Injector price drop

Skill injectors had been pretty stable for a couple of months, but since the start of the month, price has been dropping rather significantly (we’re at 746m SO, where it was rather 795m at the end of may).

What’s strange to me is that volumes have been stable in that period. What am I missing ? A surge of skill farms hitting the market ?

CCP has been keeping multiple character training certificates on sale pretty much permanently :thinking:


PLEX prices trending downward… sale after sale pushing down MCTs means skill farming returned to decent profitability so it’s only to be expected that more are coming to market and pushing down the price.

In fact, given the lag time in farming SP, I suspect we are just seeing the first of the crop from new, or reopened skill farms hitting the market. Skill Injectors really should follow the MCT by a month or two so I expect the price of injectors to keep falling short-term.

I blame Abyss for that. Many players lost billions in ships, they need ISk so PLEX is sold, LP striped and coverted into injectors, prices go down… Though “volumes have been stable in that period” hints that my suggestion can be wrong…


Zero to do with Abyss and everything to do with CCPs infinite 50% off package sales on humble bundle, steam, gmg, etc… practically giving away mptc

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I have made a crapton of isk selling off deadspace modules though. Especially medium armor reps and afterburners. Hoarding ftw

Called it back in March

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