What are we doing here?

In the span of a couple of days I lost more isk in deep Highsec, than I lost in 3 years of Nullsec sov.
2 of which were during wardecks and RMT cloak botting BLOPS hotdrops.

What are we actually doing here CCP?

Its not about the isk, I plex multiple accounts , its undocking a ship with more than 50mil isk in your cargohold in highsec. What are we actually doing here CCP ? Again, I can not stress this enough, taking gates in nullsec is safer than flying in highsec.

I have multiple accounts , doing multiple things. I engage in literally every working and finished gameplay mechanic the game has to offer. Nowhere else in eve do I encounter such absurdity, coming from lowsec smartbomb gatecamps, wormhole pvp, nullsec bubble pvp, exploration pvp, abussal pvp, manufacturing, moon mining …all of it.

You constantly talk about how important new player rentention is and how you are bleeding players left and right.
I’ve been playing this game since 2009 , I’ve done it all, and current highsec is unacceptable. Its beyond toxic.
Don’t expect player retention when this has for the longest time remained neglected.
You literally had to admit the current highsec CONCORD mechanic is so absurdly ancient and broken, it takes 2 ships to competely break a system. Went as far as to call it abuse ?

By the way , the vast majority of highsec terrorism is being done by alts of people playing in the null blocks, but that’s completely fine, because they have all the CSM member majority. Why fix an entire section of the game, when you can add T2 ISK-drain-dreads for those same people to blow in critical mass deathball fleets instead. It takes a couple of hours in null/j-space to make enough isk for a catalyst or ,as you see form the KM up and above, tornado fleets. I’ve had

Don’t get me wrong, I completely undertand most CCP developers working on the game are being held hostage by the same people paying subscriptions. That much is obvious.


This is going to end well…

I don’t think most new players are transporting hundreds of millions or even billions of isk in T1 haulers through high sec trade routes. (where most of the high sec ganking happens)

Seems like a ltp issue to me.


so whats the story here ? you fly cargo fit t1 haulers over filled with loot and you are surprised you died ? . i bet you were on autopilot as well :slight_smile:


Welcome to EVE!


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And still learned nothing… so sad.

I mean, wtf are these killmails? Seriously, thats beyond bad. You deserve every single one of these losses for being too lazy to chose a proper ship, use a proper fit and fly with a plan and open eyes.




Sure… Even tho I constantly kill Newbro Miners/Ratters in LowSec, then they mail me asking why I killed me…

I tell them to get the hell back into HighSec.

It’s doesn’t matter where you go someone is hunting you.

Infact I got one today.

Ended up having a Small cov with him and I directed him to go See Eve Uni


Altho Eve Uni are just as stupid


If you’ve been playing since 2009 then the presence of ganking clearly didn’t put you off as a new player, because you wouldn’t still be here 14 years later.

Given that wealth of experience I’m surprised by your choice of fit, you must have some awareness of ganking and yet all 3 losses you fitted maximum low slot modules each with -23% to structure modifiers, and then topped it off with 3 rigs which reduce the armor, and then made it as attractive as possible by cramming it full of expensive loot.

The second loss in particular you put 2bn of loot in a t1 hauler and didn’t even bother to fill the mid slots with shield extenders.

I see this claim quoted a lot, but do you have information to back it up. Outside of the fairly well known ganker(s) I’m not convinced that there’s a huge numbers of nullseccers all sitting on alts to gank t1 haulers in hisec, and certainly not enough for it to be some kind of organised conspiracy hiding behind the CSM.

I’d imagine that what interest there was in hisec ganking pretty much disapperaed with the nerfing to bumping due to the effec it had on freighter ganking.

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The second loss is actually a loss to war targets.

So the OP is clueless on pretty much all fronts.

We’re talking like the bottom 30th percentile on the human intelligence spectrum, at most.


That definitely doesn’t make it any better :man_facepalming: :rofl:

Also, you weren’t hotdropped, because you can’t light cynos in HS!

