Raise negative faction standing the same way we raise Sec Status via Tags/ISK through Concord

Raising faction standing when a pilot has negative standing with that faction takes way too long.

Standing with Amarr Empire is -6.0. This gets me shot at when trying to pvp in minmatar space when shooting at someone in a belt and NPC miners from an Amarr aligned corp, Joint Harvesting for instance, are already there or warp in after the fight with my target starts.

We expand the ability already in game to increase Sec Status via tags and isk given to Concord and make a change so you can use those same tags and isk to also increase a negative faction standing back to 0.0 standing.

Edit: Alternative Solution: Change the NPC miners so they dont automatically call in reinforcements unless you attack them.

Running 16 level 1 missions with Joint Harvesting just to get a single storyline that raises the Amarr Empire standing by 0.04 from -6.00 to -5.96 is ridiculous. A person would have to run 400 lvl 1 missions to get 25 storyline missions just to take their faction standing from -6.0 to -5.0. You cant run anything but level 1 mission agents until you get below -2.0 standing with the faction you are negative with, in this case Amarr Empire.


I do tend to agree, as long as the tags came from special missions rather than just general PVE. But it’s not that hard to repair your standings. Check out the repair plan if you’re not already aware of it: FACTION STANDING REPAIR PLAN aka 'The Plan'


Thanks for the link. Am in the middle of the level 1 Sisters of Eve Epic arc as we speak.

Correct me if I’m wrong as it has been quite some time since I have been in militia but if signing up for militia again lowers amarr faction standing. If I have the patience to fix the amarr standing just so I can pvp in minmatar low sec without also getting shot at by amarr aligned PVE miners, then joining up with militia in the future will put me right back where I started with a -6.0 amarr standing. So unless I train up yet another alt and dont fight with my main, I wont be doing any militia pvp.

I don’t know, sorry. Let’s wait someone more knowledgeable to respond.

When in Militia, it doesn’t matter if you have positive standings with the enemy Faction, you’re still KoS to Enemy Militia and Faction NPC’s.

Also ‘The Plan’ outlines the fastest and easiest way to not only repair negative Faction standings but to also boost positive Faction standings as well.

By the way, in answer to your thread question, there are various Data Centers with Agents in-game that give Faction Standing increase in exchange for Pirate Dog Tags.


Yes, when in militia your are Kill On Site to faction npc’s. My question is, does killing faction npc in militia plexes lower your standing towards that NPC faction and does killing a member of the opposing militia also lower your faction standing towards the faction that the opposing militia member is in.

I read about the pirate tags raising standings. From what I understand you can only do that once. So this brings back the problem of if you do anything to lower your standing with a faction, say shooting enemy militia, you must grind level 1 missions until your eyes bleed from the grind.

And all of that just so the Amarr aligned NPC miners dont attack me when I want to pvp someone in a belt in Minmatar low sec space.

An example of what I am up against: I once waited 3 - 4 hours to find a fight, finally got one in a belt, and the mining NPC’s warped in as soon as the fight starts. Talk about being frustrated.

Thanks for your reply.

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Found the answer on faction standing loss for militia.

From the Eve Uni Wiki"

Taking part in faction warfare incurs various standings gains and losses:

  • Killing enemy militia ship (in NPC corp): Militia corporation standing loss.
  • Killing friendly militia: Faction and corporation standings loss without derived standings.
  • Killing faction NPC (missions): Faction standing loss and derived standings.
  • Capturing complex: Militia corporation standing gain.
  • Promotrion: Faction standing gain and derived standings.
  • Faction warfare missions: Normal mission standings gains and losses.

Yeah, killing Faction NPC’s and opposing Militia members will lower your standings.

And yes, most of the options in ‘The Plan’ can only be completed once in the life of the character. The reason it’s called the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ is because it’s not a guide that you have to follow step by step, also not all of it needs to be completed at once, basically you can customize it and only complete what’s needed to fix your standings.

Then after you’ve repaired your standings, to keep from being attacked by Faction NPC’s, all you have to do is watch your standings and don’t let them get to -5.00 or lower standing again. By the way, standings have to be above -2.00 in order to access Agents above level 1. Cosmos Agents (and R&D Agents to a lessor extent) are the only ones who require Faction standing for access, all other Agents will accept Corporation standing for access, as long as the Faction is above -2.00 standing.

Anyway, none of that really matters as long as you’re in the Militia, you’ll always be viewed as an enemy of the state with KoS status. So now the choice is yours on what to do.

Good luck and may you have much success in whatever you decide to do.

