I hope you've achieved your goal

If your goal was for three fourths of players to mine and craft and explore and otherwise spend their time to build something and for the other fourth to ensure they’ve wasted their time, then you have succeeded.

I’m done wasting my time to be sport for highsec jerks.

Why not just make all systems nullsec???


Bye bye!



Why are you ranting about high sec when your last 10 deaths have been in null sec?


First, it wasn’t a rant.
Second, like most players I have (rather had) more than one character/account.

So, which ship did you just lose?

we don’t understand anything
stop whining. Either HTFU, or leave eve. Good riddance

Please tell me it was this one…

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That’s the one.

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I take gang attacks like this far too personally to stay.

Then don’t make yourself a valuable target for gankers. Flying around in an Orca, through a known ganker hub, with 7 billion ISK worth of crap in the cargo hold is not smart…



Not smart? You mean since even highsec is completely lawless? As near as I can tell the bullies didn’t even get concorded.

My only hope with this post is that someone from ccp would take note. Not on my behalf but on their own. As long as this behavior is allowed people will continue leave no matter how much they’d like to stay.

Yes, they got Concorded. The reason that doesn’t matter is because while they might have wasted 1 billion ISK worth of ships to kill you, your ship dropped over 5 billion ISK worth of loot. Therefore they profited by 4 billion ISK. Ganking has been a thing for 17 years now and isn’t going to change. Long story short, don’t make yourself a profitable target and you won’t get ganked…

This is one of the ships that ganked you, and as you can see, they lost it to Concord…


Long story short. I take it personally when something I’ve worked on for a long time gets blown up in an area it shouldn’t. You can tell me how stupid I am all you want. I take it personally and for my own mental health I’ve canceled and will walk away.

High sec does not equal “safe”. Never has and never will. You are among one of tens of thousands of players that found this out the hard way…

Just another victim.

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Yep you win.