How many skill injectors can a character make?

Skill injectors are going up in prices so as plex and other stuff. But it makes the wounder, how much does it give back if you have like hundreds of sp farm characters.

I can’t afford to set up one and I barely plex my account per month. but I would like to know, maybe rough numbers. how much skill injector can an sp farm character make?

Assuming that you get an average of 2000 SP/hour, your net generated SPs are 1,440,000 SP this would yield just shy of 3 Injectors per character; however with +5 Set and correct mapping of attributes you can get around 2400 SP/hour, so this would net you 3.45 Skill injectors (or 1,728,000 SP).

Skill Extractor is ~416m ISK and Skill Injector sells for about 856m:

Lower bound Profit margin: 2.88 x (856 - 416) = 1,267,200,000 ISK (average)
Higher bound Profit margin: 3.45 x (856 - 416) = 1,518,000,000 ISK (average)

with PLEX prices being around 3.6m ISK; it will cost around 1.85bn ISK á month to keep Omega status, and an additional 1.63bn ISK for each MTC (Multiple Pilot Training Certificate) you need.

So by looking at the numbers for the current pricess. It will generate no profit but instead a loss… right?

That depends if you also plan to use your SP farm characters to also generate passive PI income on the side (could net you around 1bn á month). So assuming you’d do both SP farm and PI you’d get (semi-passively) around 4bn ISK at the cost of 3.3bn (not counting the primary cost for Omega-status).

More or less. Currently, skill point farming is not profitable (marginally), or slightly profitable, depending on how many characters you have on your account and where you get you MPTC. As Sakimura says, it probably isn’t worth it anymore unless you want those characters for something else.

You need to login, but you can see a farming calculator here:

sometimes skill extractors are on sale…

sometimes we have Events with cool accelerators…
so 2400 SP/hour is getting even higher…
(btw are there any “non-event” accelerators?)

that is kinda “invisible hand of market”.
anyone can do it,
huge “supply” vs not so big “demand”…

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