Thanks again for your reply. I edited my main post with a second solution to the problem of NPC miners calling in reinforcements as soon as you land in a belt with them due to having a faction standing lower than -4.99. This solution would only change when NPC miner reinforcements are called in. I can live with the faction police shooting me in their high sec faction space due to my low faction standing.

"Alternative Solution: Change the NPC miners so they dont automatically call in reinforcements unless you attack them."

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘Change the NPC miners’.

CCP about the introduction of NPC Mining
These are the NPC miners that were added to belts back at the end of 2016.

Link to Eve Uni on the NPC Mining Operations

These NPC miners will call in reinforcements when attacked. The response fleet is pretty powerful vs a solo player. These same NPC miners also act like faction police in high sec space in that they automatically attack those with faction standing lower than -4.99 with a difference. You will get attacked in low sec.

For instance, I have -5.96 standing with Amarr Faction. Joint Harvesting corp, a corp under the Amarr Faction, sends out NPC miners. When you show up in a belt with -5.96 standing, the NPC miners automatically warp off while at the same time a response fleet is called in who attack you just like if you were in Amarr high sec space where the Faction Police attack you. The big difference is the Miner response fleet webs/neuts/scrams/etc your ship.

They are a formidable force for solo/small gang pvpers and make pvp in low sec belts impossible when they auto-aggro.

Edit: what I mean by change the NPC miners is, change them so they dont automatically call in the response fleet just because your standing is below -4.99. Make it so you must attack them before the response fleet is called in.

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Ok, I see, your idea is to have CCP change the content so the Mining Fleets only call in reinforcements when attacked.

Since the NPC Mining Fleets are basically Civilian Corporations, I wonder if you had positive standings with their corp, would they still call in reinforcements due to your negative Faction standings?

Anyway, the NPC Mining Fleets conduct their ops in same systems where their Corps stations are located. This is the list of NPC corps with mining ops.

Amarr: Ducia Foundry
Amarr: Joint Harvesting
Amarr: HZO Refinery
Caldari: Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari: Poksu Mineral Group
Caldari: Minedrill
Gallente: Astral Mining Inc.
Gallente: Material Acquisition
Gallente: Allotek Industries
Minmatar: Minmatar Mining Corporation
Minmatar: Vherokior Tribe
Minmatar: Thukker Mix

I have a + 2.19 standing with the Joint Harvesting corporation. Their NPC miners are still red to me and auto aggro due to my Amarr faction standing being -5.96. It appears the Faction standing overrides the corp standing in this area.

Thanks for the feedback.

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I proposed an NPC lottery that rewards standings as well as isk as part of its prizes just recently. But I agree with you, standings should be changeable assuming your willing to pay isk for it, after all, the empires would gladly take billions of isk to help their coffers, of which 1 isk is enough for an entire family to live for their entire lives.

And considering CCP already opened the can or worms of paying tags/isk to raise sec status this is just a natural extension of that game mechanic.

Honestly tags to recover neg standing status is a much better market for them than the LP store.
Take tags out of the LP store, into standings, but make them non instant. So like a skill queue. This way if you keep killing you don’t recover, but if you take a break and honestly want to change (Or just take a break), then you can recover.

Well, the Sisters of Eve level 1 epic arc was a complete waste of time. It didnt raise my Amarr faction standing. 52 missions later to complete the bloody thing and it didnt raise it. Joy. Either I did something wrong or its a complete waste of time.

Edit: I’m just gonna roll an alt to bypass the mission level restriction for Amarr, run the missions in Minmatar space with the character that has the -5.96 standing and be done with it. Ridiculous.

The SoE epic increases your faction standing with the empire of your choice, at the end you have to choose which empire’s agent to visit next which determines which faction’s standings will be affected.

Guess I missed that part somehow. I just went to the agent that popped up on the screen. Shrug. Thanks though.

It’s not at all obvious what’s happening in-game (but I think the guide kinda of covers this), but at the end of the arc you have a chance to complete a mission for one of four agents, one from each Empire faction. That choice dictates who you get your faction gain with. Completing the arc only gives you +1 with one empire faction, not all four.

Sorry about your luck. I had the same thing happen to me years ago.

Out of curiosity, what is your standing with Caldari State? Thanks to derived standings, if you do a storyline mission for the Caldari State, you’ll get a boost to your Amarr Empire standings. Level 1s won’t help you obviously, but if you have access to level 2 or 3 agents it should go much faster.

Back to your original post, I’d be all in favor of easier ways to repair negative faction standings. I rather like the clone soldier tags mechanic for fixing negative security status, so something like that for faction standings would probably work.