[Official] CSM 17 Summit Schedule!

Greetings Capsuleers!

Over the last two years we’ve had to forgo in-person summits due to the pandemic, however this year they are officially back! CSM 17 will fly to Reykjavik, Iceland for a week of meetings from Monday, January 30th to Friday, February 3rd. We’ve finalized our topics, some of which we want to share with you. Further, after the summit a summary of everything that was chatted about will be made available.

Summit topics:

  • EVE Leadership - Goals for the summit, state of EVE, detailed look at the roadmap for the next expansions
  • CSM Program Evolution - Ideas and brainstorming for how to improve the CSM as an institution
  • Quality of life - Prioritizing and aligning on issues that the community identifies as “Little things”, along with other quality of life discussions.
  • Team Security - Chatting with the security team over the methods and tools they use, with a look at data from 2022. Also a look at upcoming tools.
  • Ship Balance - Brainstorming and chatting about ship balance through various areas of EVE.
  • Sovereignty and Resources - A look forward at the plans for sov and the future of resources in New Eden
  • Projection - A discussion about projection across various areas of space
  • Campaigns, Events, and the EVE Narrative - A discussion about the future of live events and the role they play in the ongoing narrative
  • Redacted! - A look at an upcoming feature that will have more information soon!
  • Monetization discussion - Quarterly chat with Sr Monetization Designer and the commerce team.
  • Heraldry - A look at where Heraldry is going!
  • Redacted - More info coming soon
  • Player Research - A chat with senior player researcher, CCP Scopiostar
  • Wormholes & Pochven Power Hour - A chat about the state of Wormholes and Pochven
  • Excel integration live demo - A2=Price(Jaguar)
  • Tech Coolness - A chat about ESI, and a look at local chat and updates to the EVE Launcher.
  • Photon UI - A look forward at what the next phase of Photon UI has in store!
  • EVE Leadership AMA - A bit of a bookend from the Leadership Intro earlier in the week

On Friday, the CSM will be presenting some topics to CCP Iceland. These meetings will be aired company-wide, and recorded for posterity. No pressure, CSM!

  • Corp & Alliance Management
  • Advanced Industry Topics
  • Factional Warfare Playstyle - Pre and Post Uprising
  • The Importance of Sound Fiscal Policy in EVE
  • Wormholes - How Do They Work?

We may have a few topics added between now and the 30th, though for my personal sanity and that of @CCP_Zelus I hope those are minimal.

The CSM Summit is a great opportunity for the CSM to coalesce as a group, and the best way to associate names and faces. There will also be room for smaller break-out discussions, and of course after-hours chats with developers. As per protocol with these events, all of the official meeting topics will be recorded and made available to players following the CSM Summit. Compiling the meeting minutes is a bit of a process, so they will not be immediately available.

If any of these topics interest you, or there’s anything you wish to impart on your CSM representatives, now is the time! Give them a poke, or drop a message here in Jita Park for them.

Fly safe!

CCP Swift


Pray for us, friends.


Fly safe when you travel CSM

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For what I assume is your player presentation,

  1. Will you make your presentation available after the summit? ( unless it is referencing unreleased features, shouldn’t be covered by nda)
  2. I assume primary audience is CCP, maybe with some hope of educating the rest of the CSM. Is it your feeling that CCP still doesn’t understand how wormholes work? Or perhaps the title is just generic? Has there been a lot of churn since 2020? I support your effort regardless, purely curious because I gave a presentation at both CSM summits trying to educate CCP better, wondering if it worked at all :sweat_smile:
  1. That’s my preference, yes. As long as I get the green light from CCP that’s what I’m intending to do.

  2. This is a hard question to answer right now and I’m hoping I’ll have a better one in a few days. For the people I work with on a week to week basis, I’d say I’m relatively confident in their general knowledge of how the space operates, but I can only speculate on how well that translates to the rest of the company. My hope is for this to be a comprehensive guide for anyone who has not had extensive experience with J-Space and would like to learn more about it.

Thank you for the publishing of the schedule, that is very appreciated.


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Hope you all will have very productive meetings with CCP.
Thank you for the heads up.

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Please consider chartering privately owned and operated airliners.

Prioritizing “Little Things”
• Make an email survey asking all registered active players to rank/sort a selected set from the 1000’s of ideas posted in the “little things” thread.

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The problem with that, a lot of folks forget when they post in there, is that “little things” are supposed to be small stuff that a dev or two work on in their off time, not anything that takes them away from their actual jobs

I think it is funny that the CSM will be explaining to CCP how wormholes work.

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Love the transparency in advance! <3

Have a good summit!

I asked Mark to make a presentation about Wormholes specifically covering the state of the meta in wormholes (there have been quite a few changes to both ships and structures since your presentations), and what life is like being a wormhole resident.

Many of our developers are very experienced with wormholes, but I’m a firm believer that getting extra perspective from the CSM is always helpful. The same is true with the other CSM presented topics; we have some very handsome and exceptionally cool former alliance leaders, many FW players, and large-scale industrialists. The CSM aren’t the only resource we utilize to round out our knowledgebase, but when they’re here we’d be silly to ignore them :slight_smile:


Send help.

Oh, wait. We’re the help.

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Wait, I thought I was doing the wormhole presentation


Safe travels and good luck.

I am here because:
When will Imicus be updated? You CCP guys had all those redesigns in progress, and you show Rifter that didnt need a redesign at all, all of a sudden, not the designs that you worked on. Seems like there is just no persistence or continuity in tasks, priorities are not correct! Redesign the ugly ships first, Burst, and Imicus.

Will CSM be even talking about graphics?

When will PULSE bar be integrated into Jita? In a form of instanced invite only place of course.

CCP and PA to developers trying to update the Imicus (etc.):

“How would that improve this quarter’s revenue? Let’s focus on making more skins instead. And making the daily login rewards more addictive.”

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