CCP please fix hi-sec

Things that are broken in hi-sec:

Security Status - Killers and thieves are protected by concord only because they sell concord tags. And they sell these tags because they have isk from ganking. It’s infinite loop. Plus they make huge profit, that’s why there are so many toons in their multibox setups. There are gank groups that do only this. They ganked hundreds and will gank hundrends more, constantly with positive sec status.
What is that security status for then ?

Kill Rights - They keep showing inaccurate and misleading information. Often they are not even there and you find out only when you try to activate them - message that you see: “this kill right is no longer available”. Also when you share kill right it doesn’t appear for a long time. It’s shared, but you can’t use it. And you don’t get any notification that it’s shared with you, however attacker (guy who created kill right) gets mail notification.
I reported kill rights few times as bugged - no response.

Suspect Flagging - You can steal without being flagged as suspect. You just need to transfer loot into fleet hangar or freight container (which is then picked up by freighter). Cargo size of a ship that transfers loot doesn’t matter. Transfer ship gets suspect flag - hauler doesn’t.
Please make thieves suspect as they deserve it, and make them lose security status from stealing.

CCP please… why did you code it that way ? It’s not even logical and it’s clearly biased towards ganking. Plus it’s destructive for the gameplay. Please let us shoot gankers (all toons from gank setup including looters, sensor boosters etc.) without concord intervention by making them perma-suspect.


Why did CCP make Concord invincible and omnipotent?

How is it that people with very negative security status cannot activate cloaking devices in highsec?

How does the faction police find people in a few seconds, even if they are many AU away from the nearest celestial at a safe spot?

How is it logical that people cannot jump through a wormhole after a gank without getting Concorded?

Your post is silly.


Working as intended.

Please close thread.


Not against the gank itself, but y should pay the sec status price, agree on that.

Worked as intended

Same way triglavian scouts find people cloaked

Rules says if you gank, your ship go boom , working as intended.

OP, kill right whole mechanics are garbage, we would be better without it or developing a way to bounty system work without being exploited.

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dont be a target and everthing is fine ! lern how to move and how not to move and you never get ganked ! they are only there cause stupid ppl think they can Autopilot their 678^19248708123764ß^87634976123^50^812736472^92354087 Trillion ISK Ibis over 9675^9123476^96253934^ß´78 different Systems.


Agree on the not being a target part but think op is referring as they have a too easy way to fix sec status

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they dont fix their sec Status cause they dont Need to fix it. and if they fix it then they Need lots of isk to fix it. so ist the only Thing -> dont be a f*** target

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Ganking is an essential component of the production/destruction cycle that makes the game economy work. Look at any of the monthly economic reports and you’ll find empire regions in the top spots for destruction - 7 of the top 10 spots for January. If players didn’t create this destruction, NPC’s would need to.

As others have said, there are ways to mitigate risk - the way you fit and fly your ship, the value of cargo you haul. I prefer slippery to tanky and do my hauling in Blockade Runners. I do a lot of hauling - my year in Eve video tells me I made over 18000 jumps last year, top 2% - but it’s 4 years since I lost a ship (and that was in Nullsec!)


Many gankers don’t need to fix their sec status. Those that have to sit around to snag their targets such as station and gate gankers do, but they do have manage their sec status by using Clone Soldier tags (either paying with ISK to buy off another player on the Regional Market, or they have an alt farming them in low and null sec).

Sec status is working as intended.

It’s very easy to avoid getting ganked.

Finally, HTFU.


There are many things broken in highsec. I’m not sure you examples are among them however.

Security status loss is to impose a cost an consequences on illegal actions on highsec. It does this, quite well. Sure, gankers can outsource some of the grind on others for ISK via tags, but the cost and consequences are there.

Security status loss isn’t there to keep you safe or the criminals away from you. I will listen to arguments that the costs should be higher, but the fact that crime still happens isn’t a problem. In fact, highsec crime is a feature!

The seem to work for me.

Maybe try support instead of filing a bug? Perhaps there is an issue with your understanding of how the system works they can help you with.

This should be fixed. You should not be able to cheese the mechanics as is done.

So, for me that -1, 0 and +1 on your proposals which equals zero? Don’t know what that means to be honest.

I guess it means CCP should do some work on highsec and fix their game. But that won’t be by making you safe from crime, it will be by building better and more interactive criminal mechanics that give reasons to interact in the sandbox.

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I’m in agreement on the system of suspect flagging in regards to theft. Currently the can / wreck itself is the object of the flag generation and not the stolen loot itself. The flagging system should include the container and the goods. The transfer ship stole the goods from the container then the hauler ship accepted said stolen goods and both partook in the criminal activity and both should be flagged.

Ganking is not the problem. Its the underlying flagging system mechanics that are to blame which allow the ganker to then steal the items with absolutely no course of repercussion to the lawful capsuleer beyond ganking the gankers hauler.

Ganking is fine. Fix the flagging system.

Yawn. You sound like a bunch of space lawyers.

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We got satellites out in space
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Space does not belong to one nation
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… Space lawyer… space lawyer…

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So gankers buying security tags are keeping the market for these tags rolling. I’ve never tried to farm tags so I really don’t know what’s involved (I’m pretty sure you farm belt rats in lowsec) but the constant consumption of tags would make them worthwhile to farm - thus more people out in space (which is a good thing). I don’t have data, but I’d also guess that gankers are the primary consumers of these tags.

Concerning the mult-box setups… This is a monster that CCP has created. Multiboxing has always been a thing in Eve Online. It would be difficult to have a fleet of 20-30 actual individuals and keep them entertained enough while valid targets are found. So instead of having to painstakingly rely on others, you have brilliant and skilled individuals such as @Australian_Excellence and @Jason_Kusion (as well as others) making the best of the previous nerfs that CCP has imposed and getting the job done regardless.

Yeah it’s super annoying to have the “this kill right is no longer available” message after you’ve prepared for the fight and gotten in position to make a kill. I’m sure it has something to do with session timers, but I don’t see this as being a high enough priority for CCP to fix… unless they are able to inadvertently fix it because the coding is tangled up with something else they are working on.

I have mixed feelings about this as I’ve abused this mechanic as well as had loot stolen from me in the same way. The thing is that this is easily counter-able.

  • Try to steal loot from the gankers using the same method
  • Use a ship to bump their looter away

I’m not really sure why you’re asking for these nerfs. A lot of these mechanics don’t exclusively favor gankers and I don’t think it’s fair for you to paint it as such. The neat thing is that these mechanics that we often see complaints about are able to be easily utilized by anyone to their benefit. I’m trying hard to not be rude with my posting (turning over a new leaf perhaps) but my suggestion is for you to adapt… just as players have for YEARS after having CCP hack and slash at their gameplay.

There are plenty of things wrong with Highsec, but I don’t think anything on your list is what I would consider a problem. Our lists would look very different :slight_smile:

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Damn straight it is. Welcome to EVE, snowflake. Enjoy your stay.


That would be a first.

Yeah I’m sure if the fiddle with those mechanics nothing bad can happen. Go for it CCP, the carebears demand it.

The idea of the carebears shooting the gankers makes me laugh. Unless CCP disables the gankers’ guns and transports them to Yulai to be executed, I cannot imagine this ever happening.

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