EVE is a living dead. Here's why and how to fix this

EVE has a long story and now, in it’s birthday, time to review the past and look to the future.

Current state of the game is stable but it’s also boring and stagnating. Players just do same stuff at same places every day.
Old players with established infrastructure sitting their nests and wont to move anywhere else
New players instead cant get their place cuz they get insta bashing from the old ones “just for fun”
New Eden split between 3 major alliances which is never start big war with each other but can easly eleminate small neighborhoods. SP gap also create major limitaons to new players. In the end as new player - you have only 2 ways, join one of these ally as a pet or sit in Hi-sec.
Yeah yeah… you can play as pirate, or trader, or whatever. But it’s all half-measures. And anyway you will play by their rules cuz they generate most of EVE GDP in all ways.
If you wanna crate your own empire - you cant do that with current state of the game.
EVE now is about ISK/h. Not about space adventures or exploration.
At least definitely not for new players. Sandbox is become too small.

Ok, how to fix this:

  • Reduce skills gap - give up to 50kk SP to players(new players too) which is not reach this point.
  • Give players ability to manually reach unknown stars (not W-space) and connect it to K-space with usual public gates.
    For expample - some kind of probe which you can launch to any star in avaliable range. It will travel to it on warp speed and then you can activate cyno beacon on it to jump there and setup the gate.
  • Add moon decay - if someone agressively mined moon it’s decayed to complete useless rock.
  • Make CAPs really CAPs. It look stupid when carrier have less damage than battleship and cant fight back a bunch of frigs. CAPs need serious damage buff to every signature type.
  • Add in-game political system - so any player can declare his vision of faction space and fight with others on election to set another rules for next period: taxes, fees, systems SS, etc.

It’s all for now.
Hope you get the point.



I just wanted to type lol but the forum tells me you need more than 5 characters.


I am about 3.5 - 4 years old, but I have never felt any unease with older players being more established, actually the opposite, I love my slow and long climb upwards. And EVE still feels totally alive to me… Maybe your ideas are good anyway, but I don’t share the basis of your reasoning as why you present them


“We’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune”


And why not?

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Because he does not want to be repressed. Did you not watch the video?


So… nullsec sov. got it.

We vote EVE style. What you hold and can defend is yours.


thats the best answer in this forum ever
ty you sir :rofl: :heart:

lol, typical millennial/Gen Z crying about the SP and ISK gap. You can earn your SP and ISK over time just like all those vets did, sweet cheeks…


Hell, they already got the biggest buff ever. Git gud player wise, you can get gud character wise now injectors exist.

2 or 3 injectors a day and you’re set in a month or three for anything but “perfect subcap pilot” or “combat titan pilot”


But… you need to either pay or actually put forth effort to get those injectors. It must be FREE!

How else could one possibly take on the vets without perfect skills to match them? I mean, other than playing smarter or finding friends or realizing you are brand new to the game and maybe shouldn’t expect to go toe-to-toe with someone with 10 years on you right off the bat?

  • Reduce skills gap - give up to 50kk SP to players - that’s just silly

  • Give players ability to manually reach unknown stars - this is silly as well

  • Add moon decay - I’m ok with that

  • Make CAPs really CAPs - not my field of expertise but doesn’t sound viable

  • Add in-game political system - if you operate in null or low there is plenty of politics. As for hisec well ok it might be interesting, wouldn’t mind building an Anarcho-Syndiclist Commune for a bit of fun then stealing everything.

Frankly it sounds like you want everything on a plate. I’ve been playing for more than 3 years, I still have goals, I make slow progress, I’m happy.


I’ll do a polite Nico Serkanner on you: “NO” (and you’ll just fill in the rest).
And here’s the reason:


I respect OP’s enthusiasm for the game and improving it, but with all due respect, these ideas reflect a great deal of naivete and complete and total understanding of the game’s mechanics and the consequences of these ideas. Newbies (char created 2019/06/19, still in starter corp) have no business proposing sweeping changes on things they do not remotely comprehend or appreciate. (Even if this char is only an alt and you have far older chars, your mindset is still that of a newbie - players who have played EVE for a long time are still newbies if they lack mastery of the game.)

I advise you to learn the game better not just by playing it longer, but more specifically through playing with others with substantially more knowledge and experience than you. Find a corp to mentor you. Actually engage in the activities you are suggesting be changed. Explore the consequences of your proposals, address those consequences and state how they would be addressed (or declare which ones would be acceptable and why), and identify alternatives… I guarantee you there exist more sensible alternatives than the ones you’ve presented.

Decayed moons is “interesting” and worth exploring, although I can already conceive of numerous reasons why it probably would not work - which isn’t to say it couldn’t work - like I said, it is worth exploring. I’m not going to explore that here in this thread, however. If you create a new thread with a comprehensive proposal explaining problems with the status quo or how it could be significantly changed (keeping in mind dynamic resource distribution hasn’t taken effect yet), and explore the consequences and alternatives, the community would be more receptive. As it stands, your proposals are more along the lines of a plan to end all wars and dismantle all nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth.

Again, I applaud your enthusiasm for the game and I encourage your future, active participation in the forums; however, I also encourage you to better temper your contributions and exercise more restraint in sharing your ideas - before sharing an idea for a mechanics change, make sure it is concrete and has a basis in reality.


And why if current “universe” has long been known and shared between major forces?

I will be glad any form of expansion, CCP can just add more 10k / 100k / ∞ systems (in fact that procedural generation has big leap from 2003), but if they just add it in a single day it would look stupid.
And if players need to discovere it by themselves it would be nice looking exploration mechanic.

Oh look, another whine thread from people who don’t know how to play the game.

There is literally one (1) player in EvE who has visited all solar systems and wormholes of New Eden. The character’s name is Katia Sae. A grand monument was erected in her honor in Saisio, and if you can’t be bothered to travel there here’s the official announcement/video https://updates.eveonline.com/card/f7FNK/the-journey-of-katia-sae-memorial/
So, how many of the +7500 systems in k/j-space have you visited and discovered ? Or is it more a matter of finding a system that no one has visited before ?


There is one player that publicized visiting all the systems. I doubt that player is the only one.

I suspect it’s this, the desire to find something no-one else has found, i.e. secret knowledge. Is it practical tho? hmmm.

However, maybe this is an expression of the tediousness of some of the resources. All the belts, anoms, relic/data/gas/combat sites & missions are more or less predictable and documented.

So the only source of unpredictability is other players, that’s what keeps me playing, but I would say it would be nice to just occassionaly find a site or whatever that is a total jackpot.

For example, as the ore prices have changed recently it is worthwhile for alphas to hop from belt to belt picking off Dense Veld and Massive Scord rather than setting up and mining anything while having a snooze. But asteroid belts aren’t homogenous, why not have the odd Loparite rock or Monazite or whatever. You are then introducing new gameplay, the explorer/miner.

Doesn’t have to be this but these are the kind of changes for all playstyles I would like to see generating a bit more interest, competition and possibly conflict.


There’s always that possibility. But without documentation the claim would not be verifiable, thus empty.