New Mechanic for high sec criminal hunters

May I suggest high sec bubbles that only affect suspects and criminals? That way will be more fun and diversity for people that wanna dedicate to chasing flagged people.

It’ll never happen, but you can suggest it.

How is sitting on a magical bubble, chasing anything at all?

Sounds more like someone who got ganked wanting some lopsided major helping hand in seeking revenge because they’re unable to kill the type of people that they don’t like.

I doubt very much that this will go anywhere…

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1 wrong 2 possibly

If it was wrong then the thread wouldn’t exist because you’d be too busy having fun catching criminals and suspects. Instead here you are asking for help in a way that would be way over powered and would not make things fun at all…would basically be just handing people kills for little to no effort.


So what you saying is…because i looked at your killboard…that you are bored at the moment and you got nobody to kill in low sec…you here debating something with me that doesn’t even affect you there…so basically you are here just to troll

I go suspect plenty in Highsec, as well as going after the right suspect if I see an opportunity. I think it would be boring if I didn’t have to work for those kills. Also…there is always something to kill in lowsec…you should get out there and try it sometime, its not as scary or as hard as you think.

I have killed enemies more than you did triple your killboard kills…more than you can ever know…thats all i can say

Well that makes your thread even sadder…to have a player as new as me telling you what you’re asking for would take all the effort out of killing suspects in highsec. Also since we are looking up zkillboards…7.7B killed to 8.7B lost is nothing to brag about…just sayin.

I’m sorry but you are not getting the bigger picture here and i haven’t got the energy to explain as i am really tired and been at it all day today…you don’t see the amount of content that would create…

No I see it create a situation where no one wants to go suspect cause some stupid game mechanic will lock them in system. Or things continue as usual and gankers will just dock up after their kill and wait out the timer. Nothing about this looks like it will create content, it will just promote effortless kills by people sitting on a gate doing nothing but pressing F1 on the occasional person who either forgot they were suspect and coming into highsec from lowsec or complete idiots.

The fact that it is your topic and yet you can’t even make it make any sense (hint it won’t make sense cause it isn’t well thought out and not a good idea) doesn’t lend to your idea getting any support here.

I clearly stated that the bubbles will affect security status -5 and down as well…and again…i won’t explain to you the content it would create because i haven’t got the time and energy…maybe tomorrow…or the day after…will see…

I’m not sure bubbles are the best approach here. there was a discussion a while back about the IF/THEN situations with bubbles (Not my Idea) specifically with nullified ships and creating specific bubbles to stop them like having Dictor bubbles stop all non nullified ships and Hictors stop all ships creating a complex codebase that could be problematic and realistically I think there are better fixes than this

I wonder if there are other ways or restrictions like preventing docking in NPC structures with a Suspect / Criminal timers that might make for less docking games and more combat opportunity.

Also cause there’s a certain amount of measuring contest going on here 328.72B to 14.29B All level of combat Experience is a worth while in conversations about new or developing ideas.

Again…all that will do is discourage combat in highsec. As it is now criminals can’t just loiter or they get concord on them and suspects will either dock up or bounce safes. The more restraints on suspects the less people will go suspect as it won’t be worth the trouble. I guess if you’re a highsec carebear this might make you happy, but highsec is already safe enough if you aren’t AFKing. I don’t see how any of this will promote any better game play aside from taking away one of the few risks highsec players even have to look out for.

Edit: also aggression timer already prevents docking for 30sec. The best I could see is mayyyybe make it 1min, but even then its not hard to bounce safes for a min.

The number of possibilities is huge

There is a lot of talk about the balance of safety, I openly Streamed myself Titan ratting last week. with the virtual certainty of my safety I have never had that expectation of safety in high sec. Then there is this argument that focuses on degrading certain play styles as less than by calling them carebears that is pretty shortsighted in a game where your ship and mods had to be built by someone that the argument as stated tries to degrade.

Suspect or criminal behavior should have consequences. there is balance, and I’m not sure we are there yet, (gankers meh been nerf’d to shit at this point) but Suspect hasn’t really been touched since CW2.0 was released. and might be worth looking at to increase opportunity in high sec for content or added consequence for choice balance considering the design of the space itself. Might even push content to areas more suited for combat.

There is a consequence…you are open to attack for everyone around in systems that are usually much more populated than your average lowsec system. There is also security status hits which make highsec travel more difficult after a point or incur expensive tags or many hours ratting to fix.

Its not that I have any issue with any of the noncombat roles in game I appreciate my corp Indy guy just as much as anyone would. What I don’t appreciate is the culture of AFK mining carebears that highsec tends to breed…who then complain cause highsec isn’t 100% safe. Look if you wanna put an orca on grid in highsec and go afk or be stupid with it fine…but don’t expect to be rewarded with risk free gameplay for it.

I’d like to make mining more active… however there is also a misconception of AFK mining. as a miner looks the same if they are active at the keyboard or away cooking a hotpocket and watching netflix. (this being said i cleaned my apartment last night with 3, 10+bill rorqs in a belt mining spod last night) in terms of profit per hour that orca isn’t making very much money at all. its mining sub grade ore in relatively small quantities (high sec mining blows pretty hard) so with that said is it too much to ask for some level of safety to match the risk for reward that balance is what up for discussion, and worth the time to have it.

I also agree null has it easier than highsec too. With all the Intel and such there is almost no risk as you have so demonstrated. I would love to see something to introduce that risk and that need to be in the pilot seat into null. I doubt very much it will happen though as most in null will fight that tooth and nail.

Also with the introduction of moon mining into highsec…its not a bad income since people can mostly risk free sit in a belt on a moon with a fleet of alts and suck it dry in a matter of a few hours. Then they can move to someone else’s moon belt and steal their rocks too. Nothing much anyone is going to do about that. So its not all mining veldspar in highsec anymore like it used to be.