No more Faction Police on certain grids

Hello, I would like to hear your thoughts about turning off Faction Police around these:

  • Upwells
  • Towers
  • Player Owned Customs Office

This would allow bringing alts with bad standings for fighting wars around such structures on high sec.
No changes at stargates, NPC stations, asteroid belts, sites, etc.

Send me all your big brain thoughts about this.

Thank you


You can just improve your sec status with tags. Removing FacPo on these grids would reduce the need for these tags and reduce consequences for your actions. Use the appropriate and already existing tools to amend for your actions.


There is no big brain thought as this request is nothing more than self-interest. This request would benefit nobody but those that are below -5.0. Or in general, just benefit gankers, at least be honest about the request.

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It will benefit more people, not just gankers, gankers are a minority and they mostly don’t fly battleships, but the low seccers do fly battleships and have good logi skills.

But at the same time you are saying that, this means you are against turning off Faction Police there because you are thinking of your own benefit too.

You already started doing the math behind this, dont you? :smile:
This subject wasn’t thinking of you in particular.


Barely no one fixes the sec status for attending a timer on high sec, but this change could bring people.
Market will see no difference, marketwise changes nothing.

Turnning off Faction Police on those war grids increases EVE’s gameplay by a lot.

Well, I would benefit as well as I got -10 chars as well.

I did do the math, but it does not impact me in the way you think.

Alright, thanks for your thoughts anyway.

It’s irrelevant if more people would go to high sec for war. You shot so many ships and capsules, the low sec status is your consequence for these actions. There is a very viable tool available to fix this and it involves people being in un-instanced space to get the necessary items for this. It’s irrelevant if the people with low sec status don’t want to fix their sec status. What matters is that they can do it and that this involves other capsuleers putting themselves at risk in space.

Yeah sure, that’s why 80% gank chars are -10.

He’s not asking for gankers, he’s asking for his low sec podders that want to help in wars or wage wars in high sec and who feel inconvenienced and offended by the fact that FacPo hunts them for their low sec status. Gankers don’t wage wars in high sec with their ganker chars, they have dedicated chars for that.

Fine, his idea is stupid either way. He wants to avoid consequences of his actions for free when there is already a way, it just requires ISKs or/and effort.

The whole faction police is stupid, but I don’t have any better system in mind and even if I had so what - CCP doesn’t read forum anyway and even if they did they won’t bother implementing player ideas plus the gank-haters will downvote and hate speech any suggestion that might make gankers life less annoying because the usual hatred towards that type of gameplay.

Yeah man you know nothing about gankers. But we already knew that.

Safety. has not declared any wars. Code. has not declared wars in 3 years and most of the declared wars in 2019 and earlier were run by chars with noticeably high sec status. Goons the same. What other actual gankers are there?

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OP is taking about STANDINGS not Security Status.

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See my above comment.

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Not much of a difference, to be honest. It’s the same consequences for your actions that should not be that easy to circumvent, especially not on grids with player interaction. You can fix it with tags in data centers.
I wish there were more consequences like these, to be quite frank; especially now that CCP puts more emphasis on NPCs. If you have -10 to an NPC corp or faction, there should be more downsides for your criminal actions.
Naturally, there should also be more ways to fix these penalties, like more tags to farm in space in belts or special agents with difficult missions in unsecure space that push standings a lot. It would open up a lot of opportunities for more and more meaningful interaction with the NPCs and players.

Removing FacPo from grids just because they are inconvenient is not doing that at all.

Yes there is. This is a really stupid take. They are completely different mechanics that affect different aspects of the game, and the way a player arrives at low standings is different from the way they arrive at low security status.

Regardless of your opinions on OP’s ideas (which I don’t care about at all), conflating sec status and faction standings bespeaks to a lack of understanding of game mechanics, and you should endeavor to rectify your ignorance.

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You give the impression away that they are 2 totally different mechanics when they are not at all.
You lose sec status for attacking players (ships and pods). You lose NPC standing for attacking players (pods mostly, ever shot one) (among other reasons).
You gain sec status by shooting NPCs or handing in tags. You gain faction standing by shooting NPCs via missions or handing in tags.

Maybe you should fix your lack of mechanics understanding.

I am reading all, I made the threat because I want to see what is in people’s heads, it’s not so much of a discussion but a census. I am just interested in your thoughts about it.

I don’t care about breaking the lore, F the lore if it’s for a more enjoyning gameplay.

We’re talking about faction standing. Try again.

Yes, it is impressive that people went all “gwur gwankers”, but nobody mentioned those mission runners who broke their standings and now they cant fight a war elsewhere.

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