Skill Injector Prices

(Negu Panala) #1

With prices sitting at 775M at present does anyone envisage this increasing? I would imagine there’s additional demand in the run up to the Alliance tournament and SP will always be in demand but I can’t imagine these current increases being sustainable.

What do you guys think?

(Krysenth) #2

Might go up closer to the Refinery update when people start stockpiling what they need to immediately get the skills up and running for reaction industry.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #3

It’s driven right now by demand for additional capital PVE pilots (carrier ratting, Rorqual mining, supercarrier ratting).

If those activities are nerfed, expect injectors and hence PLEX to fall hard. Unless/until that happens, it’s up higher and higher.

(Do Little) #4

PLEX are up to 3.15 million making the cost of subscription 1.575 billion.

Extractors are 350 million x 3.8 = 1.333 billion (on the in game market or the NES 112 PLEX)

Injectors are 760 million x 3.8 = 2.888 billion

Loss of .088 billion per month plus any brokerage and taxes.

This does not appear to be a winning business model for farmers - I expect we’ll see the price go higher!

(Sabriz Adoudel) #5

There is no reason that SP farming should remain profitable.

More players are starting to realise they can play almost free by extracting all SP they train over a month.

(JC Mieyli) #6

the value of extractors are reflected in the value of plex
if plex goes up so will extractors

[quote=“Sabriz_Adoudel, post:5, topic:10077”]
There is no reason that SP farming should remain profitable.
[/quote]theres still demand for sp
and almost free indicates a loss rather than a profit

(Do Little) #7

If farming is not profitable, I expect most will shut down and wait while stockpiles are depleted and demand pushes the price back into the range where the activity is profitable. If the farms are unsubscribed for a few months, it should ease the pressure on PLEX.

People like me, where most of my characters are fully trained industrialists can extract skillpoints from those accounts - it’s bonus ISK, they are already profitable, but this is a trickle compared to people who are running farms as a business.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #8

SP farming is still profitable, can make ~460m/account/month buying multiple pilot training certificates. For pretty much all of last month you could buy them for 412 plex, instead of the usual 485 plex. Also there was a sale on some other site that gave you some plex and a MPTC. There are a ton of cheap MPTC on the market right now.

And even if MPTC were 1.5bil (aka 485 plex worth, or what it usually costs) SP farming would be slightly profitable at current prices. Although probably in the not worth the effort range. More in the range of break even or take a slight loss, with one character to keep access to the 3 characters on the account.

as the MPTC stockpile gets worked through I expect the injector price to go up a bit more. 775mil would put monthly profit around 300mil

and yea I have some 5-10m sp industry characters that I could MPTC and extract with. And if the model stays like this I could always inject/train more. Could also use low SP scout alts, trade alts, cyno alts.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #9

A small profit for someone with economies of scale is often a small loss to someone less knowledgeable about the market.

A large scale SP farmer will get their PLEX and extractors off buy orders placed at minimal broker fees and sell their injectors at minimal broker fees. They will also use +5 implants.

A small time dabbler in the market (e.g. someone’s 5th ganking account that’s selling off their earned SP for the month) will usually sell injectors to buy orders and get extractors from sell orders.

Most of the CODE. people I know that do this pay about 100m a month per account to play.