Ever increasing Plex / Skill Injector Prices

I don’t claim to speak for everyone, and I might not share the same opinions as everyone. Let that be the disclaimer before someone rolls in here nerd raging on me.

Skill injector prices just hit 850 million + and plex prices for 500 is at 1.66 billion isk. Before plex changes Skill injectors were at 650 million and plex was already on the rise at 1.2 billion isk.

These unmanaged prices by CCP is causing me not to want to play this game, or at least not want to play it as hard. It was one thing to work for 1.2 billion a month, it’s another trying to get an addition 20-30% more isk then previously needed.

I know to the rich 1.2 billion is nothing, but to many of us, it’s an entire months earnings especially if we’re only playing a few hours a day.

I just want to express my frustration that nothing is being done to reduce the prices on these items. It used to make eve cool that you could work in game and pay for your monthly subscription, no doubt the number of people using plex has dropped dramatically as it’s out of the price range of many people myself included.

CCP will often times introduce more items in the game in order to deflate a price, or reduce items from the game to inflate a price.

CCP needs to either secretly put in hundreds of thousands of plex, and hundreds of injectors, or overtly put on a massive sale 50%+ off on plex for a period of time to drop these prices down.

This current trajectory we’re looking at plex prices of 2.5 billion is by next summer and that means injectors will be at 1.2 billion. It’s not sustainable and it’s quite insane honestly.


While I share your pain and frustration, and am myself seriously considering mothballing EVE as my gaming fix, unfortunately seeding PLEX into the market in order to deflate prices is, in my opinion, not likely to accomplish anything: with so much capital at the disposal of the whales and PLEXpeculators, any low-priced units would simply get snapped up immediately and then flipped back onto the market at the current sell-order price. So long as PLEX, once bought in-game (via market, contract, or direct trade) can be traded again, this sort of thing will keep happening at this point.

Incidentally, there’s considerable discussion on this subject in two other threads here in General Discussion, which you may want to take a look at (well, one of them is worth a look, the other less so…)

My condolences and commiserations…

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Let me cite myself back from when SP extractors where revealed:

You completely ignore where the SP will be coming from in the long term. There will be a lot of specialized toons who don’t need more training and will be PLEXed now because they can sell off the SP and buy another PLEX with the money.

I certainly will do this and I am sure a lot of other people will do this as well. Unsub all the specialized accounts and PLEX them with the ISK I get for the SP that get accumulated over the month. So this will drive PLEX prices up, A LOT since more people will use PLEX. I will create even more accounts and finance them >this way if the injector pays the bill for the PLEX + extractor.

Since PLEX and the SP you sell are somewhat coupled there will not be a big problem for people who get their ISK this way. However if you want to actually train and still PLEX your char you will probably have to > farm a lot more of that ISK to get one.

The reaction of the community and CCP to this critic was “you just hate change”.


Takes me about an hour to make $15 to sub my account. Time well spent.

This post has encouraged me to go toss some PLEX on the market and get some more silks.


While that’s great for those who live where this is the case, it is not a global reality. For example, where I live, on average that sum will take about a DAY to earn - which equates to almost 5% of a month’s salary. While it may still not sound like all that much to those living in first-world countries, with lots of disposable income and low prices on tech and what-not, when one’s rent or bond is accounting for anywhere up to half (or sometimes even more) of one’s salary, then one’s car expenses (or other transportation, which is abysmally poor in any case) soak up most of the rest, leaving peanuts for food, utilities, and other basic necessities - that 5% of salary suddenly becomes rather significant.


But can spend “hours” making isk.


I’ve actually took the last 30 minutes to read some of the other threads, and they are quite civil. Sounds like a lot of people are getting the jist that this is not sustainable.

I’ve sadly put up 15 days worth of skills and uninstalled the game. My hope is by this winter when I come back because there is nothing to do in the winter. The game will be fixed.

My guess is that In 4 months Injector prices will be 950-1b and plex will be at 1.8-1.9b. If that’s the case and not showing a significant reversal, then I will just have to move on.

It’s too bad I have 10 years invested into eve, it feels like I’m being torn away from something I love. and It’s not as simple as “Just pay the 15 bucks” It’s more about where the economy is headed and how it’s ultimately going to kill this game in less then 3 years.

The carrier fix, should of just been a nerf on how fast the sites spawn, how many of them spawn and the bounties should be reduced. “Ratting” needs to go away. The only true ratting that should take place is missions, ded sites, and unique sites like mordus legion.

I don’t care if that kills their income I really don’t. Plex should be at 800m and injectors should be at 500m, this isn’t a joke. If these the 500/800m can’t be reached, the game will fail.

Remove “Revamp” ratting in sov space.

  1. Sites only spawn once ever hour
  2. Reduction in npc bounties by 25%
  3. Increase chance of getting escalation to ded sites.

Nothing needs to be changed about sites in High sec or low sec. Just sov space.

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the same as someone said

  • I like making Planetary interactions, now go to suspend 10 accounts because now is more difficlult with three chars , including 0 tax as an owner of 68 pocos in the region
  • In my country 15 USD is too in the range of 1 - 2 day of salary. I can pay with money my 17 accounts but is not good idea
  • If can , limit your money subscribed accounts. i go to downsize to seven because i like minining in seven toon squad.

