So, what if

I spend 40k RL money on the game.

Got myself an army of skill-injected alts and just roamed around steamrolling people everywhere.

Would that be ok ? You guys don’t mind ?


I buy up the entire market and crash it.

Fine with that too ?

Cheers o/


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Well the buy orders for plex will run dry before you can potentially cover 40k USD.

But go ahead and do it, dump 40k worth of plex on the market. At current prices you’re looking at only 8 trillion isk or so.

Which is not that much if you think what the big alliances can field on grid if needed. but instead of pretending… do it.

Let us know how that P2W is going when you get dumpstered like every other credit card warrior.


By steamrolling, I should clarify I wouldn’t just blindly attack anyone, but just go where I could go about and denying people content for as long as possible by just being there in numbers all the time.

I should also clarify, I could also pump 40k per month easily for a good few years, so if big alliances want to burn their entire fleets over time, fair game.

I am questioning your knowledge and ability to play this game based on your response.

But hey go for it.


Are you currently looking for a sugar baby?


I’m not so sure you really grasp the enormity of the EVE market, or how far you’d get with a multibox fleet once people figure out what and where you are.


You do ?

What if I sat in FW plexes with 30 or so alts 24/7 ?

What if I could use said money to bribe people and alliances ingame as well ? hmm ?

With the right motivations, and RL money, one could completely wreck this game to the ground if he/she chooses to.

I’m surprised no one ever even tried.

I would not like it, but that is my RL in a capitalistic society. Money buys power, integrity and “love”.
Since I prefer games that gives everybody the same rules, I don’t like microtransactions.

But if the game allows it and I choose to play nonetheless; I don’t feel I should remark on your playstyle.

The thing that puts my view in a vice are skillpoints. Or experience levels etc. That generates a different startingposition for different players in the same game.
Since a game in a capitalistic enviroment needs to generate money and “character-building” is an awesome way of making that happen, I can’t deal with that without BS-ing myself either. The ability to buy skillpoints might even be a way to deal with that. But it’s more expensive in 1 go than it is during a period of years…

So yes; I’m ok with that



Like I said go ahead. Or are you only capable of hypothetical?

Ah ok… I see your edit. Everything is hypothetical. Cool ignored.


Yep, I don’t mind.


Good luck, please share results! Spend some of that money on a video editor to put together something awesome for the community to watch.


I’m contemplating an idea yes.

Time is money too.

In a game that has no micro-transactions (or even trading, let’s say), the person with more free time will win. And this, by effect, means that the person who’s rich in real life is more likely to win than a person who’s poor in real life, because someone who’s rich is more likely to have additional time to dedicate to the game.

Therein lies the greatest anti-“P2W” fallacy in gaming; that letting players buy stuff, or trade for stuff, with cash amounts to a pay-to-win system, while not supporting the ability to do so doesn’t.

If you truly want “the same rules” for everyone, the only way to achieve that is with a system that gives everyone a set amount of resources periodically and has them compete between each other to acquire more from the players they beat.


I would advise you to try.


I’m ok with that
go get them tiger


Hilmar needs all the money.

You could pay mercs to do whatever you need, you could probably save sales tax and pay them directly in PLEX. To some degree people have tried, that’s why casinos were banned, because the owners of these crazy RMT casinos paid ISK to disrupt an entire nullsec coalition.

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Including login time as in such a system people should be limited to the same amount of time spent each day in game to make it “equal” or whatever. Though then the argument would be some people can’t sign in each day or on weekends or whatever. So then make it an amount of time each week. Though even then I think people would find reasons (may them be legit or imaginary) to complain about. :stuck_out_tongue:

This, although “enormity” probably isn’t the word I’d choose. But it’s quite substantial.

A little napkin-math for $40k.:

40 accounts $200 each on starter packs = 2 mill sp & some Omega/Accels
$32,000 = 1,230,000 Plex (on 20% sale) = 5.6T ISK = 6,300 Injectors = 158 Injectors per char
158 Injectors X 400k SP each = approx. 60 million SP each, so end up with 40 chars @ 65m SP each.
Impact: Approx 2 days worth of trading ISK/Plex, approx 1 week volume injectors.

So, hey, if you think you can run 40 chars at once, or benefit from 65 million SP on them, or want to “rock the market” with a weeks worth of saturation-trading, then go for it. Knock yourself out.

You’ll end up with a small blip-spike on one week’s trading chart, and effectively a small vet-corp you have to do all the work in.

If you start doing it regular, the market will simply adapt and work the trades before and after your spike so you get minimal benefit and the big traders make extra ISK.

I assume your point is something along the lines of “pumping money into the game is imbalanced”, however unless you can come up with something more clever than “hordes of alts” and “distorting the market”, you’re talking small adjustments that people would adapt to quickly.

As a side note, the various EVE poker sites probably had more $$ impact than your 40k, and the best they could do was fund a war or two. Good-sized blips there, for sure, but still a blip in the long run.


40k worth of tristans would get you far, very far, in FW. Imagine your zkillboard !!

it could also be just enough influence with ccp to finally get cowboy hats (no cat ears)

:cowboy_hat_face: :scream_cat:

LMAO only ppl who would benefit is CCP