WTS 31M SP L4 Mission toon

Start from 28Bil

Offer stay 48H up then if no offer is gd i will extract all SP

22 bil

Now im Home from work.
I will w8 till the end.

Do you plan to sell after you extract?

My plan is to sell.
If i cant sell with 31Mil Sp i will sell INJECTOR :slight_smile:

injector will only get you 21 bil… go do the math yourself

Second this opinion.

I never said I was going to get 28Bil from SP.
i will get 21BIl and 1 char with 5.5mil sp :slight_smile:

The second option I’m ready to accept is 21Bil + plex for transfer

The person selling must pay transfer fees as per CCP Character Bazaar forum policy.

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Yeah, that’s why it has to be above 21B plus transfer fee, otherwise just extract and biomass.

i will w8 til i get how much i want.

It takes capital and time to extract. To get the most isk out of it, you have to buy extractors using buy order and then sell the injectors using sell order. Takes time to update and babysit those orders.or you can sell it at a discount to someone else to do that for you so you can spend your time doing something you enjoy or better at making isk in terms of time. It’s all about whethet you wanna put in the time or not…like everything else in Eve…

Thanks for the explanation. Have no intention to underestimate the great efforts needed to profit from character flipping. It’s a fair play and I respect that. But from a seller’s perspective, 21 B really doesn’t make ends meet especially when transferring use plex. Maybe it’s better to extract some skills and sell a more focused too in this case as focused low skill toon seems to come with premium as I have seen.

there will be some missing skills needed for it to be focused… hint, those will need to be trained/injected and that takes time/isk to do. it’s all about time time time…

lose isk = gain time
lose time = gain isk

now pick your poison…

Don’t listen to TxivYawg1 he is a Bad Guy and is leading you wrong. Just give the character to me free of charge!

22 bil

23 bil

I decided to sell to the first one that offered the amount as close as 25 billion in the next 8 hours. (I’m at work in this 8 hour period)

TxivYawg1 i sell for 23Bil.
Send ISK and where i have to transfer

isk and account info sent