Skill extraction is a crime?

why hello everyone, well i decided to create another account (steam) and raise some random skills, then buy a extraction skill and sell it to my main account for like 10 ISK by contract, is this legal? i dont wanna be targeted or get ban

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Why bother selling it to your main for 10 ISK? Just contract it over for 0 isk like everyone else does. CCP doesn’t care about transferring stuff between your alts.


Thanks for a fast reply, but is not an alt, is another account, thats what worries me

Keep in mind, you can only extract skills once you pass 5 million SP

One other thing to keep in mind is price of skill generation, here is a table you can use: Skill income

Problem is that you have to pay 2nd account + the cost of the skill extractor, so if you using ingame money to buy plex, you only break even with second account if you plex it for 2 years, everything else and you are loosing ISK.

If you use real money to pay for your 2nd account, then you are still generating 3.89 injectors per month after hitting 5 million SP, which will cost you about 1.7B of ISK on extractors per month + $ value you payed.

If you instead buy plex for real money, you are prolly looking to buy around 500 plex for 25 dollars, which you could sell ingame for about 2.4-2.5B and buy 3 injectors directly, and considering you didn’t had to spend 1.7B on extractors as well, that is 2 more injectors.

So you have a choice of:

  • 25 dollars for 3 injectors
  • 25 dollars for 3 injectors + buy 2 injectors instead of extractors for 1.7B for a total of 5 injectors
  • XX dollars for Omega on your second account + 1.7B to buy 3.89 injectors per month to get 3.89 injectors

Also one thing to keep in mind, depending how much SP your main has, you start seeing diminishing returns on large skill injectors SP provided.

Starting a farm for your own needs isn’t really profitable unless you do it long term with good prior planning.

But transferring stuff from your alts to your alts or from your multiple accounts to any of your other accounts is fine. You can have as many alts and or accounts as you please, unfortunately :slight_smile:


It’s still an alt. Even if CCP decides to investigate they’ll see that the person logging in on that account is the same as the person logging in to your main.

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Now everything makes sense, it wasnt that easy as i drew on my mind, yeah i better buy plex and sell it for injectors, thats gonna be faster and profitable than buying omega for a second account, good answer, thanks a lot Sentenced 1989

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Yes you can do it.

Is it wise to do it? No. For the reasons stated above by those awesome people. :point_up_2:

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Wait are you stating just the few above are awesome based on merit or based on who they represent in New Eden?

One of them is a Horde and we know Pandemic Horde will never be awesome!


Clearly not as I don’t see their corps via the forum website. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They do like popping Frostpackers.

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Look at their Active Wars currently then get back to us

This post gives me much hope for the future of all newbros o7

Asking the good questions and good responses follow.