CSM 18 Winter Summit - Dates & Topics!

o7 Capsuleers!

The CSM has been diligently working over the past few months, engaging in discussions with design teams across various disciplines. We’re now eagerly anticipating the CSM 18 Summit.

The CSM will convene here in Reykjavik, Iceland during the first week of February. Our daily meetings are scheduled from February 5th to 9th. Throughout the Summit, the CSM will chat directly with development teams who are building updates and features for the 2024 Summer and Winter expansions. Additional discussions will cover the progress of other CCP projects in relation to EVE Online. On Friday, the CSM will present various topics company-wide at CCP. This addition to the Summit format has proven to be extremely valuable.

Here are the Summit topics, listed in no particular order:

  • Introductions with the EVE Senior Leadership Team
  • CSM Program Status and Evolution Ideas
  • EVE Quality of Life Changes & Tech Chat
  • Ship Balance Part I: Small & Medium Scale
  • Alliance Tournament Plans and Evolution
  • Presentation & Discussion from the EVE Data Team
  • Homefront Initiative: Plans for Summer and Winter 2024
  • Heraldry & Ship Customization: A Look Ahead
  • Team Security: Status & Health Report
  • Resources, Industry, and LP (Loyalty Points) Ecosystem Discussion
  • Project Awakening Chat & AMA
  • Empires at War: Nullsec, Resources & Conflict Drivers
  • EVE Vanguard: Future Plans & Updates
  • UI/UX Chat & Updates
  • Community Development & Tools
  • Monetization & Sales
  • Ship Balance Pt II: Large Scale, Capital, and Supercapital
  • EVE Leadership AMA & Final Thoughts

In total, this will amount to approximately 40 hours of discussions spread over five days.

We plan to release the meeting notes from the Summit topics as soon as possible post-Summit. Historically, compiling and redacting sensitive information has taken several weeks. This year, we are contemplating releasing more detailed CSM Summit notes towards the end of the term. This approach, requested by both players and the CSM, aims to enhance transparency. We will keep you updated on the potential release format and timeline.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to raise them here.

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“Empires at War: Nullsec, Resources & Conflict Drivers.”
I really do love this game and Null sec’s history as an endlessly hostile environment. However I hope this discussion includes the “SAFEST OF ALL SAFE PLACES,” I’m speaking of when CCP decided to introduce [Encounter Surveillance System] into the game .
It seems to only be used to negate all content with groups meta gaming the mechanics to hide or safe in any and all null space and then using needljacks to remove themselves additionally from any content.
If you’re all hell bent on keeping the null space safe place ESS in game at least get rid of the non probe/warp grid on the gate side outside of the actual ESS. Or just remove them entirely and also add a 30 second timer on needlejacks allowing people to get caught before they can escape.

Literally everyone living in null, probably…


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Resources, Industry, and LP (Loyalty Points) Ecosystem Discussion

Are you going to address the high cost of battleships, especially T1 battleships? Will FAX costs be looked at as they are ever increasing and rapidly getting to the point where it’s more economical to lose a fleet than drop a couple fax? Will Pirate BPCs be looked at in any way as they are diminishing in value? BS BPCs are now going for ~20m/u, Cruisers as low as 5 and Frigs are up to ~50m. There is a massive disparity in BPC value and ship production costs, there are some outliers like the Nightmare/Barg.

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Looking forward to what CCP is coo/cking up here now. The chat system is a farce, both in terms of stability and the features it already has but which are borked and broken.

Great to see that Photon is not mentioned at all even though it’s still plagued with severe issues, years after final introduction.

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Any Zarzakh, Havoc, and FW ecosystem balance discussions?

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You mean Empires at rest: Nullsec’s ISK fountains and stagnation.
This year was rough for me, I put in about 1/10th the amount of hours into Eve with so many other things going on in life that I only managed to get 20 solo kills this year… I was in the top 18% of PvPers by quantity of solo ships killed.
The end of year mail really opened my eyes to a lot of things.
IMHO that is a significant issue. Eve needs more pilots in ships shooting at each other across the board. Conflict drivers, and reward structures that are more than “winner take all, losers lose everything” are helpful in supporting that…to the extent that they can’t be abused in ways clearly unintended… Well, you guys certainly have your work cut out for y’all.

API/ESI updates? Eve Portal’s replacement? Will Zkill finally be able to cross-check with current Jita/Amarr prices for accurate kill mail values at time of kill? Will the in-game kill mails finally get updated to match up to current Jita/Amarr prices for accurate in-game kill mail values?

Very much looking forward to the feedback/notes provided on this topic.

CCP Research did a fantastic survey a month or so ago with some ideas that had many of us drooling with respect to SKIN creation toolkits and creating/selling custom, hand-done SKINs in-game.

Very much hoping to see more info relating to that idea, and of course keeping the financials in line helps fund a better game for the players.

A good chunk of all of this is “sneak peak” 1-way presentation to the audience (CCP employees and other internal stakeholders plus the CSM). I would expect closer to 1/3 to 1/2 being actually available for discussion, but 40 hours of in-person time with the CSM is always a good thing for CCP. That hair was a very easy target for splitting, I couldn’t resist.

  • Ship Balance Pt II: Large Scale, Capital, and Supercapital

I am really looking forward to the Titan balance and absolutely mah00000000000000sive buffs to DD and DPS of turrets overall for Titans.

Have a great summit!

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