Capsules & Shuttles in your Space

Yesterday, for 4 hours I disrupted their operations in Fountain, Aridia & Querious. I used my capsule & shuttle to invade their sov space and made sure they needed to smartbomb me to death or use a Sabre to keep me from being epic on Autopilot.

500 x $3,599,970.00 (PLEX) = $1,799,985,000.00 per 30 days = $59,999,500.00 ISK per day that they couldn’t make ratting in the belt because of my infiltration tactics.

My ISK loss: 3,000,000.00
Their ISK loss: 11 guys needed for killing my autopilot capsule/shuttle 60 million = $659,994,500.00 ISK

Your passive free playtime as an alpha is their active paid push butan kill. :grin:

Most Valuable Kills :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Damn nice! Keep up the good work!

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Except according to their intel channe, u were spotted in both a shuttle and a capsule and dismissed as “not important” and ignored. Post on crashheap proves as much.

Please stop posting, your posts are just one piece of garbage after another

is their first mistake. :fist:

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This really doesn’t read like you’ve been ignoring the OP. On the contrary, it looks like you want the OP not to talk about this, because it apparently affects your personal feelings. Next you’ll claim it doesn’t, which makes your first post in this thread look even more questionable, but you’d be trying to save face by spending plenty of words explaining why it doesn’t and likely calling me a troll.

@bullet_bites You’ve found a salt mine! :smiley:


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