Schedule for the CSM Summit this week

Hi, everyone! As some of you know a summit is kicking off Monday morning and the CSM is either already in Iceland or on their way. This is the schedule for the formal sessions we have and additionally there are usually some play tests organized and lots of informal talks that go on in summit week.

We’ll bring you minutes from the sessions as soon as we can, hopefully week after the summit. We look forward to another awesome and productive CSM summit!


Summit Welcome
The EVE Roadmap
EVE Production overview with producers
Updates with Team Genesis (NPE)
Low Sec and Faction Warfare discussion session
Clone States session with Team Size Matters


EVE Economics
Event Horizon (in-game events)
Refineries, Moon Mining and Reactions
Structures, status and balance
Team Phenomenon (NPE/Content/AI)


Community Team session
Wormholes discussion session
Psycho Sisters: Part 1 (UI/UX)
Balance discussion session: Ships and modules
Team Tech Co (API/Back end)


Customer Service Team
Team Pshyco Sisters: Part 2 (UI/UX)
Video production and streaming w. Community and Marketing
Sov/Nullsec discussion session
Summit Close

I’ll be active one the EVE Online Snapchat account (eveonline) during the summit as well as on my Twitter (@ccp_guard)


I am disappointed. No secret we cannot tell you what we are talking about sessions?

Looking forward to the minutes, are they out yet? what is the delay?


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More importantly, where is the recipe going to go in?

I do not see a session with security listed, or did I miss something?


Shame that half od those will be non aviable because od NDA…

“Breathing new life into Empire space” disappeared from Eve Updates a few days ago and now, no mention in the summit agenda.

Pity - I was looking forward to that.

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If my understanding of when the CSM is, we should have some minutes coming, but nothing here or in the news. Maybe I have my weeks messed up.


Summit is this week, minutes hopefully next week :slight_smile:

No specific security session this time around.

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No PvE session? And just removed all mention to Empire space for the winter release?

You’re threading into dangerous grounds, CCP.


I have a horrid feeling the agency events are it.

Agency is “breathing new life into Empire space”? Nah. Introduced few months before winter and it is not a real content anyway.

Any ETA on minutes?

Next couple of weeks Jin said

Good to see them talk about FW and low sec. Those guys need some love and attention after years of neglect.

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