Just resubbed and a quick question

i just resubbed my two characters and i normally plex the third.

As the third character is finished as far as i need it i just extract the skill points and sell them for plex.


Can someone check my calculations

The skill extractors are 375 million and the large skill injectors are 713 million each.

Does this mean that i have to find another 400 million isk per month to cover the shortfall.

Thanks for the help.

Yes, you have. Unless Injector prices recover again to their 750/780M range where they where before CCP started to throw away PLEX like candy at a carnival.

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I am using a couple of accounts for skill extraction - these accounts are fully trained industrial characters with income from PI, manufacturing and research - income from the injectors is a bonus - pure profit.

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Thanks for the info. The third character is a nullsec ratter not an SP farm so i can make up the shortfall.

I doubt you will hunt the cheapiest extractors all over the place. If you buy - extract - sell in Jita, with all taxes and fees you will make about 1100 - 1150 milions per month. If you are good. PLEX is now over 3,4 milions in Jita sell price (you will lose a lot on fees and taxes if you place buy order so unless your char has awesome trade skills I would ignore buy prices). You need well over 1,7 bilion to PLEX your account. From that point of view you will still need about 500-600 milions just to keep your char in omega state, with 0 additional income.

Assuming you’re using +5 implants, have remapped your attributes to 32 and 26 for a primary and secondary attribute and are training a skill, which benefits from the remapping will you get 45 SP per minute:

32 + 0.5 * 26 = 45 SP/min

This will produce close to 2m SP per month:

45 * 60 * 24 * 30 = 1,944,000 SP

At the current price for a Large Skill Injector (713m ISKs) and the highest amount of SP available for an injection (500,000 SP) does the amount of SP equal around 2.8b ISKs:

1,944,000 / 500,000 * 713,000,000 = 2,772,144,000 ISKs

On the other side of your bill do you have the cost for a PLEX (3.34m ISKs) and the cost for the skill extractors. So do 30 days of Omega game time (500 PLEX) cost around 1.7b ISKs:

3,340,000 * 500 = 1,670,000,000 ISKs

The cost for the Skill Extractors (375m ISKs) to extract a month of skillpoints costs around 1.5b ISKs:

1,944,000 / 500,000 * 375,000,000 = 1,458,000,000 ISKs

In total do you need to spend around 3.1b ISKs to make 2.8b ISKs:

2,772,144,000 - 3,128,000,000 = -355,856,000 ISKs

The difference will likely find an explanation in the different cost for a month of Omega time and a stack of PLEX at the CCP store. A year of game time costs £89.99 and is equivalent in time to 6000 PLEX, while a stack of 2860 PLEX costs £84.99, which makes PLEX about twice as expensive:

(6000 / 89.99) / (2860 / 84.99) = 1.981339

A player, who farms ISKs by buying Omega game time directly from CCP and doesn’t first buy PLEX, will get a better deal. So would £100 be worth 11.2b ISKs when bought through PLEX and be worth 17.5b ISKs when bought through Omega game time:

100.00 / 84.99 * 2,860 * 3,340,000 = 11,239,439,934.11 ISKs


100.00 / 89.99 * 518,400 * 45 / 500,000 * (713,000,000 - 375,000,000) = 17,523,867,096.34 ISKs

(518,400 is the number of minutes in a year - or more precisely 12 months of 30 days each.)

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Plex costs around 1.7b/mo. One skillqueue pulling 3.88 injectors/mo yields 1.4b/mo for 4 months and 1.05b/mon for the fifth month.

The cost of an additional skillqueue per slot is 1.24b/mo, so a farm account costs
2 x Mptc + Plex = 4.18b/mo
NI from Injectors is
3 x 1.4/mo = 4.2b/mo and 3.15b enery fifth.

735 per injector and 385 per extractor.

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I hadn’t noticed it.

I was surprised to see these cost noticeably less than what these are actually worth in PLEX after you’ve mentioned it. So does an extra skill queue per account cost 485 PLEX, which only makes it 3% less than the 500 PLEX for a new account. This should put the Multiple Pilot Training Certificates at a cost of about 1.62b ISKs per month, but these currently sell for as little as 1.23b ISKs.

Seems they simply didn’t climb in price as much as PLEX did and are now being sold under value.

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