Sauce for the Gander

With all the changes CCP have been making lately, Like having to go to low/null to get certain minerals, the ESS and ratters having to ‘defend’ the ISK they earn from ratting, let’s take an example from how the Trigs have done things in Pochven.
If you have a Security clearance below 0, it’s SOS to pass through Concorde space, like it is to pass through gate guns f you have serious negative standings with an Empire, and want to enter their space.
That means for all the folks who want the perks of being a ‘pirate’ they get to be treated like one…
Want to buy some shiny new ship, or really good modules, then you have to trust to be able to find them on the market on .5< space. Can’t find what you are looking for, then feel free to take on all the various NPC rats and hope to get a good loot drop, of course for the -really- good stuff, you’ll have to take on the strongest and most dangerous rats, after all, there should be no reward without risk, no?
Still can’t find the new ship or modules you want, then you can feel free to go and find BPC/BPO and make them yourselves.
Oh, but to be efficient in mining or hauling what you need to build your PVP ship, you’ll have to go about in those vulnerable mining and industrial ships you love to destroy… don’t worry, you should be perfectly safe if you use your d-scan and such, there aren’t going to be any other folks or NPCs out there wanting to turn your ship into debris, right?
Oh, that’s right… you’ll have to spend time and effort to buy and train up skills for things like mining, reprocessing, and trade… what’s the matter, you don’t want to have to take any actual effort to do what it is you like in EVE?

after all, if those kinds of changes rae good for the ‘carebears’, then they should be equally as good for the PVP and Gankers, no?

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This is one of the moments where we all have to remind the carebear that …
… we have friends …
… and we use alts, too.

This part makes me feel sorry for you.


This idea is poorly thought out. Please, do us a favor, think out the concept a bit more, and maybe then we can have a chat about it.

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Seriously though, your post is a mess. I assume you’re trying to say that there should be more consequences for criminal activity, but hell if I know.


His post is an expression of his victim mentality and serves as a way of getting his frustration out of his system.

Read it carefully.


oh, would you care to show -how- it’s poorly thought out, it’s just showing how the equivalents of what is in place already can be applied.

Because, everone knows that Sol can argue on the validity of thoughts, and not just resort to Ad Hom.

so, would you care to show -how- it’s a mess?
or is actually reading something you need help with?

I can, but on you it would be a waste. You’re a passive aggressive manchild and deserve nothing but pity.
You can dismiss it as personal attack all you like. Your post speaks for itself.


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Oh, would you care to point it out?? Where is the bad logic in what I said, just because you -disagree- with it, doesn’t make it Bad…

point proven

That’s the fourth “Oh” … so far!
It would be hilarious if it wasn’t sad seeing a grown ass man write like he’s a helpless kid.

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As Sol stated above, obtaining ship fittings is easily circumvented with alts, and that’s your strongest arguement you’re trying to present. Your idea is in need of a rework, so give it a go and try again.

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so accoring to Sol, if you have a character that does mining, or industry , as an Alt, where you tab over to it to do the stuff, that makes the -player- a whiny loser man-child, and then he turns around and says that he can do the exact same thing he was insulting others for, so soing the math, what does that say? And so your strongest argument to the point that the PVP types should have a taste of their own medicine, is ‘well, you can use alts’… but so far no one has shown any bad logic to the “hey, if it’s good for the miners and the industrialist, and the ratters, then it should be just as good for the PVP/Gankers”… what does that say?

would you care to show how that is ‘writing like a helpless child’… maybe it would be much more mature to resort to Ad Hom and expletives, when there’s no actual contribution one can add?

Yes, you’ll get a bunch of personal attacks from the high-sec “PvP” crowd, because that’s essentially what they do. It’s just part of the mentality of folks who need to find a target group to shower their negative feelings on so they can feel superior.

However, they’re correct to the extent that your OP’s ideas aren’t well-framed. The point seems to be that if security policy in High sec was tighter, PvPers would have to do their own PvE’ing in low sec or null or something, where they would be subjected to the same kinds of attacks that PvE’ers in high sec are.

The “overview” of that seems to be that high sec PvP should have more consequences than it now does.

However as Solecist correctly points out, these notions would not overly limit anyone from using alts/friends/corps to conduct the business they need. It would also just mean that PvPers would need to spend more time PvEing to keep their standings above 0.

It’s better to add new features and mechanics to the game that are interesting, rather than try to nerf everyone else back to the point where nothing at all happens.


It was more a case of how the PVP types say the current nerfs to mining and ratting are ‘buffs and good for the miners and ratters’ and providing an example how a similar effect to them would turn them into rabid crybabies :wink:
after all if they think it’s “okay that PVE should be forced to PVP” then wouldn’t it be equally valid to say it’s “okay that PVP should be forced to PVE”?

I’m not making any particular arguement, I’m providing feedback so you can make your idea better. Please dont interpret that as an attack at you.

fair enough

Your writing is a complete mess. It has sentence fragments, run-on sentences, awkwardly constructed sentences, unclear points, and I’m not even 100% certain that I know what your central argument is. I mean, I have a good guess, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

Opinions are a dime a dozen, and you’re just some rando. Thus, most people aren’t going to put a whole effort into deciphering the meaning of your linguistic shrapnel. If you can’t make it entertaining or concise, at least make it coherent.