Suggestion: stay alert when the prices between (injector - extractor) * 4 are similar to 500 plex. Today morning the diff was 50m isk, i sell some injectors that were ready , purchse extractors with that isk (cheaper than plex in New eden store), and then extract, sell all the injectors and purchase all the money in Extractors. My trader finish with 38 extractors ready to be filled and selling when the situation repeat.

Unless things somehow change in a hurry, I reckon it will get to that point a lot sooner than that, even. In fact, in Dodixie the PLEX price is already fluctuating around the 1.9 to 2.0 B per month mark. The price graphs are showing steepening curves - the price increase is accelerating.

Ouch! At least, my “attachment” is still under a year in the making - but this is a game that suits my temperament and my analytical nature, so it could have kept my attention for years.

Hmmm, a very good point, methinks. So beyond questions of affordability, beyond even questions of principle, there’s the simple prospect of the quality of the game experience as a whole being degraded to such a point that it is no longer worth those fifteen bucks, plain and simple… (hell, the concurrent user graphs over the past year tell a very discouraging tale indeed…)


So instead of lowering the income of people who can, if they have to, sell their ship and use the money to run incursions instead, a change should’ve been made to lower the income of people who only just got their first VNI? :thinking:

I’ll buy all your POCO’s :money_with_wings:

Sov space is basically an afk ratting zone, which is why so much isk comes in through Sov Space. If they didn’t make sites re-appear with in 5 minutes and moved it up to an hour, and decreased the rat bounties, it would make sov space much more competitive, people would be roaming their sov in order to rat versus staying in one spot, it also allows people to focus on ganking ratters because they can see how many signatures are left in the systems and do some scouting.

Right now sov space = afk money, with virtually zero risk. When I was in coms and I heard the alliance I was with had 18 trillion isk in reserves, I about pissed myself. No wonder we have such a crisis with plex and injectors. Too much isk is coming into the game due to Sov.

Highsec knows that if you make 2-4 billion a month you’re doing damn well, with ratters in sov space if you’re not making 500m a day you’re lazy.

They need to just drop the rats bounties significantly. Sov space doesn’t have to be about ratting, it needs to be more about other things then afk ratting.

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I may be wrong, but I think the AFK ratters are actually easier targets. I mean, if you’re not at the keyboard, it’s a bit difficult to warp out. What you’re suggesting would ruin null ratting for everyone.

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Well. You probably never lived here. If you go AFK where I live, you will probably die fast.
I know an Alliance, that does that AFK-thing. And they loose LOTS of ships. Not every Sov is like Delve.
And 500 Mio? LOL. 150 was my peak till now. On this day was no roaming there. With a battleship, because not everyone can fly a carrier. Nor do I want a thing like that. Navyvex are also not that fast through a site. And I know some carrierratters. They don´t go AFK too…

Also. CCP did something like that already. Did not end that well…

I can tell you that I’ve ran several hundred drone sites afk in my ishtar over the years, and I’ve literally never been popped once. The pocket we were in was so deep in drone space it didn’t make sense for roams to go there when other targets were easier to get to. Places like the drone lands, and delve are great examples of just isk faucets. I was making 200m+ a day just on the sites, not to mention selling or running the escalations, average day for most of us is 400-500 million a day. Some of the super carrier pilots are blasting straight through 600-700m a day easily, they aren’t afk of course like the ishtars and vni’s are.

There is TOO much isk in the ratting in sov space, which CCP knew about and tried to correct by destroying carriers which was met with much backlash that they had to revise it.

Revoking the nearly instant respawn on sites, and lowering the bounties on rats by 25% or more would do wonders to start, just start the healing of the ridiculous amount of isk in eve.

I understand the difference between High sec, low sec and null sec. The idea is that High sec is lowest risk, thus lowest reward, low sec has better sites then high and null has better sites then all of them.

But the reality is that null sec, has literally become the carebear sec of the game over the last 6 or 7 years. Highsec is far more dangerous for a corp and far less profitable for a corp then null sov.

Places like the drone lands and others are so concrete and worthless outside of ratting that no one goes there to take over space.

If sites didn’t spawn as often, and were worth a bit less, you might actually see more people fighting over sov, so their alliances and corps could rat more. Right now we had 30 people in one system ratting and we can’t even come close to clearing all the sites before they respawn, it’s not even possible.

That’s the true issue.

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afk ratters are super easy targets, except that after carrier nerf/buff the only afk-ish viable ship is the 100mn VNI, which is often too much hassle and a derpy killmail.

The problem are the AFK botters. You enter system and 4 rattlesnakes (chars with similar names) are at a pos 10 seconds later. You go to next system and another 4 rattles are at a pos (guess the region). A human would take way longer to react, scoop drones, stay aligned (but not warp) etc. Bot warps out before you even load local


“I certainly won’t share / reply in the same thread as everyone.”

It certainly is an opportunity to test this new “merge topics” feature.

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One persons opinion even on a similar topic may be wildly different, then the current topics that are similar to it, thus justifying a new topic. Being a brownoser to the admins will get you no where. My thread and opinion differed wildly from the other two topics on this forum and I do not want my opinions and where to fix the issue, polluted with the bickering of the thread that is off topic, similarly like your comment.

No, it’s not “wildly different”. It belongs right in the “plex is very expensive” cry topic.

You do realize plex is a special item (unlike SAAR’s) and can’t be injected into the game for free?
Sale would be amazing, but a very short therm fix. And after that people would stop buying, waiting for the next “amazing deal” instead. Supply would fall and price explode even harder.
And no CCP doesn’t “need” to do anything. They might.

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