I now have 32 billion Isk. How should I use this money to play the game?

Buy 32Bil worth of PLEX and sit on it until I can sell it at a substantial profit then do it all over again.

Sometimes I get low on ISK, but Goons always give me more.

buy yourself 10b worth of fitted frigates, get out into Faction Warfare space and shoot someone in the face!
once you’ve burned through all those Frigates, you will have learned some valuable lessons and figured out what kinds of ships you like to fly.
buy a bunch of those with some of your remaining ISK and go shoot more people in the face.

Hold an online party and invite 32 people at random, if or when they show up, give them 1 billion ISK each and make roughly 30 new temporary virtual friends. Be sure you add them to your contacts list, so you can remind them from now until the crack of doom, how you just gave them 1 billion ISK. Who knows, maybe some of them will give you 2 billion ISK back just to shut you up about it?

I already read a story years ago abount a bank CEO that ran off, into the sunset with the money. But your on to something. Maybe CCP could put banking into the game as a real and viable money storage like in real life.

The politics of Eve…who is on who’s side…make The West Wing look positively naive and innocent.

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We don’t need money storage in EVE. No other player but yourself can touch any of your isk or PLEX.
And if it’s about interest, I doubt any EVE bank can make it lucrative enough to make sense putting isk anywhere but where it’s already held.
And there’s also a huge issue with trust.

If CPP made a mini game where banks generate interest and the owner of the banks have options on how to use some money, and CPP designed the bank feature to be trustworthy, it might work.

That’s three big ifs.
CCP doesn’t intervene in thefts and ripoffs. Pretty much anything goes.
That is not conductive to an environment of trust. Without trust there can be no banking scheme.

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Pretty soon that’ll be like 2 months worth of game time.

I offer 5-10% monthly returns.

Miners really like discounts!

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That would be the EVE Galactic Bank Ponzi Scheme of 2009.

Loan denied :smiley:

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Considering 32 billion is the best you have made, I wouldn’t really waste it on anything. I would continue to trade for the most part - and buy some BPC’s (no one will sell you a good BPO for chump change).

Once you go from 32 billion to, lets say, 1 trillion - you can use that for collateral for a BPO you can research. Once you have done that and returned said BPO you should be able to get some real ISK like 5 trillion.

Rince and repeat. Eventually you will have enough ISK to borrow a GOOD BPO and make some serious ISK. Naturally those BPO’s will be worth WAY less than the ISK you pay to borrow it, BUT, the reward is greater.

Most normal players already have a few trillion and probably all of them have a pretty good BPO. Anyone who joined EVE after 2009 probably has nothing to offer you so don’t waste your time with them.

You can also ask around most 0.0 corps and get a few hundred billion loan if you have the collateral and then you can get a lot more good BPC’s or even one or two good BPO’s to work on.

Best of luck to you!


Save one half, risk the other one.
Buy a character and try something new.
Skill 10 Alphas, plex the one time, max profit, redo :smiley:

IIRC to build everything that is possible (including invention) in the most effective way you need 150M SP

CCP made it so you can’t do that. Some minerals only spawn in WS or pochven, now I heard there are mining sites in HS that are very limited but spawn non-HS ore, just not sure how it can work for you.

it is actually possible to move around in eve, you are not “locked” into a region

I’m sure he will be very happy to move all his BP into NS just because he needs morphite.

or find a Hs-NS wormhole and mine the Merc, bring it to the BP’s