If CCP wants to sell ship's

Just an idea here :wink:

If they want to buy ships from the current player base and sell them to new players - by the way they claim it leads to higher retention of said ‘new players’; and I support retention methods - then perhaps to appease the current eve community and add a p2e aspect they should offer a ‘kickback’ to the player base supplying the ships. Give us a percentage of the sale price for supplying the ships. For the slow to comprehend, that means give us some of the real money $-) (Not isk)

/me braces for ensuing comments

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That’s not how it works. Loonatics are running the asylum.

Disband and dissolve the CSM.

What Eve needs is CCP to engage with the player / developer base directly via surveys and feedback otherwise, shut down their Github issue trackers, opening tickets there is a waste of time now it seems.

It seems their Github is basically a PR landing page.

CCP will do what’s best for CCP.
CSM will do what’s best for CSM.

If their interests intersect with your interests, it’s random luck.

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Eve is a game full of double standards.

People log in with multiple paid accounts…surely they only do so for some kind of advantage…yet they complain about ‘pay to win’.

People who pay zero towards the game complain when their source of free ISK gets diminished. Like, er, someone is paying for those ‘free’ ISK believe it or not. Yeah, and the people paying absolutely nothing at all moan loudest about ‘pay to win’.

People trade skill points, indeed farm them, buy entire characters…and they too moan about ‘pay to win’

The only thing missing in Eve is mirrors…for people to look in.


Yeah, they said they will do something along those lines:


So…only big nullblocks can participate?

So… to screw new players, they can just stop producing and go on strike and get their demands met?

I think I would prefer CCP just sell packs as “consumables” than give more power to these blocks.

I would also prefer the CSM stop claiming to represent me. They do not represent nor speak on my behalf.

Disband and dissolve the CSM.

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I don’t see anything in there that suggests that, but you’d have to ask CCP. My guess would be they just put out NPC market orders or something.

Congratulation! You managed to make the idea even dumber. Not an easy feat


snoop dogg is right

The CSM did this.

Seems to be the problem. They say they represent the players but where are they? I’ve only seen two so far, Brisc and Mike. Where are the rest? What are they all supposed to be doing to claim that they “represent” ?

Isn’t that what the CSM is supposed to be doing or do they just attend meetings through webcam? Whose interests do they represent if they have no contact with players, even players outside of their respective corporations or alliance?

We used to have them. But players whined until they were removed. Along with any chance of ever having character based content.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


member sitting on sofa ?

They will NEVER represent me, I don’t recognise their legitimacy.

CCP will get my feedback, not the CSM.


gees, what did they do to you? :neutral_face: Sounds like you’re ready to pod them and sell their clone carcass to the highest bidder.
I can’t say that the CSM represents or not at this moment but it seems they had something to do with this

so it’s not like they’re not doing anything for the game and its players. Perhaps more involvement in the EVE forum would help but seeing how Brisc gets treated in here, I don’t really blame them for limiting exposure.

I will wait on the survey from CCP.

Considering they don’t even respond to tickets on their official github account for years, I don’t think a survey will be coming any time soon.

Just because the CSM doesn’t respond to folks here, outside of brisc or mike, doesn’t mean they don’t pay attention. EVE mail does exist to reach out to them that way. There’s also twitch and reddit.


True, a game like this needs a quarterly survey. Those thumb-up/Down icons on the Log-off screen must be an inside joke.

They could do it like their economic reports. Though I don’t think CCP would likely publish any unfavourable results, at least a chance to submit survey feedback regularly would be an improvement, direct from the players.

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P2E would not result in Eve + some people getting paid for playing. It would destroy Eve as we know it. The resulting game will have the same name, lore, graphics, and other trappings of Eve, but it won’t be Eve. P2E will dramatically impact player and developer incentives, and cause a massive shift in player demographics as the player base shifts from P4F to P2E.

Anyone who suggest Eve go P2E either doesn’t understand the ramifications, or doesn’t care, and just wants to get paid. Either way, they should not be listened to.


Diablo 3 offered that and I think someone died for playing too much without a break.