Came back to eve with a ton of cash but 0 assets looking for inspriation

Give it all to a ISK doubler.

Help new players with it.

Make a newb friendly corp and teach them the ropes, pay for their ships to learn the game with.

Or, just hold on to it like 99.9% of the Everich populace does, and burn through it selfishly, despite the good it could potentially do to help out and retain players.


PS: And you could make yourself even more useful by simply RMTing all that isk into RL moneys and donate it all to a charity or local homeless shelter, or buy your gf or mum a nice present, or generally save it for more important RL stuff.

I would invest in New Order of Highsec shares and watch my money kill carebears at a 100:1 ISK loss ratio of ganked to gankers. :smiley:

I don’t have a lot of PvP links, but at least for Faction Warfare there is a fairly good summary here:

Just follow the Google Docs link near the top. Parts might be outdated by now but I think most of it is still pretty current.

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