What would u do with 1 trillion isk?

100B ISK for every corp/alliance dissolution of consequence. Maybe 500B to 2 people in specific oranizations.

Buy a keepstar blueprint, and with the 300bn change more blueprints. Can never have enough blueprints imo.XD

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You send 900bil to James 315 to fund the continued war for a better highsec and 100bil to me for the consultation fee.


Pvp till I’m out of t1 cruisers.


put an astrahus in every system in highsec with free reprocessing and 0-tax market. Take that, pennycutters!


Do something meaningful for this game.
Fund a few projects impacting everyone in some way.

Make sure people speak of EVE ONLINE as the game which creates news every other week.

And Disco. Lots of Disco.

I’d shake things up considerably and I’d pay tons of people to help me doing so,
creating content for thousands, if not tens of thousands in and outside the game.


Hoard it because I want to feel like a winner.


Fun Fact: One (1) Trillion Seconds is More Than Thirty-One Thousand YEARS!!!

RMT immediately.


Double it in Jita.


That’d be 588 Units of “Classic PLEX”,
roughly corresponding to 11.764 US/EU units of money assuming 20 bucks per unit.

Which definitely isn’t going to be what you’d be aiming for,
because that would be a collosal waste of time and kind of ridiculous.

I’m not going to look up current market prices for RMT’d PLEX. I don’t like those guys, they don’t deserve a single view and they should be RMTing in some other game of some bigger company.

My guess is that you’d want to get rid of the money ASAP. I’ll assume a 50% price cut should get you far, because you’d probably want to sell to sellers instead of actual customers.

So that’s roughly 5.8k money units.
They’ll ask for a better rebate because they’ll pay it all at once
and you’ll get rid of it quicker.

You accept, because you just want to get rid of it ASAP.


You accept the 4k.
They get transferred to your bank account,
but I’d rather suggest using cryptocoins just for this.
You don’t want your bank to report that sudden income.

You file a ticket about it (because that’s what you’d do, right? You’d rub it under their nose) telling them you scammed some seller out of 4k and giving them all the names and email addresses you have.


You’ve earned thousands of dollars.
You develop a whole new business model.
You didn’t get banned for RMT.

I’ll take 10%.
Thank you.



BUY SHIPS! and officer fit the ■■■■ out of them.!!!

probably not…i d still buy ships but i would actually fund public PVP fleets and give ships out for free. id develop tactics and strategies for ■■■■■■■ people up.

Make New Eden’s biggest Fedo Refuge. Passion project.


:point_up_2: found Tora’s secret forum alt.


Skill-inject a bit into my alt so it can fly a Hunter-Tengu effectively. Then fit a shiny Black Ops for my main and try dropping on people a couple a couple times.
When the Black Ops dies, get a Dread. When that dies, get a Super, repeat. And finally do a Titan.

I also would bash a POS at some ungodly timezone that has a nice ship in it - with a Titan, hoping the POS isn’t fueled. Then steal the ship.

Get a few couple PLEX and MCT so I can train some alts.

Try living nomadic/roaming with a carrier in wormholes.

Always fit a faction point on my Interceptors.

Sponsor public roams.
Sponsor other content creators.

Maybe get an AT ship, but probably not.

Edit1: Rather fund a group of motivated people and hit on the blue donut, with the offer to stop when they turn against each other.
Edit2: But 1 Trillion might not be enough for that.

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When you get to 1T isk you just become greedy and eventually want to earn more. But, it’s nice to know you can buy almost anything in the game and that game subscription is no longer an issue. Like forever.

So, to answer your question - I doubled it.

Nothing would change for myself, I would still do the things I do right now. Isk isn’t a goal for me, never was. I’d use/spend some more on community stuff like certain initiatives.

I would most likely spread it to new players I see to fund their endeavours and also maybe use some to fund ships that I can loose in PvP. I’m a simple capsuleer.