Make low security pilots attackable in HS

Here is an idea.

Instead of highsec being a onesided ganking fest. Make pilots who have low security standings attackable by anyone without being concorded. A -5.0 status as it requires today is ZERO effort to maintain. Make it maybe -1.0.

Then these bad PvP pilots who can only gank has to actually PvP.

It makes no sense that someone with low security status (a pirate) can roam freely in high sec which is supposed to be controlled by the popo. So you roleplaying bullies can’t even justify that.

We all see how bad PIRAT is at defending their structures even when they fly blingy ships (hint: they suck at PvP). So this would be a welcomed change.


Nah. We already have suspect and criminal flags for this.


You can always live in 1.0 space, where it nearly is at that level. Pitch your tent there and nevur leave.


lol no. you already get pointed by faction police in 1.0 if -2

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I support this idea. There is no reason that pirates should be allowed to roam high sec and there sure as H*LL no reason a -10 toon should be able to actively gank in high sec space.


Yes! Delete the Faction Police and let players start doing their job! Players should have a chance to shoot the bad guys, not have the NPCs chase them all away!


Another buthurt carebear ■■■■■■■■ idea.


Nope, because only those that actually PVP will shoot at them and high sec PVE’ers (like me), will just watch the flashy red run from gate to gate, most full time high sec players are busy doing other activities so mostly wouldn’t make a dent, code has structures up, nobody bashes them because they are someone else’s pet.

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they are its called a killright. it has to be open to the public first and if you are good at bounty hunting you can snipe them. most people with this on them fly really fast ships that may instawarp.

Nobody bashes their structures because there is no reason to. They will drop another one and it changes nothing, because they use NPC stations too.

Yeah because we need more people not undocking.

Big brain.

I had from time to time idly wondered if players should take over the role of Concord & Fac police or at least have the option to join them for their “civic duty” for a time. Could be fun.

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To agree with your overall point, there need to be a set of engagement rules for CONCORD not to intervene for example.

+Faction police gets removed.

+Standings gets more involved.

  • If you have 0.0 security standing, but -2.0 faction standing of occupied space, you can be freely attacked by anyone with either Security standing above 9.5 AND Faction standing above 9.0
  • If your Security standing is -8.0 or less, you can be attacked by anyone. If faction standing in occupied system is less than -3.0, you are open to attacks from anyone with Faction standing above 5.0

+CONCORD matter.

  • CONCORD will arbitrarily intervene against the aggressor when there’s less than ±0.09 standing difference between legal and illegal attacks.

+Corporation structures now have the total sum of their members.

  • Player owned stations can be attacked if the total sum of negative standings in either security or occupied faction reach -3.5. Attackers needs a security standing above 9.0 AND the faction standing above 8.0

It’s just some idea I used to play with, but there’s a lot more. This is just a taste of it.



PS: Let’s run a locater on the OP and gank his candy ass.

Yeah, but not for you. That’s the thing. Without CONCORD and the faction police the forums will be filled with tears about how random groups of wannabes can’t manage to beat organized fleets flown by skilled people. D’uh.

Your dream is a nightmare ending in a slaughter. :smiley:


So … Fun ? :slight_smile:

OP, are you one of those people who puts killrights for large quantities of isk on people with -10 sec status after being ganked by them?


I’m in Jita.

I don’t get ganked.

Some years ago CCP placed a cap of +5.00 on a character gaining positive Security status. Older characters still retain a higher amount but if it drops, they will never be able to regain it again.

This link shows the current security standing effects:

I’m not sure where you’re going with that?