[SUGGESTION] Faction standing below ten - what do?

I used to FW most of my time but now, flying being neutral, I find it quite troublesome to travel in Caldari/Amarr hisec space due to Faction NPC aggression (and these lads are spawning even inside deadspace pocket!).

It means, I cannot stay in one place too long and I cannot use cloak (!).

So, I tried to fix it by doing lvl1 missions for Caldari and found that even after finishing a dozen of them (required to get a storyline which actually affects standing towards certain Faction) I had my standing improved by laughable value!

I don’t remember exactly, but I counted that I may need a month of two of miserable grinding to improve it to ‘safe’ level.

Sure, one should be punished hardly for being war criminal and blablabal… but FW doesn’t give much benefit comparing to what standing loss may do to you.


How about to implement some kind of one-click solution for faction standing improvement - like you did with Security Status? Same could apply here as well.

Faction Tags, bribes, communal works - everything is acceptable - but for a reasonable ammount of time/money.

What do you think?

In the time you wrote this post you could have done 2 lvl 1 missions.

There are corporations in EVE that provide this service. Actually this service has been provided, by players, for years.

This is one of the current service providers, actively seeking business, at this time: 📈 [SERVICE] Corporation Standings Improvement ★ LCSIS

EVE needs more player opportunities, not fewer, and as this is a player offered solution to this problem, I support the current system.

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if you are below 0 you can use clone soldier tags to get you back to 0

No he can’t because he talks about FACTION STANDING and not sec status.

OP: Don’t forget to inject Potency boosters to get almost double the standing increase each mission (and allow you to decline as much as you want).

bad idea is bad.

Player choice should have consequences ccp has already removed to much of this. Not to mention you are asking to add something the players provide and I cab think of a bigger taboo

Social skills help a lot with negative faction standings. Train them. Completing SoE Epic arc can be a moderate boost to any faction’s standings without negative effects (good luck doing missions in ‘hostile’ space tho).

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Use an alt or ask a friend. Finish the final mission with them in fleet and in mission space and you get the standing. Rinse and repeat with as many friends as you have.

Might be an interesting business opportunity: Standing repair service…

As far as I know the FACTION standing does not share between fleetmembers after completing the mission. Only corporation standing is behaving so.
Thanks for tips, anyway.

It does for the epic arcs. SOE arc especially gets used for this regularly.

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you cannot share faction standings ONLY corp standings…

You can from the epic arcs. Please stop spreading bad information.

y’all need to prove one can… you know. link a video showing proof!

Or you could show a video sharing the entire SOE arc not sharing the faction standing at the end…
You know. As the person who first made the claim.

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