for it (this is an assumption on my part, because if this pack wasn’t selling, it would be an easy to win to kill it and reap the PR benefit).
  4. They expect we’ll move on to the next thing in a few weeks.


By the sounds of it, this is the first of many such one-time ship offers… you know how many ships are in the game… i tell you - a lot of one-time deals… and a lot of angry players…

Clearly they expect the player base to move on… But here i think they are making a mistake in their assumption… This has been building for a while, and will not de-escalate anytime soon… I hope they got the riot police ready for Fan Fest, because the players base are not going to back down anytime soon.

The Radio Silence is actually adding fuel to the fire and not tapping it down.

PS. The Eve Online Partners cancellations are certainly adding more fuel to the fire… it is a crazy idea to suppress free speech of your players and more so for content creators marketing the game. I know you probably got T&C, but really, get the riot police ready for Fan Fest.

I don’t care what the forum is…

When I see: ‘An open letter…’

First I vomit, then I laugh.

Then I cry.

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Does anyone ever write a closed letter?

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When can we pay CCP to be able to move our in-game fitted ships into the launcher redeem queue? That way we can move them around with zero risk. It would be a great synergistic feature to go along with clone jumping!

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