Red Alert Hot off CSM Minutes! All Dev Teams focus is now on MONETIZATION!


So THATS where the devs time/focus has gone.

Thats what is up with the current roadmap (lack of one)

All dev teams are now focused on… MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Greed is Still Good

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This is a product, they are a company. So I see no problem with this.

They need to make a profit to cover their overhead, if they dont make the profit to cover the overhead they shutdown. If they shutdown the game shuts down. It is simple economics. Then there is the fact more and more people are just using alts and farming to get ISK to pay for subscriptions which means less REAL money for them to operate on. So they have to find a way to make money.

This ultimately is a good thing. More money means more staff, more staff means more features for the game.


EvE is over 14 Years old.
Click ALL TIME graph from Chribba’s site there.

Greed is Good monetization microtransactions started in 2011.

Note the decline and Summer of Rage.

Then they kicked into high gear 2-3 years ago with skins/MACROtranactions

Note the ~2014 DROP

Then F2P Alphas rose up.

Now nuPlex/arurum removal and ALL TEAMS FOCUS ON MONETIZATION for first time in 14 YEARS.


We are back to 2004 player count levels in the ~20ks.

See a pattern?


Also, you must be new here.

Over the past DECADE ccp has proven OVER AND OVER then they get extra funds they just siphon it off to OTHER NON EVE GAMES/THINGS

World Of Darkness Vampire Mmo


Eve makes money = ccp steals it away to FUND NON EVE STUFF


You will never succeed with causing an outrage this way…

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Am I doing it right? :face_with_monocle:


Given the statement that the one team that actually focused on monetization no longer does, hint:

How do you go from:



Now all teams have another focus than monetization but should think about it, there isn’t even a single team that focuses on it.

“The ship is sinking! Everyone abandon ship!!”
watches ship sail off in the distance totally fine from the life raft

Honestly, what are you trying to do with this post?


Oh man, is it that time of the year again? Time for people to read the CSM minutes, take things out of context or completely misinterpret them, and then raise a stink about it?

FFS people, that is not what the minutes say…

to quote the minutes:

“be mindful of monetization” does not in any way mean that’s where the dev time has gone, it just means that instead of having a team dedicated to it the various teams are just going to all be spending a little time on it, maybe, as it’s relevant to their other work. Like “oh hey, we have this new PvE content, maybe we could sell some Skins related to it thematically”.

You even ripped this little manufactured controversy out of the section of the minutes that’s actually talking about what the various teams are doing and it flat out contradicts your claim.

0/10 - bad troll, no cookie, try harder.


All of those things are CCP related, which is in company. CCP is more than just EVE.

And I am not new here, been here since 2007.


Selective quoting is bad.

Overdramatisation is bad.

Trolling is bad.

Rumourmonging is bad.



This is a sensible course of action. EVE is incapable of growing via new players even after wasting much time and resources attempting to do so. Milking the existing players for all they are worth is the best strategy.

If anything it should have started sooner. CCP should have ignored the incarna temper tantrum and did it then.

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bzzzt, ■■■■■■■■.

They’re taking the focus off monetization. Just having people bear it in mind.


Where are these magic npc’s that take isk for plex? Oh, that’s right, someone had to BUY the plex to sell it for the isk.

Stop with the tired strawmen, mmmkay?


A business wants to make money? Holy s**t balls! Who would have thought??!!

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We don’t care; you can pretty safely assume that ALL departments in a for-profit business are always “mindful of monetization.”

Now, shocking news would be if the CCP Management instructs all teams to be more mindful of the quality of their work, or at least not looking so stubad in front of the entire playerbase.


Jin’taan also asked what GitHub was. He was derided by the rest of those attending (and
rightfully so)

And much was accomplished!

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Oh you are one of those.

Ok hipster. Imagine if those people didnt have that option. Or didnt have alpha… welp there you go.

They would be stupid to not try to diversify. EVE goes, CCP goes. The only thing is, they’ve messed up all their other projects so far.

I take “Everyone has to be mindful of monetization” as “no more stupid OP ships that would have taken a year to train for properly before injectors because the spreadsheet warriors and their corpies will have the skills in 10 minutes or less now.” Or did everyone forget what happened with Rorqals?

You make money by providing value to people, they will pay if you provide value. You don’t make money by thinking about extracting money from people.

I thought this game was subscription based or isk your way. Why is CCP tryig to monetize at all when they should be making money off subscriptions and Plex sales.
All the nes stuff needs to become drops in game that people go out and earn and sell.

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