End Standings Fleets especially via mission running

an old trick in eve is to work with a bunch of people who will then end a bunch of missions and by being in the same fleet it bumps their standings, saw someone once pod someone in high sec, who was -10 and after a few minutes of running around avoiding concord, suddenly they were 3.4 sec status, so I figured standings fleet was involved, perhaps this could be corrected some how? I feel if you want standings, you gotta grind them out yourself, didn’t deal a final blow to [npc corp] didn’t grind a mission yourself? no standings.

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You’re asking for something to be removed that CCP very specifically and intentionally added: Sec Status tags.

I’m all for sec status tags, I’m against people who haven’t made any effort leeching off of others and bumping standings because its convenient, they should be singular to one pilot rather than, I raised my standings with trigs just by target painting as did a whole alliance making minimal effort and one or two people expending minimum ammo to pew ships waiting for ticks, if a player wants standings they gotta earn it themselves. when there is a way to do less people will do it as others including myself have done, as a result we’re engaging with the game less and less, you want to achieve something unless its a large target requiring multiple pilots, POCOs, Structures, POSs, FOBs etc, I think people should be playing the game rather than figuring out the mechanics to do less.

on some level the game has too many aspects of convenience. if you’re going to be a pirate don’t simply join a standings fleet to get a massive bump to your standings and call it a day, play the game, earn it.

just my opinion.

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Are you talking standings or sec status? They aren’t the same thing.

damn, you’re right. I guess in all honesty it would be both, target painting for standings or gaining sec status via a fleet shouldn’t be done, hop in a ship and get involved in the game. it would prevent people ship spinning when there is stuff to do.

You can’t gain sec status by being in a fleet.

Nor can you lose it by being in a fleet. Sec Status is tied to individual activity (and repair can be managed with tags or grinding).

then I don’t know how the guy I saw went from -10 criminal to 3.4 sec status then, I don’t know if he handed in tags and was waiting for the ping to occur (not sure if it happens that way or instantly)

He certainly couldn’t get to 3.4 with tags alone. Tags allow you to repair negative sec status and each tag provides 0.5 sec status, so the maximum you can get to with tags is around 0.4X

thank you for taking the time to explain that to me, I didn’t even know that was a thing I thought tags only worked for loyalty points. shrug

My first thought was; “why does OP care if people get standings through the fleet thing? Huh…well, that’s a complaint I don’t think I’ve seen before iirc.” Then reading OP further quickly showed the issue - a fundamental misunderstanding of basic EvE mechanics coupled with salt induced rage.

'K…two little things:



Yes that’s actually just one thing, but warrants being said twice.

You figured wrong. They bought clone tags, no standings fleet involved.
|Icon clone soldier trainer tag.png48x48||Clone Soldier Trainer Tag x 4
(between -10 and -8)|
| — | — |
|Icon clone soldier recruiter tag.png48x48||Clone Soldier Recruiter Tag x 6
(between -8 and -5)|
|Icon clone soldier transporter tag.png48x48||Clone Soldier Transporter Tag x 6
(between -5 and -2)|
|Icon clone soldier negotiator tag.png48x48||Clone Soldier Negotiator Tag x 4
(between -2 and 0)|

Next time you are seized with the desire to post a complaint…please take a few deep breaths instead and just don’t, mmk? thanks

you know, all this was politely and calmly explained before, I may of started on security status however I simply got muddled up with other issues regarding standings, which was an honest mistake on my part, however I also felt that a standings fleet shouldn’t be something players should do, this way if a player wants some standings they have to grind.

no salt is involved in any of my posts, its a humble observation of somethings which i felt should be addressed.

no need to all caps rage and flame dude, your information about tags only serves to add minimal to this thread, nothing else you said even remotely matters XDDD.

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I disagree, and not just cause im apart of a service that raises standings for others.
NOTE im referring to corp/faction standings from missions

Whoever the mission runner is, they have the choice whether to share standings, LP, and isk after a mission is complete.

Without this mechanic youd see A LOT of folks not play especially your market folks. There’s a lot of folks who don’t want anything to do with PVE or running missions etc. But still need standings.

I also see it as encouragement to have ppl fleet up instead of going alone, especially noobs who go behind and salvage. And the standings are split up to 10 folks in fleet so if you have more than 10, someone isnt getting standings and thats random. Plus the more in fleet, the less standings you get.
Single runner = 100%
2 fleet = 50% each
3 fleet = 33.33% each

While 10 in fleet will only be 10% standings per pilot.

The social skills also come into play.

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Standings loss for attacking pirate ships affect all members on grid with 100%, while the CONCORD bounties for killing the ship are split among the players on grid (cloaked or not). Turning in the mission rewards splits the reward among the fleet members, though only at the choice of the puller.

In order to get a security standings gain to blow up a rat, you need to aggress on it in any way, including the target painter mentioned before. The security gain is 100% independend of the number of members in fleet or on grid,

I.e. you can cloak next to someone running an anomaly and leech off his ticks, but you’ll get negative pirate faction standings for it (in case you even care). In order to gain security standings, however, you need to decloak and aggress.

I remember a day in 2020 where our supercap users had not logged in, and we were getting supercaps and caps while belt chaining in JUK0-1 that we couldn’t dispose of. By the downtime reset, we had chained for 2 domination titans to spawn while neighboring V-IH6B had a third one and an angel dreadnaught, too. You can target paint those like the Povchen TP parties do, or just use your ibis’ civilian railgun if you don’t have a TP, in order to you get +1.6 security for each titan and +1.2 for each dread that a supercap ratter blows up.

If you drop tags to CONCORD to get security zero-ish, then suicide reset to your nullsec to leech on a titan spawn or two with the free corvette, and then go back to high, you can be from -10 security to 3 security in like 30 minutes quite easily.

I’ve never done that mission and keep rejecting it when it gets to me, but the burner antero supercarrier probably provides a security bump like the null supercaps do, too.

I hope you can forgive me for offending you. So you don’t want people to respond to what you wrote, but rather to read all of what others wrote about what you wrote first before responding directly to you? Duly noted.

Ever so sorry, but no…you started your complaint using a completely flawed misunderstanding of a basic and very prominent mechanic of EvE.

Well…good for you for being able to admit a mistake! :slight_smile:

Ah, crud…you were doing so good… :frowning:

Why do you care about this? Why do you demand people grind?

What are you saying here?

Guess it’s really not much of a surprise you would try that out.

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