Make Concord Nerf Damage % In Highsec

Make Concord nerf 50% damage and 50% rate of fire In highsec if you are not at war or in duel.

Jita being most damgerous system in eve is bonkers and makes no sense, to the point it is impossible to jump in anything worth more than 5b with being blown up during certain times of day, low sec and null sec is much more safe that 0.9 space. Concord should do something about this and nerf Damage and rate of fire of weapons if you are not at war or duel. Can also be based on standing, if you have 5.0 you have 100% and all the way to 0.0 standing you have -50% and down to -100% at -10 standing. This would make people that want to suicide gang grind standing to kill stuff, making is harder to prepare but still very possible to do.

Since there is 0 available counters to gangking in Highsec, it would at least be a bit harder if you fly with negative standing and you arent 5.0 with concord. Why should pirates with -2 to 0.0 standing be able to use their full dps potential next to the police whole day every day … they would be KOS on concord list just like the somalis are at sea IRL

So you don’t want anyone to run missions in high sec?


Guess It’s about PvP now PvE, thats why Duels and war was mentioned …

Then don’t do that. Problem solved. We don’t need mechanics changes to compensate for idiots being unable to refrain from taking overloaded cargo ships into dangerous systems.

Since there is 0 available counters to gangking in Highsec

There are plenty of counters to ganking. Fit more tank, use scouts, and ensure that the value of your ship’s average loot drop is less than the cost to suicide gank it. What you actually mean here is that there is no “counter” that allows you to autopilot an overloaded freighter with zero tank into a major market system and automatically survive. And that is EVE working as intended. Smart and skilled players profit, stupid players lose and go back to WoW.


But if you look at Zkill the kill emty JF’s that are max tank fitted tho. there is no legit counter to that other than not jumping into the system at all, or waiting until they log off. Hardly a counter to the gameplay in higsec? in any other space I am free to fight them but in highsec they are protected from concord while suicide ganking with impunity. Killrights don’t work right, wardec is also broken. Thats Hardly working as intended.

Maybe Corps / characters that suicide in highsec should not be protected by concord? thats sounds fair.

They already are outlaws and free to shoot by anyone

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Freighters that fit for tank are in the vast minority. Maybe 5 out of every 100 freighter kills were tanked. For example, here are the most recent 14 freighter kills in high sec. Not a single damn one of them fit ANY tank, and a few of them even fit expensive faction mods…


Only 2 out of the most recent 42 freighter kills on ZKill even bothered to fit a single tank module. There’s no need for Concord to reduce damage in high sec. If you will simply tank your freighter, it will take the gankers two to three times as many ships to get the job done, which accomplishes the same thing…


How? you mean after they gang and are killed by concord? than dock up and just wait out 15 min timer to undock and gang another ship? and if you open killright to everyone they just undock noobships and get rid of them because they can’t be set to specific hull types?

When your security status is low enough, you are considered an outlaw and can be shot by anyone in highsec. Most gankers are outlaws.

Yes, there are literally zero counters to highsec ganking. :roll_eyes:

There are dozens of things you can do to avoid criminals preying on you in highsec. Starting with not carrying 5B is a slow moving, unescorted loot piñata.

Almost no one dies to criminals in highsec. The ones that do are overwhelmingly carrying too much, not spending even a minimal amount of effort on defence who (max yield/cargo), or are AFK. The monthly economic report shows exactly how little is actually destroyed of the vast trillions of wealth moved around highsec.

The simplest strategy to not get yourself exploded is just not make yourself a profitable target but there are plenty of others. I suggest you spend your time looking them up rather than asking CCP to change the game in your favour. They aren’t going to do it.


Here is one thing I will admit “Concord” needs to do about High Sec ganking…

Make the Sec Status hit a hell of a lot bigger. There are packs of Tornadoes that sit outside stations waiting for Haulers to pop, and they’re only losing like 0.01 Sec Status each time they do. That means a brand new Gank alt can kill about 500 people before they have to retire the toon and make another. It’s kinda ridiculous to wait for someone to kill 500 people before you consider declaring them a threat to society. 499 and under, we just stick them in the corner for 15 minutes, and then pat them on the ass and say “Now get back out there, slugger!”


I think you’re underestimating the sec status hit. Sure it isn’t huge, but it was deliberately put that way so they could make a very distinct gap between knocking over a ship, verses knocking over a pod. I’d check for specifics, but I’m not able to at this time.

The next problem is…what is retiring a toon? Why would you spend all that training time skilling up a Tornado pilot (including the gunnery support skills) just to retire them? That’s what tags are for. And if you’re smashing haulers outside Jita and throwing away battlecruisers each time, yeah you can afford the security status tags so retiring a toon wouldn’t make sense.

The counter is don’t fly solo.

Why are you so special that you think it is ok to fly solo when 10-20 others are working as a team against you?

Make friends or die.


Moral of the story there, you lose 2.5% for a Ship, and 25% for a Pod.
Like maybe 10% loss for a ship, and 25% for a Pod. That way your Ganker’s lifespan is only 10 kills or so.

And as for retiring vs sinking time and money into bailing yourself out with Tags.
Based on current prices, you need…

  • 6mil (1.5m each) in tags to get from -10 to -8
  • 15m (2.5m each) in tags to get from -8 to -5
  • 210m (35m each) in tags to get from -5 to -2
  • 140m (35m each) in tags to get from -2 to 0

Even if you’re only worried about shaving off the most recent dip into -5 that made you a target, that’s 35mil every time you start to dip. And it’s 350mil if you want to reset back to zero.

Compare that to the couple days, and a handful of skillbooks, that it takes to fly a Tornado just well enough to pop a Hauler.

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That’s 350 mil verses the immense profit from popping ignorant haulers and having to spend several days re-training a toon where you aren’t able to shoot and make more profit.

You’re literally throwing money away at that point.

The root of the problem is lazy ass, greedy, oblivious freighter pilots. They transport cargo greatly in excess of the value of their ship, with absolutely no tank, and expect to not be ganked. And you can’t tell them otherwise. We have, myself included, tried to tell them a million ■■■■■■■ times to tank their freighter and don’t overload it. What do they do? Ignore every piece of advice and continue losing TRILLIONS of ISK in freighters every single ■■■■■■■ month…


No, we mean before they fire. A gank squad costs X ISK. For a gank to be profitable the expected loot drop has to be greater than X. Tanking your ship makes X significantly higher without increasing the value of the expected loot drop, making you an unappealing target. The gank squad declines to shoot and saves their ships for a better target.

Recycling alts like this is considered an exploit. If you have proof of it please report it.

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Several days retraining a toon… on an account with 3 slots. Once you get a toon ready to start popping, you make a new toon in the 2nd slot and start them training. When they’re ready, you make a 3rd toon and train them up. Now you’ve got 3 opportunities to Gank until you’re useless. And when the 1st is expired, and you’re moving onto the 2nd, you make a new toon in the 1st slot and train them up.

It’s getting the proof that’s the hassle. There are so many people joining the “sit outside and shoot haulers” bandwagon, that you may not be able to tell which ones are Alts and which ones are different players. And when a new face shows up, you’re still wondering if they’re replacing an old Alt, or just another recruit.

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Again, throwing away money. Why bother retraining anybody when one hauler explosion pays for all the tags to fix your standings? Like I genuinely think you don’t know how the game works. The only benefit to training three gank characters is having them staged in three different spots. Security status doesn’t mean a dang thing to them.