What do players want?

Like any game or indeed business, In short EVEs player base needs to grow
The game needs to attract fresh blood and new recruits.

I’m working on some development work in the background and want to pose an open question to the great and good of this forum

CCP was quoted as saying they wanted EVE to be much more than a spaceship game

What do new players want?
What attracts new players to EVE
Features, content or something else?

PVE is a big part of the games’ appeal to new players and sometimes, but not always is the route to PVP.

Let me know your thoughts?
Thank you in advance for your time

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A Linux client, since you asked


Mining lasers that do targeted damage to ship modules.

And exploding ice.



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Another pair of boots.ini NEX store items as a reminder of why Linux is better

Though knowing CCP they would end up having to give us grub.conf t-shirts


Not a new player. What drew me in initialy was the prospect of an mmo universe with little to no rules. I loved the gritty unforgiving nature of the game and the challenges it proposed.

The steep learning curve was not something that put me off but something that motivated me and made me dig into the (at that time) amazing lore of the game and the mechanics. The possibilty of getting ganked, scamed and tricked was intriguing and exciting.

The first people you meet and that gain your trust are still considered friends 13 years later.

It was the idea of belonging to this selective, elite community playing a game not many can comprehend or handle. I had this feeling that I am part of a a club of sociopathic supervillains and I loved it.

That is what I want : I want an EVE back without safety green buttons. Without “do you really want to do X” babysitting notifications. A dark, gritty and unforgiving universe where everybody and everything is out to get you and the only thing keeping you going is your sheer dedication and your wits.


1.3 million new players/accounts last year. Attracting new players doesn’t seem to be a problem. Keeping them is.

This is probably the wrong audience to answer that. Most of us here are crusty old vets now.

A meaningful answer to that question would need to significant market research.


Eve players want a static universe, they hate change but also want to nerf everything to that place of damnation that we can’t post, they also want to victimize every other player because you know game mechanics justify it, that is your absolute easy answer.

You want a successful game, build an AI that acts and behaves like a player and install a response to aggression with whining and rage quitting, this makes most people feel empowered and you will have a loyal following if people think they are making others angry, just look at how worked up people get over bot posts over politics, people are ready to rage at everything while the perp of the bot sits back and enjoy their works.


It should be easier for new players to participate in fun activities like miner ganking.


Change the log in screen to say something to the effect of

(Are you a complete and utter ■■■■ - Log in)

Should clear up any confusion as to what gameplay is

A place to rest. Let’s call it Capsuleer’s Quarteer.


“Do you want to club some seals today?”

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe
  • what a disgusting game!!!1111oneOneEleven (ragequit and biomass)



No computer can be that irrational. A well programmed AI would reinforce itself and choose to not login.


Depending on who codes it it would refuse to undock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s CCP we are discussing. It would proably start just deleting files from our computers.


They did, boot.ini remember but this didn’t affect us Linux users

PvP ships for free and not something like this.

Tell me, if EvE is a PvP game, why the hell is there not a single PvP item in the welcome pack? At the latest, it should be clear which direction the newcomers should take according to CCP’s opinion.

Since I haven’t been playing that long, I can gladly answer what the new players would want*:

That the losses should not be meaningfull.
That you don’t have to grind for your first ships.
That you need cotrolled space to learn PvP aspects without frustration and that doesn’t happen while mining or doing missions.
And that you are not forced into a corp from the beginning so that the upper points are possible.

*But since the game is not meant to cater to “normal” players at all, let alone handle larger numbers of players properly, it is what it is. Gritty, ruthless, demanding…and not everyone’s cup of tea.

I can live with it in the meantime.

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TAY Microsoft’s AI chat bot, look at what people did to that.

That wasn’t an AI, but yes, that’s why I suggested it. Even a non-AI program deleted files. An AI developed by CCP would be export restricted as a weapon :slight_smile:

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And I’m sure even Tay would have chosen not to login (it’s what we would have taught her I’m sure).