Came back to eve with a ton of cash but 0 assets looking for inspriation


So I just came back to the game after a few year hiatus. I pooled my toons isk and have about 250 billion liquid capital just sitting there.

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to dip my feet back into eve and hopefully spend some of this isk towards building something I can enjoy for a while. I’m looking for inspiration.

If you came back to eve with nothing but your character and 250 billion isk what would you do and how would you spend it?

Plex for the next 10 years, then work my way up to riches again from a Corvette.


Get in an good alliance, make yourself a name and have fun with some capital

Welcome back to Eve, with 250 bill ISK you’ll have no problem getting your character skilled up quickly.

What to do afterwards is a good question which greatly depends on what type of career choice you want to pursue.

Maybe form a small corp, anchor a structure and homestead a small w-hole?

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Control price of an item. With 250b you can quite monopolize an 1-2-3 items market and control their price. That’s one of my dreams.

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You can gift me a few billion, I’m still trying to break 60B :frowning:

Give me 250b and i’ll give you 500b back.

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250 bill, I could get blown up in many nice spaceships!!
After it’s done, I would probably log off and go play Tetris Online.

nope. reported for begging.

Nobody can tell what you might enjoy. Look at the things to do in eve chart and pick something new to you that appeals.

Earmark 40bil for buying skill injectors to skill up what you’ve looked up you’ll need skillwise for the new activity you’ve chosen. Make a plan regarding what skills you’ll need. Only buy skill injectors in batches of five at a time.

Plex your account for six months.

Buy the plex needed to plex your account for another six months, but just sit on them for now.

Buy 100bil of plex and hang on to them.

Give character Xuxe Xu 10bil for giving you such good ideas.

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I would spend most of it on pvp ships as that’s what I have the most fun with. Maybe I would start FCing public fleets and hand out t1 hulls for everyone to begin with and upgrade when I get more experienced.
I also would invest in a small selection of ships that can run all kinds of DED-Sites to have another backup if money should run out some day.
And I would invest a bit in items that are likely to increase in prices over time.

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Personally I would use a cash reserve like that to say “Fine, I am free of the need to grind or otherwise fund my account for at least a few months, time to check a few things out”.

Depending on the skills you have already accumulated, you might go Alpha for a couple months, or Omega up and start working on some skills for the following:

I would get a good sized hauler, stick enough ships/supplies in it to carry about 10-20 smaller ships, then:

  • Take 20 ships over to Faction Warfare and just go a bit crazy, see what I can shake loose.
  • Fit out 10-20 decent exploration ships, fly them to a good jumpoff point, try some exploration
  • Fit out 10 decent WH anomaly combat site ships, try a bit of WH delving
  • Fit out 10-20 fun but cheap solo PvP ships, fly them somewhere close to low sec and try a bit of lone wolf hunting

That entire process shouldn’t cost you more than 10-50 billion. Maybe less if you stuck to cheap/disposable builds. Probably take you about six weeks and should cover most of the active/interesting areas of the game, as well as give you a feel for what direction you might want to head in next.

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If I had a toon with that much I’d livestream myself biomassing with an emphasis on the wallet number. CCP has ruined a once great game with lies, political correctness and P2W… all in addition to their decade of unquestionable corruption with a specific faction that still continues.

Yeah thats part of what I’ve been struggling with. I have ideas but in eve you should start small before you go big and with the pockets I currently have Im trying to reign myself in.

I thought about finding a system with a crap ton of moons in high sec and setting up a TON of moon mining. Set 1 to the max settings which I think is a month or two out and then set the rest to 1 week reduced from that till I get a 1 week or so delay. Then just mine that hell out of that every weekend till I get my system set to a 1 week cycle of max ore output.

But thats like an absolutely insane investment for an idea that may be completely insane.

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Yeah I definitely dont really have time to run my own corp. Id like to find a group thats fun but doesnt revolve around shooting stationary structures all weekend.

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I like this idea and have dabbled in trading a little but not sure I know enough to not lose my shirt on this.

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I’ve actually never seen that link before. Holy crap thats awesome thanks!

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This is a damn good idea!

Ive always wanted to FC but have so little experience I was always too nervous to risk others ship. Guess if Im paying the bill I can fly us all into the sun if I want.

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Oh yeah if I stuck with T1 destroyers and cheap fits this would easily be under 10 bill. I need to find a good place to update my PVP knowledge. Fits and stuff back in the day I went to a website that had voting which name I cant remember but seems to be long gone. BATTLECLINIC! That was the name! Seems like it shut down like 4+ years ago.

Zkillboard is nice but never really know if the ship fit Im looking at is nice or garbo. Guess I have the funds now to try them out and see what happens.

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Yeah think Ill keep the money and play the game.
I seriously doubt a political statement like that would mean much.

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