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haha what a loser


I said, I’ve been living in nullsec for the last couple of years. 2 of those years, in open war with FRT. and friends.
Faction fitted bunker cyno tengus are real, and they do light cynos.

If I have to faction fit a DST to move some trash through HighSec , then rename it to EggheadSec instead. Looking at the bright comments above, that appears to be closer to the truesec.

Also, as a fyi, slapping some shields on does not stop gankers, a single catalyst does 1k+ dps. There is no shuda-wuda-coulda.

Wardeck kill is part of the issue, wardecks have become a eggheadsec ganker exclusive mechanic. High profile people have pointed out this, and there has been no changes.

There is no conspiracy, CSM members are nullsec players, their job is to push for quality of life for nullsec. Everything else is irrelevant.

The risk vs rewards for eggheadsec terrorists should be > pushing them to low/null/poch/wh space where they can pursue their pvp aspirations. We are also talking about 0.9 systems.

I am actively engaging in the most dangerous playfields of the game, and random alfa-nados 2 jumps from jita appear to be the biggest hurdle. If you think this is acceptable or normal, kindly see yourself out, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

As someone who has been playing since 2009, you have ZERO credibility with this argument. You absolutely should know not to load that much value into a T1 hauler and skip your way across highsec.

You’ve been here since 2009. You fully understand ganking. You fully understand where it happens, why it happens, and how it happens. YET, in your infinite wisdom, you made the conscious decision to do what you’ve done, and are upset at the result.

Highsec is NOT “safe space”. It may be “safer”, but it is not safe. Eve is a sandbox game. Ganking is a form of piracy, and nothing more. Pirates pursue valuable treasure, and anyone cargo scanning those ships was elated at your very unwise decision to load them as you did.

Now you’re here demanding CCP curb ganking because it has personally impacted you. If those lossmails are any indication of how you desire to play the game, nothing CCP can or will do will “fix” the problem. The problem isn’t the mechanics. The problem is you expecting the mechanics to work only in your favor. That isn’t how Eve works. It never has been.

Fly smarter, my friend.


You undocked in a Mammoth fitted with expanded cargoholds, carrying 2b isk, in Jita? Are you serious? How can you even complain? What’s next? Trying to slowboat in a jump freighter though nulsec?


Hey, the guy operates in the most “dangerous playfields” in Eve. Don’t they all fly T1 expanded cargo hold treasure pinatas out there?


Thread Title: What are we doing here?

I’m here :popcorn: watching a guy make a massive embarrassment of himself and double-down in further responses.


Stop trying to steal valor. Your two characters don’t have two dozen kill mails between them. You might “live” in null-sec, but you’re nothing but a renting grindbear whose sole purpose and desire are to farm PvE and watch their wallet grow. You’re not some kind of elite null-sec PvP hardman, and everyone here can see that.


Forgot the first two Killmails they are of zero value.

Look at the 3rd and think about what it was carrying. Sure we see greed though there is something the OP thinks or plans to deliver such message to us and would like to say thank you OP I will take the message you shown here and start buying all of those on the market.

See if anyone else sees that clue.

(Reinforced Carbon Fiber) demand will spike when T2 Caps drop

I’ve got no idea where you think i said anything about T3s, FRT, or faction fitting, they certainly can fit a convert cyno if they’ve got the right subsystem.

What I said was that you weren’t hot dropped because your losses occured in hisec.

I didn’t say you had to faction fit it, but perhaps at least a token effort or a different strategy could have been considered - the first loss you linked was two years ago, and yet you’re continuing to lose ships fitted in exactly the same way.

1k+ seems like something of an exaggeration, although it doesn’t really matter since time wasn’t a factor with the lack of concord response.

If you know you’re at war then maybe don’t undock in paperthin ships in Jita. Since you ‘engage in literally every working and finished gameplay mechanic the game has to offer’ you will no doubt be aware that alliances use neutral freighter alts specifically to counter this risk, and yet clearly didn’t give the slightest thought to it and assumed you were totally safe since you were in your combined learning/probing pod…