First CSM Summit Meeting Minutes


The Meeting Minutes from the first CSM 14 Summit that was held at CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland on September 2-5 are now available. Please head to the devblog to read more about it and find a download link for the minutes.


First in… time to read the notes.

This is, surprisingly, one of the best CSM minutes I have read in recent history.
I like the down-to-business approach and the focus on renewing the player base.

Olmeca you are a breath of fresh air.

Carry on!

(mmm, pulled pork sammidges…)



I’m on record as not being a fan of the CSM concept in general. I read the minutes and I’d like to thank the current CSM for caring about Eve, I thought your points were really good.

Shame on CCP for being suprised by a lot of the points you folks brought up. CSM Current: I think your ideas are great and I look forward to more of this type of thinking from the CSM…thank you.


Dunk Dinkle suggests that the asset safety fee would go to the attackers rather than CCP and CCP Fozzie says that this has been discussed in the past.

That is a horrible suggestion, a hideous thing to even think about. ISK needs to be removed from EVE not simply get reshuffled like Broker Fees.

Now they are talking about zerging again and trying to identify whether this isn’t possible right now anyway.Arythsays thatDunk Dinkleis so paranoid of being farmed that he doesn’t want to fight at all. Dunk Dinkle argues the farming causes people to leave.

How about people realize that someone has to earn the ISK to buy ships? It takes me 3-4 hours just to replace 1 single Muninn, it’s still an hour for a bomber and at least half an hour for a ceptor. Even T1 cruisers take time. Another issue is logistics to get things into places, which is even more of a chore thanks to industrial cynos that CCP introduced in their infinite wisdom.

ExookiZ says that while he does not have any data to back it up he is convinced that wormholes are the safest space in EVE.


It is becoming very difficult to be a game developer nowadays due to constant scrutiny and criticism from the outside world, saysCCP Hellmar. This often leads to being hesitantto make decisions and can be considered as a factor to some of the stagnation in EVE Online.

Hardly a surprise if you do one bad development after the other and keep disregarding feedback and advice for ages. There were so many well-layed-out suggestions both from players as well as the historic game developments itself on how to limit capital proliferation, on how to prevent structure spam, on how to get more people into space and so on and so forth. Hilmar playing the victim card here is highly unprofessional.

CCP Hellmarwas very entertained by the Mount Everest analogy and says it describes the situation perfectly. He feels that CCP now need to provide the first pioneers with a Mount Olympus because otherwise,these players will just talk about the glory days of when it was so difficult to climb Mount Everest.

Must I remind Hilmar again that climbing Olympus Mons is nothing like he thinks it is like? Olympus Mons has a ridiculously steep cliff at its base that is followed by a ridiculously smooth and long climb. If anything OM is synonym with the problems of EVE: You have a quick and very difficult hayday time when you start, which is followed by a long dredging time of slow progress towards the pinnacle.


Can you identify the CSM members by name in the picture, please? They don’t resemble their avatars.

can someone help the blind guy and post a link to the actual minutes

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This blue link.


I’m not willing not name the others (in case they want to retain some mystery) but I’m the one at the back, in the black shirt, with the big white beard.


What even is the point of all this talking if we can’t even get things promised for several years implemented on time?


Null Sec mentioned 34 times, Low Sec, High Sec and Factional warfare not mentioned at all. Good Job!


The squeeky wheel gets the grease…


Okay so that’s called “an opinion”. His opinion being the same as yours does not mean you’re correct. That’s an appeal to authority fallacy.

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Am I the only one that can’t see what MAU and DAU is?

Would have loved to see a mention of tiericide and module rebalance in those notes…

You made an almost promise, on the release of a new round of tiericide(the last few modules needing them…) + A whole new implant set.

Yet… No words on it, whatsoever. What is going on?


Monthly active users / Daily active users

Faction Warfare actually got one mention, basically to say “we’ve done one change (Ventures), and we’ll maybe look at some small ones”. High and Low sec got none I could find. Wormholes and Null got dozens.

Apparently CCP isn’t very interested in the primary features of their game or the sectors where everybody lives and works. Only the high-paying zones where end-gamers, farmers and bots live are worthy of notice.


I agree this was a really good csm minutes with a ton of content and detail.

I am concerned that everything is about null-sec though. Aside from the section on WH space and possibly the NPE, it all seemed very null-centric. Logi, resource distrubtion, blackout, structures and now talk of getting devs into the null ‘end game’.


the discussion about changing “rewards” sort of went bad in a hurry. The good idea of having npcs drop minerals (remember alloys) was almost ignored , instead the totally stupid idea of replacing bounties with tags was suggested. Really,? yet another thing that has to get carted off somewhere via convoluted hauling chains for eventual reward is not going to go well with the PVE crowd.


half of the csm have goons on it so, as alwasy, i don’t expect much.