Faction standing grind must go!

Recently I tried to introduce my fellow comrades to Faction Warfare and after all preparations have been completed it happened that faction standing with Gallente is not high enough! (they were doing Syndicate missions which lowered Gallente). Like WTF!
Can we finally BUY IT OFF like with security status?
In other words - we need TAGS to improve FACTION standing.
No one is gonna grind lvl1 missions for years to just “taste a little bit of FW”.
Such strict limitations seriously crippling player’s mobility through activities!

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how about minmatar?

You can hire someone, USIA to grind for you.

Theres also the SOE arc

and career agents, and circle agents, and cosmos agents… NPC standings - EVE University Wiki

Grinding standings is not that grindy but it was a bit underwhelming when i was grinding because i was kind of locking myself into that faction due to losing standings with others as i did missions and what not.

With the release of ‘The Plan’ in 2010, nobody has had to ‘Grind Level 1 missions for years’ just to increase Faction standings.

Also, you can avoid lots of FW standing losses by letting other pilots shoot the NPC’s. You’ll still get derived losses when you rank up your npc faction corp’s standing

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It’s actually quite hard to mission yourself out of the other empires so long as you’re declining missions with empire navy ships. The Diplomacy skill will prevent your apparent standing from dropping too low even if your true standing is abysmal.

However if this still bothers you, you can rotate mission agents so you’re continually spawning storylines for your lowest level standing. You can also run the Sisters Epic every three months for a massive bump to one faction.

Run Caldari Navy, Emperor Academy, Brutor Tribe, and Federation Navy and you’re also reducing your market taxes in the major trade hubs. if you’re already at 5 with those corportations you can skip Brutor Tribe and Fed Navy and just run SoE to increase both of those empires.

Thank you for suggestions!
Yes, I know about faction standing repairing services - people doing God’s job! Grand RESPECT to them!
However, I thought that solving the very root of the problem is undoubtfully better.

By the way, I recently did “SYNDICATION” epic arc and got something like +1,5 Gallente faction standing increase… which is laughable! Considering its availability (90days).

Meaning, when extensively running Syndicate agent missions I can ruin Gallente faction standing within a week.

Is this a design feature or a flaw? I hope, second. That’s why bringing to the attention!

Well, that doesn’t sound right. These are the rewards for completing that Epic Arc.

Final Rewards:

Choice of path - Everybody Has a Price = 1x Syndicate Cloaking Device and ‘The Syndicate’ Faction standing increase +10% Base (+12.5% with Social 5)

Choice of path - Safe Return = 1x Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor and Gallente Federation Faction standing increase +10% Base (+12.5% with Social 5)

Probably didnt have social trained

Was thinking the same thing…

It’s 100% a feature. Faction standings are a trade off, you gain with one and lose with another.
This isn’t world of Warcraft where faction standings are just a time gate to better loot and epic mounts.


FYI, I have “Social IV” trained.
Can you, please, clarify, how much faction standing gain you usually getting? But as a RAW VALUE, not in percent?

@Madsam_Beacon can actually help with that i believe

Hey @John_Lawyer

These are the faction standing gains from various of sources:

If you come to USIA discord server, we can see what your standings are and advice you how you can help your corporation join FW without too much fuss and prolly with zero cost.

We tend to help anyone with standing problems and advices are free of charge.
We raise standings for a fee, but a lot of times we just advice players how to solve their own problems.


I’m pretty knowledgeable about Faction standings but that graph is new to me and quite frankly, a bit confusing. I know with Social level 5, the level 4 Epic Arcs give +12.5% Faction standing increase. What I see in that graph is 1,2500

What are those numbers based on?

Those are with the glam boosters

Social level 9 is basic
Social 10 extended
And 15 is potent

And those are the standings actually given not the percentage

Once upon a time, the game was showing different values on the in-game interactions interface.
Consistent with the “percentage” that was stated on the wiki about each epic arc.

After an update (long time ago, I wasn’t playing then), the in-game interactions interface that shows the standing gains, it started showing the values differently, divided by 10 (or multiplied by 10, I don’t know for sure, I haven’t got any screenshots from back then).

For example, the epic arc on wiki shows that you will get 12.5% faction standing, but the in-game interface will show you a +1.25 (and you actually get that 1.25 if you do the math).
So, all the info you see on wiki or other old posts regarding percentages, you will get that value divided by 10 and not 100 (to transform a percentage to the actual value you divide by 100).

That is why my graph shows the 1.25, not as a percentage, but what you will actually get and you can use on the equations to predict your future standings.

After that, the equation of the diminished standing gains depending on your base standing before the gain takes effect and you actually get a different standing gain.

More info about the equations used:


Haha) I naively expected maxed standing increase at +5.0 or similar value when solo the Arc :slight_smile:
It seems, 3rd party service is the only way. Thanks!