Devblog: CSM Winter Summit 2019 Meeting Minutes

The second summit for the democratically elected 13th Council of Stellar Management took place February 18-21 at CCP headquarters in Reykjavik. Please check this dev blog for more information about the summit and a link to download the minutes.

Feel free to use this thread to ask any question about the contents of the summit or the CSM project.


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Worked for me several times, but I am not the best chef on the planet :slight_smile:


Disappointed to see there was no discussion of caps in low sec.


You don’t say what you want to hear, about capitals in lowsec. (I’m not the one to talk about it.) So much seems to depend on the local situation, in terms of “use - or not use.” Here is an excellent battle report from Genesis region.

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Yeah this is weak sauce.
Where is dedicated balance team and what it is doing
Where is road map
When will eve start introducing expansions again
Talking about bots is cool what is being done
Talking about plex / skill farms is cool what is being done
Re-do of mission system when
Where is dedicated balance team
Navy battleships when
Battleships QOL in general when
Tiercide / faction guns with t2 ammo when

@Brisc_Rubal did ask. i did see some effort of the CSM to address many issues that the players have brought up.

Interesting read. I was struck by the apparent dichotomies of what the EVE community perceives as the current health/state of CCP resources and personal with CCP and the CSM’s “inside knowledge” of growth and renewal. Sounds like CCP needs a proper dev bog introducing the new teams and their members ASAP.

Come on and connect with your customers and fans!


Possibly closer… You saw CCP Burger.


Elected by the people who voted.


Did you see the recent devblog on balance? because from your questions, you haven’t read it all.

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Balance pass to capitals after years of neglect let me whip out champagne if that is your answer we can expect another one of these in what 3 years?

Who cares just empty talks and burden from past, PA will make real moves and decisions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Last 15 years ccp balancing Eve and loosing customes :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

As I said, you haven’t read it fully.

I would like to encourage all game and content designers to come to the forums more often, and pick out random questions to answer - even if they feel like “we said the same thing 3 months ago” or “no easy solutions” - it really helps with the impression that CCP is working on content refreshes, balance, and aware of player strategies.

This is one of my favorite sections so far in my reading, I would love seeing this on a monthly basis, not just during CSM summits.

Sort Dragon has a few things to mention:

o Damavik needs to be looked at. CCP Rise says he has a plan for this ship, but it has already received two passes. The Triglavian ships needs more attention as they are monsters in all categories.

o Since the only battlefield (typo - ships) currently in use are the Megathron and Apoc a request to buff others is put forward. Seeing a Typhoon fleet again would be refreshing. CCP Rise says that battleships are one of those classes which are used all over the place and each one is utilized for specific scenarios. However, they are mostly seeing the large-scale use of battleships.

o Multi booshing and the general use of it is brought to the table. Current player perception is that this is broken regardless if you are on the losing or winning side. CCP Rise comments that this hasn’t caused a concerning number of issues

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There is no dedicated balance team.

I asked, they showed us an internal one. I pushed for them to make it public.

They just did one in December.

Go read the last four security blogs, the cap balance blog with specific changes to supers and VNIs, and keep your eyes open for future communications.


I asked about this last summit, they said this was legacy code and extremely difficult to do. It was in the last minutes.

See above.

This was talked about briefly.

This was talked about in the minutes.

Tiericide was specifically brought up by Jin, and the last cap balance Dev Blog said they want to get back to do doing it soon.


what a load of nothing

ccp just admit the game is in maintenance mode so we can all go on from there, stop promising things you know you have no intention of delivering