Plex Prices?

So, maybe I should not talk about this but I would just like to know why this is happening. So we had the sale on Plex on Black Friday that significantly dropped that prices to almost 3mill per Plex. Meanwhile, Plex items like skill injectors and skill extractors went up in price.
Then, I guess everyone thought it was a good time to buy Plex, becasue within 12h plex went from 3mill per plex to 3.5mil per Plex. Also, Other plex items are at all time highs.

My question is, what the hell did I miss about alpha injectors? Why with everything else at record highs, is Alpha injectors at record lows, and being bought in Amarr for 43mil??? What am i missing?

You missed skill extractors, mptc and skins on sale in the NES.

No I get that. And that’s what I mean. If there was a sale on them wouldn’t the price go down?

There was no PLEX sale. It was for specific items and direct Omega time. The Galaxy packs were on sale, too, but most people used up their accounts on the spring sales for those and cannot buy and use another Galaxy pack. Basically, there have not been a PLEX sale in about 2 months and PLEX are finally back up where they should be.

Actually there was a Plex Sale reight before the Specific items and Omega time sales. There were two flash 48H sales last weekend.


I guess those alphas became omegas but eve is dying so I dunno.

Demand for plex grows day by day I gues.There’s not enough people forking out cash to buy plex to feed the farmers that want to play for free.These packs are limited to one per account people got their fill in spring.

The sale had 2 parts also the 15% off which applied to sub by plex I asume alot of plex got consumed to sub at once for a year or more to take advantage by the people paying with plex

You didnt miss anything. Alpha injectors arent as popular because they can only be used by a specific subset of players.

The thing is, the people who are willing to pay cash for plex and DLC packs, are also the ones who sub and become omega. So Alpha Injectors are meaningless to them. Thats why these sales have little impact on alpha injectors.

Common sense, really.

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