To CCP : Make this game attract a huge brand new community


I have an idea about making people want to play this game, because they currently dont (among all my friends who plays online video games, for instance, I’m the only one interested in EvE online)

→ Start a brand new server and divide by 4 the skill points requirements.

Here you go, big money incomes.


No please, No…
Lame suggestion and contrary to what distinguishes EVE from the others, the idea of a single server and universe.

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The guy also does not realize that this split up server will end up just like the current server: with old, experience players dunking on newbies. It’s not going to help at all, it’s only making things worse for new players, and it goes against what makes EVE the game it is supposed to be.


Even better Idea:
→ start a brand new server and make any skill just require 1 SP and all items only cost 1 ISK.

Here you go, unlimited moneyz incoming!

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Maybe that’s the point of your post not sure but either way such server already exists.

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Please move this idea to the trash


The reason why op’s friends don’t play eve, has likely more to do with eve’s actual game play, than merely being behind in sp.

developing new methods of playing the game making use of various genres is really the only way to draw those different types of players into the fold.

Here’s hoping the shooter nails the landing.

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Why do you think a brand new server will make those people overcome their lack of interest in this game?

Not everyone likes a complex space-themed real-time PvP MMO where they can lose all their belongings at once. People prefer all sorts of different games with different gameplay if they even enjoy games at all.

Speeding up the progress in EVE isn’t going to make the game more fun, nor is splitting the server and playerbase into multiple shards making the game better. In fact, both of those changes would be a detriment to my enjoyment of the game.

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Hmm…when I told you on a suggestion post you made that was based on your fundamental misunderstanding of a basic EvE mechanic ( End Standings Fleets especially via mission running )

You were all offended:

and of course:

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I have an even better idea actually : just remove the skill system.

Or completely rework it making it possible to gain skill as you play the associated content, not as you wait or inject.

→ Less frustration, more fun, more resources used and destroyed, boosted economy

I used a lot of gallente frigates ? I can now use The gallente destroyers !
I salvaged a lot ? I can salvage more efficiently

Mined a lot of veldspar ? I can use veldspar cristals !

This would be huge

And remove any meaning or consequence for actions, because any new 1 day old character can do everything your previous main could do?

Terrible idea, no thanks.

And remove the freedom of gameplay we currently have in the game by forcing us to endlessly spend valuable gametime ‘grinding skills’ if we ever want to progress?

No thanks!

I much prefer EVE’s passive training that allows me to do whatever I want and still progress. I can fight other players, mine rocks, spin my ship, earn ISK hauling, or even not play at all for a few weeks and come back to a new and completely unrelated unlocked ship skill that opens up a new playstyle.

Grinding for skills or waiting for skills are both mechanics to gatekeep progression in a game to increase the longivity of a game, and as such I do understand that games which are meant to not be played through in a single weekend make use of such a mechanic.

Grinding for skills and forcing players to do repetitive tasks to even make progress in a game is a terrible waste of time however. I much prefer EVE’s passive form of progression.


I did not speak about “forcing people to make repetitive tasks”. If a gamedev gets that interpretation from what I suggested, he should have done an other job indeed.

I mean, pilots with tons of skill points will obviously strongly disagree with what I’m proposing, of course.

If you have no skill points in any case you will use low tier ships. By using them you’ll get access to higher tier ships, and not by waiting that’s what I meant.

In any case, this sounds impossible to make happen in tranquility for a thousand obvious reasons, some of these you pointed already.

Yes, you implicitly did.

You did speak about:

gain skill as you play the associated content

This is the norm of progress in many other non-EVE games. You have to play and spend time doing activity X to progress your skill in activity X and unlock new tiers in X.

It’s also known as ‘grinding skill levels’, ‘mine X amount of veldspar before you can progress to the next tier of veldspar mining crystals’ or 'you first need to make 40 hours flying a Nereus before you unlock the Occator.

Skill leveling, grinding, repetitive tasks to progress your skills… that is what you are asking for. If it isn’t, please explain what else you meant with 'gain skill as you play the associated content’.

And I think that’s a waste of time. I much prefer the current situation, where it too takes time to progress but I am completely free to do whatever for those 40 hours yet still unlock that Occator. Where I also can unlock the veldspar mining crystal over time without having to go mine in high sec space for hours first.

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Anyway, try seeing EVE as a marathon, not as a sprint. Do whatever you enjoy doing, and over time you’ll unlock more skills and playstyles to enjoy. I’m nearing 6 years into the game and I still regularly unlock new things that refresh the gameplay.

But, if you do wish to speed it up, you can engage in the player-run economy, earn ISK in ehatever way you like and speed up your training progress with injectors.

Unlike a character like mine which only gets 150k SP from an injector, your character which I assume is still low in SP gains a 400k or 500k SP from injectors, which is a much better deal.

Using injectors, if you wish to unlock better veldspar chrystals sooner, you can do so by mining veldpar!

Injectors are a much better solution than what you propose, because:

  1. They are part of and thereby encourage players to be part of the player-run economy
  2. They give you complete freedom how you want to earn the ISK, so for example you can mine the best-paying ore to unlock any mining crystals, or even do something completely else
  3. They heavily favour new characters, because of injector diminishing returns
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You assume I am a new player and what I say is irrelevant because of that

But my character here was created in 2018 and skill injectors also give it peanuts, why are we speaking about that anyway ?

This is just my vision of a new eve, and the old one is not in the taste of many people including me.

Maybe it’s because of its community too. As an example, first this discussion has been flamed as hell, now it’s time for the “do this, you’re that” talk

As when I play, I get here the feeling of a pure loss of time.
Fly safe.

Yes and no.

Yes, I assumed you were a new player because you pre-emptively regard the opinion of anyone with high SP characters as irrelevant:

However, no, I do not regard the opinion of (assumed) new players as irrelevant.

In fact, I took your suggestion seriously and have taken the time to present counterarguments to each of your suggestions, rather than dismiss it based on my assumptions.


How about you come and forgot your friends? Could work as well. ha-ha
There is no need for a new server. It’s never too late to start.

Sounds a ■■■■ ton more fun than the “real” eve.


While we may have a player problem, it is a problem we want. Let me explain. Have you seen the type and quality of the players in those other MMO’s? No Thank you (there are exceptions so dont flame me).

Eve is Designed to be Hard, Eve is designed to be tough. From Day one CCP said go play…instructions? figure it out … WE LIKE THAT ATTITUDE. Eve has a whole range of built in filters that keep the riff-raff out and even discourage those type that are sturborn and hang on for a while. This leaves us with a good, self reliant, intelligent and mature player base.

That said there IS a problem with making the introduction to the game interesting enough to make this clear even to those we do welcome. Dumbing it down is a sure path to extinction and EVE would end up just like every other vanilla game out there. As long as CCP and its developers keep this in mind we will support it to our last breath. o7 to you guys.