The Price of PLEX

(Negu Panala) #1

As I type this the price of a months subscription sits at 1.7bn isk (3.4m per nuplex). If this rise continues unabated we can quite easily expect 2B in a month or so. Do you guys feel the current rates are sustainable? Is this the new standard? And if so what impact do you expect this to have on EVE as a whole.

(Lulu Lunette) #2

I’m not really an economist but if you just put it very simply: demand > supply

There hasn’t been any major conflicts other than the anime thing afaik (which was lame imo) Citadels make it hard for groups to kill each other so right now the game’s current design favors the null ratter which has caused a ton of ISK inflation and there’s also the northern hemisphere’s summertime effect going on where lots of people would rather be outside at the lake.

If there’s ever been any constant is that PLEX has always gone up in price. The split has made it more exponential, maybe because the average Capsuleer can afford to buy little bits of it here and there and do nothing other than hold onto it.

I dunno

(Sabriz Adoudel) #3

Copy paste from the other thread.

(Frostys Virpio) #4

They can’t without shafting anyone who does not rat in cap/super cap riding the gravy train.

(Duo Roman) #5

Making capital skills not injectable (including Rorqual skills) would greately reduce the demand for plex. People buying injectors to rat in capitals or mine in rorquals increase the injectors demand, increasing the SP farmers demand for plex, while also generating ISK to plex themselves.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #6

At some future point it may be a different skill that is the extremely scaleable income generator. If a future balance change allows the Magus to speed tank well enough to AFK rat a particular site, injectors will allow thousands of players to create tens of thousands of characters to abuse this.

The big problem is that you can use injectors to switch to whatever is overpowered ‘right now’. ATM that’s Rorqs and ratting carriers. Next year, it might be something totally different.

(Duo Roman) #7

That will be a future balance task then.

Injectors were presented as a way for new pilots to close the gap on older pilots, but that should be limited to skills up to battleship hulls in my opinion.
Allowing people to go straight to capitals may even hurt CCP income in the long run, due to player retention.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #8

That was never true - if it were the intention, RMT buying would be acceptable too, as RMT buying also helps close the gap on older pilots.

Injectors were intended as a way to extract money from the people who are willing to pay to cheat at online multiplayer games, and to ensure CCP got a bigger share of that money rather than dodgy third parties.

I didn’t forsee players abusing injectors to instantly skill up revenue alts but in hindsight it’s pretty obvious.

(Edward Tuff) #9

RMT is acceptable… That’s what buying plex is… CCP just didn’t want competition lol

(voetius) #10

I think you have cause and effect mixed up there.

Back in the day CCP introduced GTCs as a way of allowing players to trade ingame money for gametime to those who could otherwise have turned to RMTers.

CCP were realistic enough to recognise that trying to stop RMT was a time-consuming (and therefore expensive) way of stopping people from gaining an ingame advantage (though not as much as they probably thought they were getting).

Trying to control RMT by catching and punishing the players is mostly downside for CCP with the only upside the removal of the bots/automation that is used and the associated decrease in server load.

By adding GTC, which later evolved into PLEX, CCP added a way for people that were determined to “buy” isk, to do so and at the same time set a ceiling on how much the RMTers were able to charge.

Most people agree that the game would be better without plex but human nature being what it is some will always try to game the system or gain an advantage using their wallet so we are probably stuck with it now.

(Francis McLean) #11

Idk plex is pretty much necessary at this point, eve is a game that is played properly with alts. Maybe if they introduced $10 for 1 account, $5 for the second, 2.50 for the 3rd or so,thing (per month) that would be a viable alternative, but at the moment unless you want to pay $40 $60 etc etc per month you HAVE to buy plex, even for just cyno Alta and eyes

(Edward Tuff) #12

I wouldn’t say that it is necessary, it’s just the meta. If people didn’t have alts people would just be forced to work together more or take more risks.

(Francis McLean) #13

Cyno alts are mandatory, logistics (like JF) are mandatory (to be alts) there’s a lot more too

(Edward Tuff) #14

“You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

It’s not mandatory to have an alt to do anything. Anything you can do with an alt you can do with a friend. It may not be convenient for you to have to rely on other players. But it is not “mandatory” for you to use an alt. I know many people who play EvE that think the game would be better if we were not allowed to have alts, because it would force players to have more interaction.

(Francis McLean) #15

Well it isn’t mandatory to play ■■■■■■■ Eve. Stop taking things so literally Jesus.