Nice sale event!


A whopping 10 million SP for just $7.49? Sign me the hell up!


Yeah but it’s priced in fiat currency.

Let’s hope the market dumps in game too with this offer.

Place low bids :slight_smile:

Oh CCP, never change.

Well technically extractor prices should double while the offer lasts, while the price of injectors should remain relatively unaffected (unless players try to dump their SP on the market right away, resulting in a glut).

That’s not how the market works in Eve. They will waste it all in order modification fees anyway.

Patience is not an attribute Eve players have.

You so much as place a single unit lower than their big block order, they will lower it, just because, gotta be first.

The question is, will there be enough demand to absorb the dump, probably not. Alpha injectors are not like PLEX. PLEX is absorbed easily.

You know, I’m honestly confused. They said that you “will get twice the impact of daily alpha injectors and skill extractors,” but a lot of the marketing makes me think that it’s simply a two for one deal.

In other words, 1 daily alpha injector won’t give 100k SP. Instead, buying a 10 pack will give you 20.

Yeah I’m confused too.

To me it sounds like they’ve modified the actual item though.

Edit: in-game, the extractor item appears to be the same (says it extracts 500,000 SP).

Alpha injectors give out less depending on your character SP level too. It varies on the character it is applied to.

So if you have passed the threshold SP level, you will get less than advertised.

That’s regular injectors. I don’t think alpha injectors give diminishing returns.

They do. I use alpha injectors, on a 30m SP character and I get less than they advertise.

They have (had) a threshold SP level for injected SP.

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Okay, just checked the store, and they’re doing it your way, Jones:


…Which means that extractor prices are about to tank for a while.


Can you even use alpha injectors past the hard SP cap for alpha characters? I thought a maxed out Alpha character caps out at 20m SP or something like that.

Are you thinking of small skill injectors perhaps?

You can use Alpha injectors as long as you’re in Alpha status.

Though I’m sure Zoiie did in fact confuse them with regular small injectors.

Alpha injectors have lower injected SP if you pass a threshold SP level even when alpha character.

I know this because I use them. I get less than the maximum on characters above this threshold.

SP injected is thresholded on SP level of the character applied to.

At least, that is how it used to be, unless they removed that threshold levelling.

Has it changed?

Perhaps it has changed since I last noticed, but before it was thresholded.

I could swear I remember seeing a threshold and injected less for my character with alpha.

I’ve never used Alpha injectors, but from the EVE Uni description it seems they function like regular injectors, except restricted to Alpha accounts only.

So I would not be surprised if they too have diminishing returns once you get above 5 million SP.

I used some Alpha injectors on some of my high-SP characters as recently as earlier this year, and I always got the whole 50,000.

Wasn’t it higher injected and you got less with higher SP characters?

Like I said, I got the full 50,000. I don’t have any high-SP characters that are not Omega status at the moment. Perhaps someone else can test, and post their observations here.

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That’s currently, I am referring to earlier in the history.

I could swear I saw it say something like 75k or 80k sp and then I got 50k due to my character SP level.

I can’t comment on the 2017-2018 period because I was on break during that time due to RL stuff.

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