WTS 145mil SP SubCap PvP


Leaving EvE for good this time :slight_smile:

what price do you have in mind?

80 bill isk ready

From what I’ve seen, 80+

how about 82bill ?

how about 83 ?

hehe 85bill

86 ;]]

I’m watching guys, love the energy :slight_smile: Will be afk for a bit. Ill be monitoring.

I got detracted wait where were we last… 87bill

88 bill

Consider that your extract value is 280, meaning someone that is simply going to melt all your sp can fill 280 large skill injectors and sell them. For those with contacts in large alliances, it is not difficult to move that many quickly, and at no added sales tax.

Contrast that with needing upwards from 650 large skill injectors to create a character with your skill point total from scratch, plus the cost of all the skillbooks learned.

Plus you are the one footing the bill for the transfer. TLDR don’t undervalue yourself unless you are truly trying to firesale a character.

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not sure where your going with this but good luck with it lol

89 bill @vidro_unknow bring it on :stuck_out_tongue:

you bring it :wink:

I’m simply stating that using today’s prices, it would cost 84 Billion Isk to buy plex from sell orders, to buy 280 skill injectors (at discount) from the new eden store.

Those 280 skill injectors could then be sold to buy orders at 172 Billion isk (again, unloading all of them right this moment to current orders) netting a gain of almost 90 Bil isk.

The seller could do this and save the 20 it takes to transfer the character; TLDR you all are lowballing offers of melt value, just making sure OP knows this.

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still on sale?

Yes, still on sale :slight_smile:

LoL your math is hillarious so are you :rofl: :joy:

I too think it is hillarious that the end game of eve players has become character bazaar vulturing of high sp characters below melt value; worst case scenario players that will use the characters and save over inject value buy them and/or it drives the market price of injectors up.

I’m all for extracting as much value as one can in this game, but when it crosses over to taking advantage of someone paying 20 real currency for the transfer, I am happy to point out the hypocracy.

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Magnus, I appreciate your intention I really do. However, we’re all adults here and I started this thread to sell Jade, that’s all. I’ll sell at a price I’m happy with ultimately, there’s no rush. I’ll definitely see where the price goes for the next day or two.

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