New tool for high sec criminal hunters

May I suggest high sec bubbles that only affect suspects criminals and -5 downwards sec. status players. That way will be more fun and diversity for people that wanna chase flagged people.


Counter suggestion. How about a bubble that only effects people with -4.9 or higher


May i suggest a Warp Disruptor?


Implementing such a change as is, without changing anything else, would only benefit the faction police and not any players, -5 or otherwise.

Can you please add an explanation about how this would create better/more content for everyone around?

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If ag was not completely useless and failing all day every day, they would not need to make a whine thread and ask for a special snowflake mechanic for them every day.

Think about it!


What’s wrong with an insta-locking ship full of points? You don’t even have to fit guns as the faction police will administer the coup de grâce for you, but you can shoot them if you want for fun. Trying to catch a criminal seems more of a challenge that just bubbling everything and letting the faction police do the work for you when you aren’t even around.

In fact, it’s not very sporting at all it seems to me.


I endorse this suggestion if it was to be placed along side the removal of facpo.


Of course you can make a suggestion. The proper place to do so would be the “Player Features & Ideas” subforum. Although you going for the triple fail by posting this idea in this sub forum is somewhat amusing.


Well lets say that there are corporations that only want to give chase to players from the CODE alliance or goons that on a regular bases gank miners and anything else they can in high sec, now…if they fly a catalyst and they are -10 sec status( most of them are -10 anyway) they can warp quick enough from gate to gate before police can engage them. If my corp sets up gate camps with bubbles, that s not happening anymore.

Catalysts (and Thrashers and bombers and Taloses, etc.) don’t insta-warp. You can catch them with fast locking ships on gates and make them fight you. You don’t need a bubble to do this.

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Bubbles can be worked around. All this would require is people make a few bookmarks about 1000km off a gate. This is easily done on an alt in hi sec.

Warp to the bookmark, see if a bubble stops you from reaching gate. If yes, use a different bookmark. If no, warp to gate. Why waste time implementing something so easily worked around already?

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@shadow-storm not a bad idea, but I disagree with it, I think having suspects as well is a bad idea, also, there are already instalockers in highsec ready to pop criminals, so I personally feel these would just add extra stuff on top of camps, concord, and other people. I don’t think it is necessary.

Its called a auto locking thrasher bud. learn how to use it <3

You do realise that sec status is also affected by actions in lowsec?

There are many people who fly in hisec that are -5 to -10 but have never attracted the wrath of Concord.

You forgot to include the explanation about the part where the faction police will take the fight out of your hands. That is the thing i am talking about. The bubble only aids the faction police, because they spawn directly next to the criminal. The outcome would be relatively the same as it is now: Faction police does the most damage and players simply whore on the killmail.

Do you see why I asked the question re: faction police? I am not saying it would be “unfair” or anything related, I am saying that such a bubble in combination with the faction police does not add any content for actual players.

what i suggested was not only for people that have -10 sec status, it was for suspects as well

Again as i said before what i suggested was not only for criminals or people with -10 sec status but for suspects as well

You can also catch suspects with a fast locking ship with a scam/disruptor. There is no difference in how you catch a suspect or an -10 outlaw (both are legal targets for you) the only difference is that the faction police won’t show up to help you with the suspect, you will have to kill them yourself.

True and you can do that in null sec as well but you still have bubbles, why not in high sec as well?

That may be the case, yet does not change the facts for those who play -5 or lower. Anyway, and no offense or disrespect intended, but this will never happen. Good luck. o7