High Sec ganking--Out of Control

This is my humble opinion. I’m sure some will agree and some will not. This topic has nothing to do with bots, so please keep that in mind if you choose to respond. This is concerning pilots that are actively at their keyboard and literally get ganked.

Currently there are no “real” repercussions for so called “criminals” that gank in high sec. Train a few skills, buy a fairly inexpensive ship, enlist 4-5 friends, and you are able to get away with most anything. Players that choose to remain in high sec to avoid the obvious risks of low/null sec systems, have everything to lose. They get blown up, CCP shows up and knocks out the relatively low cost ships that do the damage, and they sit around in their pods waiting out the 15 minute penalty for creating havoc.

So what do we about players that want to stick to high sec, relax, and enjoy playing a game that now costs $19.99 per month (per account). Does CCP just want to rid the game of players that want to relax? Is 15 minutes really a penalty, when damage inflicted could be in the hundreds of millions or billions of isk? Is it okay for gankers to pod pilots in high sec, but others get flagged if they blow up the pods of criminals? This game is all about risk and reward. The reward for the ganker is blowing up ships. The reward for someone that remains in high sec is that they can relax (again, bots are a whole other topic) and play the game. CCP has already limited financial gain (limit on resources) for high sec players and that is 100% understandable. Why should criminals be allowed to dock their pods in high sec at all?

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If you want to relax, you are playing the wrong game.

Have you tried Minecraft?


I really wish people would quit being ignorant and just realize that there are already 100s of forum post relating to ganking. Quit making new threads ffs


This is some



Second one today? Third?

Feature request: if the word “gank” is in the topic, auto-merge with the mega thread.


Have you considered looking for a more quite location in high sec? High is vast and if you put your self in the gankers shoes they would want to go where there is a lot of traffic and low security status so they can find targets quickly, with highest success rates.

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Please don’t. Please just don’t and when you think about it again, please just don’t some more. Please dont


Please no more

Please don’t


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Gank you no more?

What is :heart: ?!

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Another 300 page spread of the same old bs about ganking.

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I know was just adding a funny twist to it to make the thread a tad bit less sad. :stuck_out_tongue:



Premise: “High Sec ganking-Out of Control”

Conclusion: Correct, there are too many free roaming bot-aspirant miners all over hisec, it is literally out of control.


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It’s not different people - it’s the same person on multiple alts.

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No they don’t.

Because the Empires don’t care about your feelings. Hopefully CCP never will either.

If you dont like it, then Gank back.
It isnt that difficult.


This reminds me of a time I watched a movie in a theater, and I saw a mom bring two young kids in with her. Everyone was looking at her kind of funny. Well, that movie had a lot of violence in it, and by the time the sex scene showed up, the mom started loudly complaining “yo man, why are they showing this ■■■■ to my babies?”


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Wait did you start the famous mega thread. Who started the cloaky campers mega thread xD they seem to be very similiar.

I think Destiny’s comment sums up everything perfectly


Someone else started the cloaky campers thread.

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To be fair going out in 10 frigates getting slaughtered in low sex but having a blast is very relaxing, just got to let it all go, you are worrying too much about silly things like death and loss.

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