Game addition to gain standings

Why are there so much items like “carbon” that is part of the items deemed useless yet completely untapped as a way to improve standings with a state or faction we are negative towards.

People farm tags in low sec and beyond to raise their standings yet people can’t spend ISK to buy useless commodities that NPC’s produce but almost no one peddles in because it’s too low ball for anyone.

I’m not saying for players to get ISK for those commodities but simply fix standings over time by buying and giving commodities to NPC’s for those standings and maybe an LP store that will peddle in these “mining boosters” we see this week.

The point directed at CCP Rattani is that he isn’t necessarily wrong or right simply in my opinion looking too narrowly at eve and pushing the same<>same that we already have available to us, player destruction, we should decide to do it or not do it.

The current way, we are hemorrhaging new player because thing are more difficult than ever for them especially since the changes, vets, it only messes with our bottom lines.


We’re not hemorrhaging new players because said new players can’t bribe their way to better standings. I’d wager that most new players quit before even understanding the standings system, let alone have enough ISK to bribe their way to +10 or whatever.

I’m less opposed to tags for sec status because at least low sec status means you’ve been shooting people. Low faction standings mean you’ve been killing a bunch of rats.

and its fairly easy and or expensive to raise faction/corp standings.

Those, among other game changes, were detrimental to the core aspect of Eve - Consequences for Actions.

Those Tags removed consequences for actions taken, they removed the risk and added more reward for those actions.

As for Faction standings, back when I started playing this game having high Faction standings meant something more than just bragging rights and reduced Broker / Reprocessing fees. It allowed Player Corps to anchor PoS in High Security systems.

Again, back when I started playing this game, gaining high Faction standings was really tough to do, also it was widely accepted back then that players couldn’t have positive standings with all high sec Factions and had to choose a side between the Allied Factions.

For me that was unacceptable and in mid 2009 I started doing months of tedious research and testing. Eventually in early 2010, I presented the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ to the community which helped countless amount of players to change that mindset.

I think gaining LP’s for turning in various items would help offset the massive amount of LP’s needed to redeem items from LP Stores. Over the years there’s been various threads about making those useless item drops and Trade Commodities mean something.

Such as turning in Homeless People and War Refugees to SoE Corps, or Slaves / Slaver Hounds to Amarr Corps, or Freed Slaves / Freedom Fighters to Minmatar Corps, Exotic Dancers / Tourists to Gallente Corps, Prisoners to Concord Corps, etc. Scientists, Students, Marines, Janitors and other various livestock items could be turned in as well. The possibilities are endless.


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