Grinding standing from a -5.5?

I’m trying to grind a standing from a -5.5. It’s not an agent standing nor a corp. standing. It’s the level above a corp. I guess faction standing?

Anything below -2 and I can’t run anything above a level 1 mission. I have someone offering to let me go on level 4s with him (he takes the level 4 from the faction I can’t get missions from). Would this be a good way to get faction standing back? Or is it still gonna suck, and is the only way to do this is something else, i.e. COSMOS missions or whatever else?

Using the standing service that some players offer is the easiest way.

Other than this do you just need to google for “standings repair plan”, which is a topic with a long standing history in EVE.

I already knew about The Plan. The thing I’m proposing to do (go along on level 4s with someone else) is much easier for me to do than The Plan. In case someone knows (I’m hoping someone does), I’m asking if this would work, and how well it would work?


See also here. They are doing it as an in-game service for ISKs.

AFAIK faction standing can’t be shared, and if, it’s a bug/exploit.

That would be a problem, and throw a big wrench into my works.

Every 3 month the SOE Epic Arc, for instance. Depending on the faction, I also quite like low level distribution missions because you can get storyline missions at a higher rate.

Unfortunately this is a pirate cartel, so no epic arc missions available.

I guess the issue is, that he can’t enter the faction’s space with something slow or cloaky …

ok, nwm, then @Beast_of_Revelations just do lvl1 missions with storylines until you get back into suitable range …

I did like a bazillion level 1s, but no budge :frowning:

In that case you have to run the L1s.

You could also just get a new alt account and start from 0, and run the missions with the bad standings char. That’s what I did and after a few months I had trained up the alt to a proper mission ship and got amazing standings.

What about the storylines? I did 2 L1 storylines yesterday for an empire faction and they improved my standings from -5.03 to -4.90.

Storylines (each 16th mission) should level you up with faction standing.

Was hoping DeMichael Crimson would show up.

Biomass and start again.


@DeMichael Crimson meh didn’t work no idea how to link another player into chat :frowning:

Umm, if you had actually checked out the Faction Standing Repair Plan you would have seen there are epic arcs available for most of the Pirate Factions.

There are two different level 3 Pirate Epic Arcs - one for Angel and one for Guristas. Each one has 3 different starting Agents so they’re fairly easy to access.

The level 4 Amarr Epic Arc has an option to complete it for Sansha and the level 4 Gallente Epic Arc has an option to complete it for The Syndicate.

Serpentis and Blood Raiders are the only ones that would require grinding regular missions to get Storyline offers for Faction standing increase.

Train up Diplomacy to raise your negative standing. Train Social to gain increased amount of standing for completing missions and train Criminal Connections to increase positive standing with Pirate Factions.


Oh yeah I had checked it and remembered seeing that. I still had difficulty getting access to the mission, can’t remember what the difficulty was.

Can you give the definitive answer as to whether I will get faction standings from running level 4’s with my friend? How will that plan work out?

Finally, how does one get you to show up in a thread? Can one go into a room with a mirror, turn off the light, and say “DeMichael Crimson” three times, or some similar hocus pocus?

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Maybe type @ then his name and fill spaces with _ though the forum software should offer you a list of usernames once you type @ and start typing his name.


You still haven’t said which Pirate Faction it is.

If you fleet up with your friend who is running level 4 missions and if he shares the mission rewards, you’ll gain Corporation and Agent standing.

Faction standing from Storyline mission won’t be shared with fleet members. However as long as your Faction standing remains at -2.00 or lower you will only be able to access level 1 Agents.

Like Uriel the Flame said,

To get another forum user’s attention, just type their name with @ in front of it and place a _ in the space between their first and last name, for example @Beast_of_Revelations.

I didn’t want to mention it because as soon as I do, some griefers are sure to arrive in full force.

Thanks for the info. It seems I won’t be able to pull this off as I originally planned.

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