WTS 31M SP L4 Mission toon

1 sec pls to log and start transfer

Pls send info here

I sent it to your eve mail…i don’t want to post my account username publicly.

OK. i will loog and see there.

Transfer has begun

No kidding… it’s not like you could barrow the buyers credit card and plug it in… this rule needs removed as it’s damn obvious and we can’t play with plex anymore.

Also toons are not worth injector value, They are worth 1.6b per 1m sp, injectors ■■■■■■ this game.

What ever you say magic-man.

1.6b per 1m SP is a number you pulled out of the ether. I will agree injectors Changed the game, but change is part of not decaying. Learn the new meta or get left behind.

Also you can still transfer via plex you just need to start a ticket for it.

Learn the new meta lol, no you need to learn the new meta,and stay the ■■■■ off my thread scrub.

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