I now have 32 billion Isk. How should I use this money to play the game?

I now have 32 billion Isk (I know it isn’t a lot). I have 3 characters; one who flies and pews, one who does industry (has 24m sp and pure industry), and one who mines. My entire plan is to spend it on BPOs and research them so that I mine what I need, build what I want and fly my own ships. A self sustainable lifestyle in other words. (I know I will have to research them first, and it would take a long time especially the caps).

I refuse to buy any Skill Injectors as they are expensive,

This is my current idea on how to play the game.

If you had 32 billion Isk how would you play the game?

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i would gift it to the first guy in my thread.

you could have some fun with it, buy something fancy/off meta, inject sp until you can fly a new ship, plex the account/s for another year, invest in to your bussiness and scale it, or if you really cant find something appealing… point one.


Finish my EVE online hit list. Get payback on my enemies. Bribe some officials. Maybe help fund a startup corp.

That’s what I would do if I had that ISK and no, I am not exaggerating you can do all of these things in this game if you know the right people and been around the game. :sweat_smile: :face_with_monocle: :wink:

With that kind of money, I’d heavily specialize myself in the market. Money is both your HP and your damage in market PvP, and having a boatload already is pretty helpful.

I think that 32 billion is good enough to start fighting over certain price points, but that depends entirely on the product and it’s liquidity. Still, I wouldn’t go too crazy just yet, since I imagine there’s plenty of bored sharks out there with 500+ billion, if not multiple trillions of ISK, just waiting for an upstart to make a move. So be careful!

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I’d start ganking miners.


First off… Your current plan is the same as all the other miners have and is the exact reason why products associated with it are prob not even worth mineral values. The path you are on is typical and don’t waste your 32b and figure it out later. Hold it in assets that you can liquidate later when you need it. Or invest it in assets that can be sold with no effort on hypernet. And true… 32b is nothing really

If I had 32 billion ISK, I would invest it wisely in order to make another 168 billion ISK. Then I would post about my 200 billion ISK net worth on the forums at every possible opportunity in a desperate effort to seem relevant and derive validation from a handful of newer players who would think that I am an elite EVE player because they haven’t been around long enough to know any better.


I wouldn’t go crazy with it. I’d buy a few skill injectors and finish training all the relevant skills I’d need to fly t3 destroyer with all the right modules and buy a bunch of them so I could lose them to gain experience. Find a player willing to teach me and pay him for his trouble, hopefully get with a good corporation and contribute isk in return for more teaching and have fun along the way too.

… then I woke up.

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That’s a decent plan, but I’d skip the mining. You can’t compete with the bots so it’s much cheaper to let them do the work and you buy your minerals for next to nothing. Make a research focused character instead. Or a hauler to get the stuff for building from the trade hub to a nice quiet backwater system where you aren’t going to be bothered while doing your industry.

As well, 24 million SP is just getting started for a builder, so that’s where you need to focus your time and energy. A fully trained builder will be triple that 24 M SP. And you’ll need every SP of it to keep your costs down and your building efficient.

Good luck in your career, fellow builder.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Does it look as if the mining situation will change in the future? If it is bots like you say, then probably not. But I heard that the low pay for mining is because so many players quit and came back that they have a large reserve of minerals to off load, which suggest the mining rewards could get back up there.

Are you sure it is botting?

Set up a Fortizar and declare war on anyone who doesn’t hit ‘like’ for my posts.

Well, yes…its interesting how to some people ‘winning Eve’ consists of just having more and more ISK. Which is sort of futile as its not as if people fly around with a ’ I’ve got 32bn ISK’ tag above them or there’s any ISK equivalent of killboard where you can see this month’s richest people. Other than bragging on the forum…nobody has any idea what ISK anyone has, and most don’t care.

I’d see 32bn ISK in terms of ships and power and influence and ultimately pew pew. If that 32bn does not contribute to carnage then it is wasted. I’m never gonna take over the universe with 32bn ISK…but I can have a damned good go at it. And fun in the process.

32b is about enough to setup a freighter ganking fleet with some spare taloses in hangar.

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Like always. Buy PLEX on market, get it all into game time to not be woried about payments for few years. Make some more ISK in PvE, then I would lose some more ships in fleets in PvP, as mining and production is too boring for me.

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You could buy your way into a stable rentingcorp and use their BPO’s for production while you research your own.
I used a seperate character to do the research in H-sec while burning ISK/stuff elsewhere.

And stick to your plan unless you really want a new one. It’s easy to get distracted by new doors and such. A lot of my BPO’s are researched, but some are as new as the day I bought them more than a decade ago.

Subsidize the ganking of retrievers.

Buy every exotic dancer you can find and then load them in to a hauler and fly around noob systems so you can donate them to people

I’ve created an investment firm here in EVE. You can consider this as a bank in some form or fashion. My team would love to speak with you and talk about what your future can hold with one large contribution to my firm. I have turned rag tag ruffians across new Eden into the richest, gluttonous king pens the worlds have ever seen.

I just require an initial 15 billion upfront for talks to begin.

No way is this affiliated with local in Jita.

Just messing. Congrats on your milestone. Just avoid the hypernet.

You can send it to me and i will verify that it is 100% official, legitimate ISK and not the counterfeit stuff you see about.

I think the real issue is not how much ISK one has, but how readily replaceable it is. There’s obviously a big difference between acquiring 32bn ISK over a month…and acquiring it over maybe 10 years. So to me the real issue is the rate of ISK acquisition. To have 32bn a month is the sort of rate where one could run a good sized corporation and have some real impact.